Monday, April 30, 2007

Random Spaz 'ere...

I was just randomly looking through Sunway JB's official website (reminisce those good ol' days)...


Look what I found.,iso-8859-1/


I can't believe I didn't know.

Haha. Okay. Something to keep me happy for the next 2 weeks.

Sunday, April 29, 2007


Cyborg Teaser No. 2!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Ex KL 1: Monorail Madness.

I'm a monorail virgin.

'cept until today. I took the monorail for the first time without getting lost! HEEEY!!! Of course. I had help. XD

Well, I had a taste of public transport here in KL... It's actually good! Better than the buses in Johor! Had fun exploring KL on my own today.

CIJ (took me 2 hours to get there) ---> KL Central ---> MV ----> Pyramid ---> Back home.

It's been a long day.

And there'll be longer days to come. (I'm thinking I'll do it again after the assignments. XD)

Maggi Mee Me.

You know.

It was 1.20am. Selina and Karina were in my room and for some reason, I started talking about Supersize Me. Since Mr Benjamin (My FTV lecturer) was talking about how it stopped him from eating Mcdonalds during tutorial today.

Just a little bit of trivia, Supersize Me is a documentary about a guy who eats Mcdonalds for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for 2 months. It's, according to my lecturer, said it is awfully revolting because what happens to that guy, It's...

*Kari and Selina squeals about Ed Chen*

Off topic.

Supersize Me is scrazy.

Wouldn't it be good if we brought this back to Malaysia?

If reality shows can be brought over to Malaysia, I'm sure this can.

So when they were done with Edison Chen, I 'cleverly' suggested. "Maggi Mee Me".

It's going to be a short documentary of a bunch of Monash students eating Maggi (assorted flavours, I even thought about the flavour already. Chicken, Curry, Tom Yam, Mushroom, Mushroom Fried Onion, Duck, Vegetarian etc...). Throw in tons of assigments, short of time and complete the equation.

You generally get the gist of it.

At this very point. Kari suggested Wan Tan Mee Me.


I started laughing.

Wan Tan Mee Me.
Yew Char Kwey Me.
Char Siew Pau Me.
Char Kuey Tiao Me.

We could be rich with the whole series... and when we're done, very Fat.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Kimchi fried rice. XD



I think I...

I've been thinking.

And thinking...

And thinking some more.

And at the rate I'm going, I'm going to lose years of my life just thinking (not to mention, losing sleep).

I swear, it's assignophobia kicking in. Or something else...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

싸이보그지만 괜찮아 (2006) - By Park Chan Wook.

I'm a cyborg tone deaf.

But it's okay.



싸이보그지만 괜찮아 (Saibogujiman kwenchana)

That is the official poster I think. There's another teaser that is much nicer but I can't find it anywhere. It's supposed to be the DVD cover (which isn't out outside Korea just yet).

Im Soo Jung.

Rain and Im Soo Jung.

Directed by Park Chan Wook (Sympathy of Lady Vengence, Old Boy, JSA).
Starring Rain, Im Soo Jung (...Ing)

I swear I cried watching '...Ing'

It's all over Chosun Ilbo.

More on IMDb



Watch it. Because:

+Rain's in it XD
+Im Soo Jung is like one of the best Korean actresses around.
+The guy who directed JSA directed this.
+Rain just won an award for this yesterday. (43rd Baeksang)
+I'm quite sure nobody dies in this.


Back Time to assignments sleep.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Media Studies today was insane!!! Hahaha... There were like 7 of us in one table and we were given newspaper stacks, a couple of B4 paper and glue.

We were asked to make like our own newspaper and we came up with Soup Weekly. And our focus was (for some reason) Tom Yam I am actually laughing thinking about it right now. We had a whole lot of fun adding captions to pictures of politicians and somehow relating it to Tom Yam. You da man, Shaz.

We even added an Anti-pizzahut logo somewhere at the bottom. Cool eh? LOL.

I really wonder if we submit it to the Star NIE, will we win?

I went to Asia Cafe for Dinner today.

Look what I found:

See my point? It's everywhere.


Side Note

I met Mellissa Goh aka CNA Malaysia correspondent at the Arts office. She and Mr Cameraman came up there walked passed us and then entered Chin Huat's office. Apparently there's an interview going on because of the Ijok by-elections.....

My reaction: OMFG. That's the CNA M'sia correspondent!!! 0.0

Lecturers here are a biggie.


Side-Side Note:

Learnt some stuff from Mr. Benjamin McKay today. I so can't believe why 'Apa Khabar Orang Kampung?' was banned... It's just a subtle movie/documentary that is about the kids at the borders of My/Th. Barely touching anything on communism. Censors... *rolls eyes*

50 First Dates (2004)

Karina and I were watching this in her room and I was going all Awww..., *sniffle*, *dabs eye with tissue* and and stuff. Kari must think I've got a screw loose on top of in my head.

