Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry (2007)

Apart for Idiotgen, I'm looking forward to this!

Official site:
IMDb: x

FTV exam on fri.


Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Boredom has come over me...

I see a white light~


I find it really hard to be methaphoric metaphoric.

Must be the brain-strain.


Writing a blog entry now is like a test. *glares*

Monday, May 28, 2007



Rest easy, my beloved neighbours.

Your bandwidth is safe.


To the IT store dudes who sold me this, charging 10 bucks without solving the problem is abrogates Consumer Rights. You just earned yourself a boycott.


We got to write some stuff about Dr. Yeoh as feedback in today's lecture. Hahaha... He showed us the past year paper and started discussing some of them.

Dr Yeoh unleashed his evil side today by telling us how he likes to fail students when he needs to. (Power Relations?) He could do that but it doesn't seem to be the right timing.

HELP. >.< COM1010 is the first paper.

GAH. The last tute's tomorrow!

We're on our own! T___T

Arrrr..... aye!

Pirates Of the Carribean 3 is... aiyo.

*Spoiler Alert*

The director left the second installment hanging and made us wait this long for today. And what can I say? It's not worth the wait. The movie went on for too long. It wasn't like how I thought it would be. It's only betrayal and sword fights, then some Keira-Orlando drama, the the Davy Squid-dude-Goddess drama and then more betrayals and then more Keira-Orlando drama.

Talk about timing. Asking a girl's hand in marriage while fighting? I was guessing he was going to get stabbed half way somewhere after 'you may kiss the bride' but good thing he didn't. He only got jabbed somewhere after AFTER.

It has great CGI's. But really nothing more.

The bad guys die. *YAY!*

Jack Sparrow seems more sober in this round! XD

Like always, he did a good job. *bias*

Orlando saved his dad *YAY!*

Keira has his kid. (Or is it?) Ya la. It is.

I suspect Pirates of the Carribean 4 is talking more on the Will Jr.


SAKAE is my new found love. Sushi King, I want a divorce.


Sore throat - I'm Shameless in red box.

Friday, May 25, 2007

ym stinyk neihgborus stikn.


It's late.

I'm done with my assignments.

I'm bored.

There's no food.

The connection sucks.

Somebody upstairs is Hammerring something. (AT THIS FREAKING HOUR.) >.<

I said I love my neighbours.

I take it back.

Emo Tagline of the day:


Thursday, May 24, 2007


by the little things and big things he does for a girl. it all adds up over time like a puzzle, you put the pieces together to get one clear picture.

If someone's willing to drive 100 miles to see you, that's love.



Rachel, you lucky ass! XD

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

need food.


Okay, I'm done with my powerpoint. I'm just too freaking lazy to decorate it. I have a presentation tomorrow, so YAY. After tomorrow, I'll be officially free!!!

YAYYYY! Great. =__=

MSN is seriously polluting my head.

Wogn chni huta si goign ot bombadr em questinos.

I need to work on my spelling. LOL.

Giev em magig.


I think I'm in trouble. >_<

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Madlab 3

The M lab again.

I don't know why.

I'm hungry.

I'm like... WHACKK!

My modem died.

So it's back to robbing wi-fi again.

Back to sucky connection.

Back to malfunctioning MSN.

Back to "This page cannot be displayed"

Back to all that.

I know damn well they're out to trace my IP/Physical Address and kick my fricking ass for free-loading off their internet connection.


I love my neighbour.

I really do.

*adds cheese*

I told myself many times I won't blog about Internet connection but I just... UGGH.






And Chee Ching is studying in The One Academy. It's like juust 5 minutes away from where I live? *waves at Chingy*

Saturday, May 19, 2007


I slept at 8pm.

I woke up at 9pm.

At 10. I couldn't sleep.

Then, i remembered I watched Minority Report halfway.

So I continued.

I finished.

And I slept. Like a baby.

EESH. Colin Farrell died.

I like the fact that Tom Cruise got back on his feet and all that and the power thing between him and the old dude (Head of Precrime or somesort).

Great Stuff. Great CGI. Great Law-ish argument. But no kick in the ending.


Friday, May 18, 2007


The JRN presentation list is beginning to get on my nerves.

Never knew keeping my name on the list could be so hard.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mad Lab 2.

Okay, the M-lab can also be a bit of a desert. The seniors are great.

It's almost completed and GAAH. I GOT TAGGED.

LOL. Clair, sorry for neglecting your bloggiee~


1. 5 things found in my bag
- Notes.
- My wallet.
- House key
- Car key.
- Socks... No really, I'm kidding.

There's really nothing much.

2. 5 things found in your wallet

-Monash ID
-IC (Don't intend to sing the national anthem to the police if they think I'm an illegal immigrant from Myan/Viet/China.
-ALOT of 1 cent coins. Dunno why.
-Driver's licence.
-A santa thinggy I use to cover my face on my MyKad.

LOL. Okay, only people who know me well enough will know how it looks like.

3. 5 favourite things in your room

-My Pillow.
-My Laptop.
-My duvet.
-My bed.
-My CD's.

4. 5 things you've always wanted to do
-Drive a bus.
-Make a movie!!! (Okay la, at least part of a shortfilm ah).
-KICK/WHACK/Inflict pain on Alvin/Jason.
-Go back packing.
-Sing? Cannot ah. It's hazardous to mankind.

5. 5 things you're currently into

-Video editing. HAA~!
-PS (Manips not very pro, but cukup makan lah).
-Techie stuff.

