Monday, December 31, 2007

What i achieved in 2007 - I lived it in one piece.

I'm a lot more alert. I have to respond more positively to stress or in times of crisis. I didn't pick up Martial Arts. I don't like the internet as much as i did before. I still lose things. Sometimes I don't find them. I haven't gotten my 4 strikes in a row in bowling. But I lived through 2007 in one piece.

For things that I did and I didn't, 2007 is a year where I had guts, stress, yoghurt, oreos, Roti Goreng, summons, dents, first-hand-account-with-a-leech-of-the-nation, lots of pain and a bunch of other experiences I don't know how else to describe. Sure there were fun things too.

Monash - Wooot. I'm in a campus baybehh.
Malls I dun quite get why KL has so many super big malls but it was rather fun hanging out there sometimes.
Spice Girl Reunion - Ok. I just saw a nuffnang ad so lol.
Cheesy quotes - Now place the ring on his hand. A ring is like a circle, it goes on forever. It's not like a triangle, triangle have corners. It's like a circle. *Sandler-Schneider lovin'* When you meet the~ okay. It's copyrighted. I won't go on.
BWFSS-Did i mention Koo is extremely-super-sonic-megatron-insane-hothothottt dorky dorky dorky *mute*.

In the name of all things holy, I need a shrink. lol.

2007 has been a whore. *profanityprofanityprofanity* STILL, I'm thankful to have come this far. 2007 has taught me many things about friendship, life and love.

The New Crib

Living away from my family kinda made me realize how I've been taking them for granted when I lived with them. I wasn't overall a bad kid but I see them everyday, sometimes I forget their presence. Old friends too. I have a feeling I'm going to get a second wave of Homesickness when I get back in February.

I don't loathe Freedom. But sometimes, i wished I had someone to yell at me abit or just tell me whether what I'm doing is right or wrong.

Independence doesn't come free. Suddenly things like judgement, budgeting, responsibility all get thrown at you. It becomes overwhelming. But when you get a hang of it it, it just comes naturally.

Nothing comes easy. And I know there's more out there. 2008 is a new year, a new beginning. Hope it'll be a good one.



Make them. Break them.

+I still want to learn something new. But this time, it may not be martial arts.
+I WILL NOT KEEP THINGS TO THE LAST MINUTE. (omg. I soOoo need to kick the habit)
+Be early for classes.
+Be more organized. My room in KL is like something with a built-in Tornado.
+Make better choices in food, decisions etc.
+Do no incurr extra costs (Ie: no more dents, no more parking under trees. WTHECK.)
+Walk more.
+Be more optimistic.
+Number of Traffic Police Summons for 2008= ZERO.
+To be more responsible.
+Strive to get 4 strikes in a row for bowling. (Haha wth. by 2009)
+Do well for Second Year!
+Spend more time with my family when I'm around.

Fine, if they don't wanna party, I'm buying peanuts to eat on NY eve with them.


I so can't believe I'm going to hit the big 2 in the next 10 months.

The hospital is a depressing place.

In 2007, I had a very very close friend who got sick. We attended the same Moral classes for Sec 2 and 3, (very kecoh) and took I.T. for Sec 4 and 5. (Damn kamcheng). If I was an indian dude, she would be equivalent to my Macha.

We visited her today because she recently just got admitted again. We were early. The three of us hung outside the building chatting while waiting for the visiting hours to start. While we walked in, I saw nurses pulling the curtains around the bed and a beeping sound like those you hear on Grey's anatomy when someone kicks the bucket. We walked on. Shuffling towards the end of the hallway.

We saw her sleeping. We chatted with her mum softly. she got up. We kept her company for a while. I was just being my random self. Everyone was chirping (nagging, more literally) over nutrition and Sonia's brother-in-law's fever-waving method.

We left her to rest after a while.

I left the hospital feeling rather broken.

"I know you kick-ass so get well soon. Looking forward to hang out with ya!"

Saturday, December 29, 2007

She's in again.

I only hope it's not serious.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Of teeth and Christmas-es.

It's christmas eve. And so everyone has heard of the song that goes, "What i want for Christmas is my two front teeth"?

I haven't really thought about Christmas/NY Resolutions. But I know damn well what I don't want for Christmas -- A tooth extraction.

My wisdom tooth has been really bugging me since I was in Thailand. So yesterday, I gathered up whatever balls courage I had and decided to head to the dentist for a check up.

I never really had a fear of dentists but this is the first time I felt really uncomfortable at the clinic.

When I got there, there was no one apart from a pretty pissed-off dude who claims that there are remanants of a tooth this dentist extracted. (Of course there was no one else. It's Christmas! Everyone wants a piece of that turkey!) HE walked out of the office less than a minute getting in and den den den... It's my turn.

I meekly got in. Mum followed suit. I sat on the chair.