It's so odd how Henry could tollerate Lucy in that show.

It's sweet though how he goes all out to make her fall for him everyday because she could never remember him everytime she wakes up the next morning.

Bleh. Even though movies like these gives us the wrong perception of love in real-life, it doesn't hurt to enjoy 2 hours away from reality, true?

Absolutely love Jocko (Walrus) and forgot-its-name (Penguin)

Dang. I wanna go to Hawaii.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


I changed my skinnn!!!! Woooot!!!! I did the graphic up there when I was alone at home yesterday. Hahahha~! I don't know the models. I only know the girl's name is Imda (Popular Uhljjang in Korea. If you change the A to B, hey... XD) And that guy is some uhljjang (or ex-uhljjang), I dunno. And since I had it in my stock photos folder, might at well do something about it. Hahaha~!

Yep. PS manipulation kills a great deal of time.


Last night. I ate a Whopper Jr. for dinner.


I really got to start eating REAL (and healthy) food.

Russell Peters: Live from Show Me the Funnies!

^^^Highly recommended~!


Russell Peters is my cure for boredome.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Okay, I admit. I am a dungu.

The film making workshop was great! Learnt a whole lot of stuff. Mengyoe and Eddie were fab~! The Whack-Eddie video should be on Youtube, man! The Bimbo video also.

We really got to do stuff hands-on. I got to play with the camera, experiment with the buttons and all. *whee~* See. The only ONE difference Uni has compare to Sec. School is THE STUFF WE LEARN IS NOT BORING.

Filming was one thing la. We had to do our own 5-shot shortfilm. My group did just that (we came up with a pretty good plot at that. *salutes Qian An*) but sadly, due to technical difficulties, the video can't be transfered to the PC. Bummer. DAMN DV! *whacks*

When it came to the editing part, we ended up editing other people's work. No worries la ha. The Bimbo clips were fun to edit. HAHA~

Adobe Premier. OMFG. What have I been missing out on in life?!!! GAAHHHH~! >.< I spend my whole XP years living on Windows Movie Maker, like WTH!!!! >.< I'm SUCH A NOOB!!! DAMN IT.

Overall I learnt a whole lot of things and it whacked half of my brains. And speaking of that. My pathetic burger lunch didn't fill even half of my stomach. I have been hungry since urm... learning to do subbing? Haha~!

*thinking of another cup noodle*

Anyhow, the Good Charlotte concert is today. Bleeahh! Why not Dong Bang?!

Friday, April 20, 2007


Song still looping since yesterday.

Gabrielle - Out of Reach.



Expectations suck when you don't reach them. I missed 2 distinctions both by 1 mark. I totally screwed Int. Lucky I passed.

Never mind. *looks forward to assignment 2*


I got spammed by Dell staff. (which is a good thing)

My PC got hope!!! ^^,

As for my data... might need to erase it all. T___T

My tutor hasn't replied my email i sent out a week ago.

I doubt he'll respond anytime soon. Busy dude...

Okay. I'm set my mind to put my Assn's on hold. (I NEVER learn)

Something weird triggered me to start thinking more than usual.

And by thinking more than usual, it's usually negative. And I suddenly lose all the humour I have. (YEs, I'm a VERY funny person. :P) I just hop into this lifeless-autopilot-emo mode.


GAH. I need to change my blogskin.

(What I did this Thursday - Swam. Played ball. Jumped. Got Whacked in the face. Drunk water. Snort water)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

4 Members of Super Juniors Involved in an Accident.

One of the Suju Members the ER.

The van.

Eeteuk, eunhyuk, and shindong are alright. Just with cuts and bruises. They're resting and they'd be perfectly fine. Kyuhyun's seriously injured. More on

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

One last...

Songs looping in my head...

Taufik Batisah - One Last.
Tei - Sarang Hanada.
Dong Bang - Yoowoobi.
Gabrielle - Out of reach.
Five For Fighting - Superman.
Fly to the sky - 그대는 모르죠
Bi - Ahmyunso

Assn 2.

I'm in for a rough ride.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Dilbert Moment.

My built-in speakers has officially died on me. Well, it is still playing system sounds but it ain't playing any sound from the videos. I tried troubleshooting it and stuff like that and yep... my laptop can't detect any sound device.

Possibility 1: the sound card uninstalled on its own. You know what's the stupidest thing? The driver is in KL.

Possibility 2: The Sound Card is burnt. (Then this will be major)

This is what I call a 'Silent Protest'.

My fault for leaving it on for 12 hours. My bad.

My email inbox has not been spammed for the past 1 week. I really really wish somebody could send me an email like yaa... I HAVE NOT OPENED A MAIL FOR ETERNITY!!! >.< except for studying causes laa~

It's 9.59 and I don't know what to do.

