Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Some things.

Some things I say, I wish I could take back.

Some things I do, I wish I could undo.

Some things I miss, I wish could happen again.

Warning: This is going to be an emo crap post.

Don't be too quick to judge me okay. I didn't suffer from a break up or what. It's just that I'm done with my Media Text assignment (which i totally rushed through without knowing what the hell am I writing) and just want to use up my remaining urge to churn out coherent sentences.

I really don't reveal much in my blog because I know people will be quick to judge me. But even if I wanted to be the true me right here, I can't because judgement is what I fear.

I'm back home in Johor. As much as I love this place, it really bothers me that I have not been staying here for long since Uni. Even in Uni, I so stuck in my comfort zone. I know stepping out is something that I need to do soon because things are not going to remain the way it has been made out for me. I hold on so much to my past and surroundings that I have no solid plans for the future. I am that kind of person who lives in the past and expect the past to remain in my future which totally means I should grow some chick balls and stop being so essentialist.

REALITY IS NOT STABLE MY DEARR. (Derrida, Foucault & Barthes, A gazillian AD) wtf.

So this is it. A new kind of life, a whole new chapter, a great giant leap into oblivion. I have so much expectations to what I'm about to see and yet, I'm not sure if I am going to like what I see. Still, it's a decision I know I won't regret. I'm already homesick thinking about it.

It's for my own damn good.

Go figure.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Something to look forward to.

I'm stressed, so just let me be a fangirl.


Pet society and now this. So many distractions, how am I ever going to finish my M Text? ._.

I'm progressing. I'm just not sure if i'm the right track.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sports I wanna pick up.

1. Mud wrestling.
2. Track. Those jumping ones.
3. Taekwondo.
4. Archery.
5. Carrying an egg on a spoon while running.

I have a mind of a true olympian.... mah ass. -.-

Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm poor.

Blogging should pay me. :(


For as long as I drive a crappy car, my idea of an ideal prospective husband shall be a Mechanic.

1. Mechanics make ALOT of money.

Yes they do. You car noob walk into the shop. They tow your car, tell you the problem, solve your problem and charge you an extra hundred for their good deed. You bargain, they give you second hand parts without you knowing. You don't bargain, they clone your car key and steal your car and let you handle the inefficient insurance company.

Disclaimer: Don't sue. This is just depiction of my screwed up mentality. I'm just talking from experience.

2. They have skills not average people have.

They are not ordinary.

3. They know stuff beyond changing tyres and calling for help.

Basically, they know more than me panicking or using the entire curseword vocabulary to express my dismay/grief. wtf.

4. They can solve all my problems for free.

Since I'm married to them, they should do it for free. Quite obvious lah right? Apart from Math problems, most of the problems i find hard to solve are car problems so yep.

5. Men who can fix things (anything at all) are sexy.

They solve problems and make life easier.

6. They know what they are doing. (major plus point)

They know what a spark plug, crank sensor, alternator and __(insert gaya car parts here)____ is. This kind of thing, is impressive, can? =P

7. And the best part is, they got the pecs.

Pecs is the new black. Lol.

Lol, nonsense aside, I don't know why my cars give me so much drama. It's a real hassle. I don't drive a jag or beemer or anything fancy. Knowing my luck with cars, even if i did, I know it would die on me... somehow. I'm just not very lucky when it comes to things with 4 wheels. Spent 360 changing batts one month ago and the stupid car dies on me again a month after.

Rising oil prices and samy vellu tol, Ahmad and what not.

Just a few days ago, WL and I were discussing something like "If i see Ahmad in the streets, I'll knock him down" kinda thing. And poof.

My car dies. kARma.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Ok. Everything that could've gone wrong, went wrong this morning. But I'm okay with it. The worst wasn't that bad. Just embarassed. I could feel myself blushing hard when I was stuck.

I'm surprised I found my chick-balls to actually sit there and frikkin chair the tutorial. Even if I screw up, It's okay. Because it doesn't matter. I did my best.

It's insane.

Don't go chasing Waterfalls
Please stick to the rivers and the lakes you're used to. - TLC.

I think it's time i defy that and break out from my comfort zone !


Dong Bang Shing Gi's 4th album teaser out. I am excited.

Ahmad still not apoligizing - Weakk.

Second wave of assignments coming right up. - Help me.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Oh so stressed.

Just a day ago, I've been notified about the increasing number of whites I have on my head. I don't know if i should attribute it to bad genes or stress. But either way, I'm feelin' it now, baby. Escalated to a point where I crashed 2 days back to back. I'll be happy one moment and then hit rock bottom. Muahaha. stupidemopieceofcrap. -_- I heard people only behave like this in asylums.

I wake up in the morning listing down things I have to do. I am also thrown into MCP hell because I have to chair a discussion tomorrow morning in tutorial related to the worlds craziest-deep-thinking-man whom is dead but still technically living because people in social sciences treat him as God nonetherthan Foucault. He is one of those dudes who have attained immortality by thinking too much.

Like many other guys we learn about, this guy is complicated.

Which makes my university life screwed as well since I'm studying about complicated scholars/philosophers/thinkers and the mumbo-jumbo they come up with.

But when I'm supposed to start reading this afternoon to prepare myself, what was I doing? Feeding my new addiction to Word Challenge on Facebook trying to beat highscores. I thought I was good with this. But my reflexes and spelling sucks bad.

It's eleven. Now i'm almost done.

Give me candy.

Friday, September 05, 2008


Some people just look good whether they are drunk or sober. :9

I know it is a little late to blog about this now but the Monash Ball was that one night I saw everybody was decked in suits and fancy dresses. I killed my legs and spent a bomb and paid for something that's free... yet, out of all the formals I attended, this was most memorable. Probably also because this might be the the last prom I get to attend with close friends.

p/s: Sorry Minni. I lazy to post pics. -.- LOL.

On a different note.