Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Internet up. Updating soon.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

One week.

Had a BBQ chap go meh family gathering. it was really a good opportunity to see everybody before I take off.

So I ate all I could.

And I savored the taste of home.

And I need to hit the gym

Had a great time today. I don't think my third Aunt reads this blog, but gotta thank her for all the wonderful food. And all my cousins Szelynnpeikaimayyanjann *squishes them all* for being so entertaining. LOL.

I'm almost done packing. All I need to do now is fold my clothes and squish them all inside. I'm afraid I have to leave both kai and jann back home coz I think i've out-stuffed my suitcase. I need a hand luggage to fit in the extras (shoesss omg) and random stuff. I thought I had more than enough time to do it, but I guess... I don't.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Works like a charm.

I own a T610, 1st generation MMS phone with zero-point-00 dunnowarrt megapixel camera that does not want to die. No matter how many times I drop it on the floor, into the puddle, leave it at the public toilet, it always comes back alive and functioning. I have been thankful that it has fulfilled its duties and served me well by keeping me connected to people I love.

But soon, it started to falter. It sent blank messages when I hit reply. The keypad started to have a mind of it's own. A few days after CNY, my phone decided to die on me. I wasn't receiving any messages at all. Whatever that got through came like 2 days later!

It was time.

I opt for an upgrade. ;D

Yesterday, 2.2.09 (woo. go buy 4D), the new gadget arrived.

Note to Sze Lynn: I'm a copy cat.

I now own a Sony Ericsson W595 Walkman Phone in white, that comes with 2 gig memory and a 3.2 megapixel camera which looks something like this.

(Partly coz the Nokia N series slide-phone exceeded my budget and I also have a cousin who owns this so I knew it fulfilled whatever I needed lol.)

I was enthralled at first inserting MP3's, camwhoring and what not. I played games till late but soon I started to dread it a little. I think people will agree with me that there is the downside when changing phones.

I am really lazy to transfer all my contacts into the new phone. I think everyone who has changed a phone go through this. I feel you.

And because I'm a noob and don't know any other quicker way of doing it, I manually key it in back on the phone. I don't know why my contacts can't be saved into my SIM to save me all the trouble. It is just annoying. To save time, I screen through all my contacts to see who i can delete then I realize at least 10 of them I don't even remember who or where I've met them. Over half I haven't contacted in eternity!

But not to be rude, just in case that person contacts us again in the future, we don't delete them and key it in anyway. T_________T

The hardest part is getting the numbers right. I am not good with numbers. I can make careless mistakes and I don't want to end up calling a random putu mayam seller when I mean to call an Auntie in KL!


Why can't they make life easier!!!

Stop wasting your resources on war! Stop politicking trivial matters of the country. If you're so smart, make something that will actually bring benefits to the human race! (Maybe a robot/device/method to copy contacts from one phone to another, an example.)

I currently only have about 15 contacts saved in my phone.

If this go on, flip through the classifies tomorrow and you would see. I would pay 10 bucks to have someone key it in for me.

If nobody signs up for that job, flip to the obituaries the next day.

OKAY LAR. LOL. Not so cham la. Just needed an excuse to procrastinate.

Sigh. Back to doing something productive.