He asked what the problem was.

"I think I've got an inflamed gum near my wisdom tooth. My cheek hurts too."

"Is this the first time."


He checked and yeap, bingo. The infection had spread to my right cheek. Damn gum. Damn wisdom tooth that takes forever to grow. Damn everything that goes "Bzzzzzz".

He cleaned the area by jabbing the scaler under the flap of inflamed gum (It hurted bad) then gave me antibiotics and painkillers.

"No extraction?"

"Since it's the first day. If it comes back again and again, you might want to consider minor surgery."


I self-censored a curse.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


I don't like my wisdom tooth. =(

Thursday, December 20, 2007

12 days is a long time.

[Ignore my previous post. It was typed in a record-speed with absolutely screwed grammar and 2 pesky friends at my side. *snicker* Not to mention 1 hour and 10 minutes of connection that costs approx. 10 ringgit. What a rip off.]

I aM baCCKKKK!!!

And it's gonna be very very difficult to blog about 12 days so i'll just talk about the highlights.

I've seen how sports can get incredibly political when you pit two countries against each other. Yes. It's worse if bias judging takes place.

Because of this 12 days, I can safely say wasn't idling for the hols.

Nakhon Ratchasima Province นครราชสีมา
(8th Dec-15th Dec)

"Jetted off at night on a Lufthansa Boeing 747. Delayed. Reached the Suvarnabhumi airport midnight-ish. Reached hotel at Korat at 4.30 thai time aka, 5.30 Malaysian time. Barely 3 hours of sleep, we head off to start our first day cheering for Malaysia.

Our schedule nearly killed me."


It's really spectacular how we exceeded our targets. Azalina said 64. We bagged 68!

So you see, there's only about 40 of us who had to move from stadium to stadium, uni to uni, mall to mall. Thailand sent off their own army off cheer leaders for every event! Blimey, talk about National pride!

For the Women's Basket Ball Finals against Thailand, we took like a small corner at the basketball court, somewhere under the score board. The rest of the stadium was local people. It's just us against the whole stadium. Imagine that.

We waved the flag like a bunch of crazy people (I had the biggg humongous flag for full 7 days), the others bashed their kompangs like mad. Thai was leading with a small difference but we picked off half way through. Till the final second, we beat the Thais by 1 point.

The most memorable has to be Women's Basket Ball and Ping Pong. :)

Even though Ng Sock Khim got a silver, nobody expected her to beat the thai player who ranked Top 10. She did it though and even asked us to stay for the finals against Singapore but we couldn't. She played hard though. I really like our local atheletes. Those that we met were really nice and humble. It's sad some go unnoticed by the public.

I dunno what's with chasing for gold. When you watch it live, Silver, bronze... is just as good. It's how sporting you are that counts.

+Btw. Josiah Ng, (Malaysian cyclist) is really tall in real life. Check out the legs ^^,
+Daniel Bego is not human is a fish! I swear! Haha. Okay, maybe not this lifetime.
+The hot Ping Pong dude. What is his name?! >_< (oh. i found out) Muhd Shakirin IBRAHIM.
+Beach Volley ball - It was 5-ish. Armed with suntan, we cheered under the setting sun ignoring the heat. We lost to thai in the finals but it's ok. They pwned!
+Dancesport is still not recognized by the OCM. It's about time they did. There are people out there fighting to get it recognized.

No pictures for now (maybe later) coz my camera died on Day 2 in the gymnastics stadium. Will post some when I get it.

The people

Thailand has been incredibly kind to my noobness in Thai. (River = Menam. Help me remember that.) Despite the language barrier, the Thais overall were really really hospitable. Always smiling and friendly. The local cheer team also helped cheer Malaysia on at some matches. The locals we meet were also really jovial. The tour guide (Lek) was also really friendly to show us what was along the way. (Poor thing, she got kacau-ed by old poke chauvinists males on the bus.)

To top it all off, one staff from a random hotel helped when the three of us got lost searching for a street market in Korat. :P

I should've brought along a language-guide.

The food

I am someone who can never hold spicy food. I cannot tahan. If you let me down a bit of wasabi, you can see instant colour change on my face and I will be downing truckloads of water after that.

Sooo... yaa. You get the gist of it.

The choices for breakfast was the same everyday. So it's the usual koko crunch, milk, pan cakes, thai honey (slurp), sausages and eggs. We usually grab nonsense for lunch but it's okay. Had fillet-o-fish for 2 consequtive lunches. 0.0! Dinner was something I always look forward to.

Tom Yum - OMG. *drools* It is DA bomb!
Thai Curry - OOOOOHHH~!
Meat and Veggie skewers - ok. the green thing right at the bottom is probably jalepeno pepper (or some crazy mutated spicies). DO NOT consume.

*breathes smoke*.

BTW The weather doesn't help.