6. 5 persons that you tagged


Anyone who wants to do it also can lah~

Mad Lab.

The Air-con at the M-lab can cause hypothermia.


We're getting a hang of this video editing thing. It's slave work but haha... It's not all that bad. :)

We did bits here and there and we're quite happy with the outcome.


Karina and Alex will continue tomorrow. WE CAN FINISH IT!

Hrm. We should get paid.

Bleahh~ XD

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


What am I doing all this for?!

Dang it.


Monday, May 14, 2007

Computers hate me.

Okay, I won't exaggerate about how much I've been through. But what I went through today was ALOT.

Printing in Monash seems to be impossible. You see, this is why you should always invest in your own printer so you won't need to fight with others.

FTV was supposed to be submitted at 4pm. I was printing from like 2.30pm. The worst part my credit finished half way and I hadn't printed Kari's report. UGGHH!!!

Lab 7 computers suck. Can't print singled pages so basically I went on riding every com lab there is in Monash.

I was late for class, I don't know how late but I was late.

First the Generic problem and now this.

Computers hate me.

I spent half the afternoon trying to solve my Generic Host error and neglected FTV. Benjamin Mckay is going to be so mad when he reads my essay.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


The win32 generic host error came at the wrong time.

MS's Patches don't work.


Tagline of the day:

"I am Jack's wasted life..." - Fight Club (1999)

I got tired of FTV.

I'm back home. Hooray for proper connection.


A tale about love at First Sight?

In Chinese with English Subs.

I saw Dr. Yeoh in there.

Look out for the photo-stills one in the producer's profile.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Assignments make you dumb numb from sleep and hunger.

Slept at 6.30-ish in the morning. woke up at 8.30-ish. My ultimate record.

Uni is when you push yourself to the limit and die!

I did something very idiotic at the printing kiosk today... >.< SEE! I don't have the capability to act sensibly anymore.

Emo Tagline of the day:


"Everyone see who you seem to be, but few know what you are" ~ Niccolo Machiavelli

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Current state of mind.

I am delicious delirious.

Meaning: Someone who is unable to think or speak sensibly because she is ill.

And this time it's not because of Gummo.


Desperate to be Nakamura.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

3.37pm. Moody. Headachey. Assignment Hating.

I might not get used to the idea of feeling like this everytime I'm bombarded with assignments.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

We are Farney!

For the first time in my entire life (after joining monash for like 3 months?), I saw Ujval laughing. Like hell. He's our tutor. He's like the serious dude who knows everything. We respect him for that. Most of the time, the class can be a bit dull. When we are not interested in our work, it's also hard for him la.

Anyhow, I attended CW tute as usual. Cold War yada yada... Then we had this debate thing about whether the Cold War was inevitable. See. We debated, did our stuff and went totally OFF.

The best thing is, this debate became a stand up comedy instead. LOL. Haha. We made our tutor laugh. See. INT1010 class Fri 1.00pm. We are THAT great funny. XD

Went for a Steam Boat dinner! Love the soups. Friendly people over there.

And something really stupid happened.

And that kept us out until 2 a.m. at night early morning? >.<

And people shouldn't judge people by the cover.

Superficiality stinks.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

World Press Freedom Day

One down. 3 to go. (and a presentation)

Happy World Press Freedom Day.

C'mon! Go press everybody!


Gubra *sniffles*. I'm such a sap.

Emo tagline of the day:

"I tengok you ni tidur nyenyak sekali, I perasan you macam dah mati. Kalau kau mati, aku merana."

"Tu lah... I lebih suka you mati dulu. Biar kau mati dulu. Biar I merana." - Gubra

Cliched but wth.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Amir M. is da bomb!

Happy Wesak everyone~

Emo tagline of the day:

"자기가 제일 사랑하는 사람을 만나면 시간이 멈춘다던데.. 사실이더라." (Soompi, 2007)

wth. I actually cited.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


What I learnt yesterday...

Media studies - Don't talk for 23 hours straight or you'll get a sore throat and faint.

What I learnt today...

1. If 12 hours isn't enough for 1500 words, there must be something wrong with you.
2. There is something wrong with me.

What I'm going to learn tomorrow and for the days to come...

How to survive in KL for a month with 200 bucks.

Emo tagline of the day:

The World War depresses me.


You little Hooligan!!!

The Canteen Mamak guy hates me.

The cashier at the Mamak Stall favours Karina! (I suspect it has something to do with her name... Kari-na? XD)

Nobody remembers my name. (Either that, or it take months to remember.)

GAAAAAH. Nobody loves meee~! *rant*

As for the title... Okay. That's just a line from Raising Helen. A movie I just watched with Karina today. OOOH. Nicey.

LOL. Did some video editing today at the Comm Lab. Wooot. Adobe Premier Loving. But the DVcam thing was pissing Eddie off. *shakes head*

Well, now I know something about the Comm Lab.

Let's just put it this way.

I won't say what exactly happens, but the Comm lab isn't ONLY used to edit videos. *nod nod* Go figure!

I'm really almost done with the Comm Bash thing. There wasn't much footages anyways but with that precious 3 minutes worth of Dr. Andrew singing Pavarotti/Charlotte Church and Eddie's hairdo, somebody's bound to watch it!

Emo tagline of the day:

"And one day, when I start to matter. Tell me."

EMOOO~! Must be the Pon and Sze Zi kicking in. XD I could do this everyday!