Okay fine. I'll work on Com1010.

Damn essays. Damn.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

My love hate relationship with Telekom...

When the line keeps hanging, feeding violent thoughts isn't wrong anymore.

Angst man! Angst!

^I'm not religious, but this is my personal favourite!

WOOOT!!! This is so totally me.

Pictures of ME~ *courtesy of Lynette*

*cheers for Lynette!*

End Note: Streamyx is NOT for downloads.

[Random. This is what you wanted Jason. ("Jason")]

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Something weird is going on...

For some odd reason, everyone on MSN is busy.

It's a sign.


It started with a... (I need to back track)

Mood: Drowsy.
Currently stalking: X-man (I really like the Old Xman better), It Started With A Kiss.
Looking forward to: Finally getting my ass off the couch to work on my assignments. It started with a kiss Episode 16. (I came. I fought. I conquered the first and (almost) second DVD.)
Number of hours PC has been on: In 5 minutes time, exactly 12 hours. >.<

ISWAK is a really great show. I personally think it's better than Hanakimi. Man, what have I been missing out on?! I kinda regret switching channels when the ISWAK promo's came on Baifenbai back in 2005. I can't believe i did that!!! Good thing they're coming out with ISWAK 2~!

My Laptop and DVD player will hate me.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Meeting up...

I went out today and met up with my bunch of friends back in high school. Niania's back from aus~ and she got us chocolate eggs and a colouring book Calender. I had fun. I'm jealous because she's got faster dl speed than me in Aussie. (Boy, do I miss fighting with Sharveen... We're going to be the next winning team in the AR Asia!) Everyone is still pretty much the same. Probably we don't see changes because we keep on seeing each other so often.

I mean, imagine not seeing Sharveen for 10 freakin' years and POOF! She appears with a toddler in her hand and a tall-turbaned dude with a goatee.





(The only reason I'm using her name is because her PC's down, she's got a pile of assignments, nasty uncooperative group members, and the chances of her checking what I wrote about her in my blog is close to zero. XD)


I spotted an exerpt today.

I'm squished. :'(

...I may have just jolly-well fallen sick a long, long time agoo...

There's some dude I know with the most Kibum-ish grin in one of my classes. (And he is NOT one of my tutor *just so Kanina don't tease me. Hahaha.* So, yes. He's another guy.) I walked passed him one day when he smiled and it felt like the sun exploded! Then I passed him and it was dark again. DAMN DAMN DAMN IT!!!

Very random. I know.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Idolism -

Idolism means...

Being digustingly obsessed with someone who doesn't even know you're alive....

How pathetic.

Pic Spam


RANDOM: On January, Daniel Henney, Hyunbin & Kim Tae Hee went to Putrajaya to shoot Cyon CF - 8TV forum. I soo wanna kill myself.
Lee Jun Ki came to Penang on 5th Feb to shoot the Giordano CF. I double so-wanna kill myself.


More Kibum

MORE Kibum... XD



Sunday, April 08, 2007



Been getting alot of headaches lately. Those piercing, super-painful ones.

It's probably caused by lack of sleep.

Played neopets the whole day with my cousins. XD

I've totally lost touch with my skills. I lost to a 8 year old! And Mootix Drop isn't even the hardest game in Neopets!


My IQ has been reduced to the one of a 4 year old. Bleh.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Murni: The only reason why I'm gaining pounds.


Never bring Szejia to/near SS2 or she'll turn into a monster.

I went to Murni-- Second time this week-- and stuffed myself-- SECOND time this week. Waahaha...

This is so bad for my weighing scale. HAHA.

But the food is hard to resist. Highly recommended! (Roti Hawaii, Nasi Lemak + super BIG Fried Chicken, Nasi Goreng Chicken Chop/Fish Fillet, Clay Pot Lou-Shi-Fan and my personal favourite Asam Pedas Fish. OMFG. *slurps* Top it off with their best desert Mango/Ribena/Apple/Lychee/Pink Guava special. I swear.)

Okay, everybody who stays in SS2 knows the place.

Head to the LDP. Drive on and Keep your eyes on the signboards... (Okay, if you prefer to look at roads then ask your passengers to.) Head to SS2, Turn in the first exit and go straight. Look for the biggest Public Bank or the KFC. Murni is in the same row as Public Bank.

Okay. When I have a camera then I'll take pictures. In the process of planning to rembat from daddy.

Schemingg... LOL XD

Friday, April 06, 2007


The Hols has officially started! WHOO!!! Will be slacking for 1 week. LOL. Going back to Johor tomorrow. I can't wait.