The Internet Connection

It's. A. Rip. Off.

In a Nut Shell

To sum it up, it was overall a really good experience. I'm glad i went for it. Still, it ended a lil abruptly. I was just getting to know everybody then poof! I'm at the airport again walking aimlessly to find the gate for my flight back home. To look at it, at least it was long enough for me to get enemies. LOL.

Can't believe i sang on the bus. T__T

I came back to KL on the 15th and remained there until today.

(15th - 20th)

I remember complaining about the jam at the fly-over in Bandar Sunway and the LDP. I change my mind.

THE JAMS IN TOWN ARE FAR MUCH WORSE. *swallow thick lump down throat*

That aside, the deco in KL is really pretty and Chrismassy now. LOL. I spent most of my time at Bukit Bintang since I was staying around there. Did some shopping with gran and mum!

There's this gigantic christmas tree thinggy in Pavillion and I got to see a choir carolling on the tree. It was actually a spiral platform. Go check it out. I'm sure they'll have it again.

The Bulgogi in Food Republic in Pavilion level 1 IS DA BOMB! *slurp slurp* Try it. :D

I still haven't gotten my J. Co. donuts though. :(

Got a flu on the second day. Wahlaoo.

I saw PPG, Dexter and Deedee in Pyramid.


I can't believe I was grinning watching them.

Well. It's fine because I find it hard to believe alot of things that I do.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sleep Deprived.


I need sleep.

I also need a Thai For Dummies book/Travel Guide.

Karina is annoying.

^she did that.

Alex is also annoying because h45614e can't stop laughing.

Yah. He did ^ that. Internet damn expensive.

Bego damn hot. Josiah damn hot.

Till next time.

Friday, December 07, 2007


You know damn well i'd die for a handwriting like that. T.T


The SEA GAMES 07 opening ceremony totally pwned. Why weren't we given tickets to go for that?! :(

Will be jetting off soon. Can't wait. =D

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Common ground.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Dinner and 20 questions. O.o?

Mini SJ quipps, "Can you make babies?" *giggle giggle giggle*

*SJ long pause*

"Well, Technicallyy..."

I was stuck. If you had your youngest lil bouncy cuz asking you that, how would you answer?

Mini SJ asks the adorkablest questions ever. SL and I got a shock coz she is 7 and being 7 is the time for her to be sweet and innocent and thinking about cute little bunnies jumping in the plains... not explaining to us [Quote] the worm thinggy meets the egg in the womb [Unquote] when we asked her if she knew how babies were made. She must've read SM's and SY's science textbooks.

While Sze Pei was sick with a pretty bad gastric case and SK was sitting beside me engrossed with his new nintendo, SL was with me and Mini SJ was pestering us to bring her to see the fishes in the sea aquariums in the restaurant. That was we did... watching poor ol' seafood waiting to be human feed.

Then, there was once we accompanied our grandma to the bathroom where Mini SJ started talking about her sleeping habits.

Mini SJ: I sleep walked last night you know. I was just walking then suddenly 'bong' i hit the door.

Mini SJ, SJ, SL LOL-ed.

SJ: At least you don't sleep-scream.
SL: Or sleep-kick!
SJ: I know I have a habit of sleep tug-a-war! I pull the blankets~
SL: Yarr! *faces Mini SJ* That time right I was sleeping with her, I was pulling the blankets back the whole night! *does the action*
SJ: Hey, you should try to sleep with her. There was once we were on a holiday Sze Lynn and I shared a single bed with her (SL). We were still really really young. Then in the middle of the night I felt my face hit something hard. The next thing i knew is I was on the floor. And she was sleeping horizontally and probably did a 360 degree turn.
SL: Ooooh. port dickson ahhh...
SJ: ya ya yaa~


Mini SJ and SL the scurried back to the table while I helped my gran back. When I got to the table SL pulled me over.

SL: You know what Sze Jann asked me.
SJ: ??
SL: Sze Jann ask me whether we can go to a hotel noww.
SJ: For what?
SL: She asked me if she could spend a night with me. She said she wants to know how it feels like.
SJ: O.o?!

She's 'in love' with someone-i-can't-name. She made me promise.

She knows the 1 quarter fish 3 quaarter duck "word".

Omg. There's too many things she knows.

Another thing Mini SJ said to me was this. "When you get married, you owe me a lobster." Maybe it's just her way of saying Hi. ROFL! XD

Kids grow up too fast these days.


I'm stuffed!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

To everyone who has been receiving birthday wishes from me on facebook.

with the exception of Alexeo, Hafizah and Jason coz it is really their birthdays.

Sze Jia has not gone bazookers because of boredom until she calls everyone and old fart and wishes them happy birthday.


Superwall Screwed up.

I just realized it was sent to almost every friend I have with Superwall.

And I have to remove it manually. =_= wahlao.