Lucky Karina gets to go to watch F1 in Sepang. bleh. *stinks out tongue*

To do list:

1. Download stuff.
2. Meet up with friends.
3. Go to Johor Jaya and hantam all the food.
4. Draft out an exercise regime. I blame SS2 Murni.
5. Work on Contemporary Worlds. Role-playing Woodrow Wilson can be hard if you're sitting next to Hitler. (Refer to Karina's blog. I will have bits in this entry)
6. Kacau parents.
7. Kacau brother.
8. Kacau cousins.
9. KacauAccompany A-ma

Class went well today. Contemporary World was scary-fun today. It was Scary. It was fun. So it's Scary-fun! Hahah. We did a Larry King thing and had 3 guests (Stalin, Woodrow, Hitler) and a few groups of people to question their ideologies. I was Woodrow Wilson (US president number dunno what) and Roosevelt. So there I sat in the middle of Hitler and Stalin (so they didn't fight). But really I didn't help much. They still faught. Hahah... Hiranya (I think a foreign student) was Hitler and when she was in front there oh-my-god. She was like how Hitler really was, or maybe even MORE Hitler. Waaah~! Yash makes Stalin look like a good guy. Hahaha... but i guess we all did a great job.

Sheesh. Everybody judges the US with what Bush is doing. If Woodrow was alive, he would be peeved.

And then it was film studies. We started talking about Speilberg. It was related to our topic this week (Authorship). And then, before you know it, it's over!!! WHOOO!!! I SURVIVED HALF THE SEM IN ONE PIECE! *cheers for Sze*

Let's go Murni and get fat!

Till then, anyong~

Thursday, April 05, 2007

I hate thursdays.

I have to submit Newsroom asn.

I had 3 hours of sleep.

I have 2 classes back to back in the morning.

Last thursday was exactly the same.


I hate thursdays.

Dudes in Uniforms.


There is someone in my class who is a Kibum dead-ringer.

Dong Bang



My fave Shinhwa pic.

Minwoo! Not a very good boy I see... Hrm...

Kim Jung Hoon

I'm saving the best for last...

Lee Junki


That's all for now.

For more, Refer to :

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Cultural Night


I totally regret not having a camera. 800 people turned up and like HOLY CRAP DUDE!!!! IT ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!

okay. Hyper mode now.

But there's no excuse to avoid my Newsroom assignment.


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Encora wha?

Okay. Media studies tute today was abit of a scare. I wonder if there's anything to do with us spelling our tutor's name wrongly. Prolly not.

Class has been a bit of a chore lately. Things getting harder and harder to digest. I'm finding myself dragging my feet (tyres, occasionally) to school everyday. Maybe it's just the assignments. Hahaha... Last minute work can kill. But yep. Uni is not all about fun and games. All these while I've been in Monash, I haven't really blogged about how it's like being there. Hahaha... Okay. Since my Dad is snoring and I can't sleep, I shall.

Monash is great. I think the people there have been kind to me because most of the time if I do get lost, there will be helpful people who will give directions. I get cold stares sometimes but that's just 'sometimes'. I've gotten used to the place already. Hahaha... It's been a while since I got lost. I kinda miss the feeling. WTH!

I'm still studying in the old Monash block, by the way. We'd shift prolly in second sem or next year. YAY! I'm going to get lost again! My directions are way, way better compared to the Omega-days. I swear. The lecturer's here are fine, the subjects are interesting, the tutors are worth looking up to because they really know their thing. And everytime you see those seniors, you'd curse and swear dying to be like them. Okay, new thing to add to my wishlist-- Do honours.

I made a couple of friends along the way. But I've always got a stupid problem of remembering faces and names. I felt so bad because there's this Indonesian girl in my Film Studies tute. She looked at me while I was walking pass. I just stared back. When I saw her in Film Studies I was like, "Oh crap!". She must think I'm this arrogant (toot). For those who I've forgotten, I'm really sorry.

Another fact about Monash is there's always no parking. It's seriously annoying. Especially if I finish my class late at school, and it's raining cats and dogs. I won't drive unless I start class in the afternoon. Well, i think the is one of the reasons why Monash is shifting to a new campus.

Assignments are a killer. All Uni students-regardless of what course- will agree.

For those Anti-smokers, sadly... the world is cruel yah. There's quite a number of smokers in campus but not all of them are bad company. If they smoke Pot, then that's a different story. I know back in Secondary School, we're made to believe smoking is a bad thing and if they catch someone smoking in the toilet then it's going to be hell for that person. In Uni, to tell you the truth, nobody cares. People might react differently because of the odour, but they'd still talk to you. Personally, I still look at smoking as killing your lungs and mine, but I think heck, as long as you don't make me do it, I'm cool. I used to be this conservative ama but I guess once you're thrown into the real world, you'd come to terms with the other side of your idealistic thought.

Anyways, life is full of Retards. Don't let smart asses put you down because they're just retards acting smart to put you down.

I guess after so long in Monash, I've gotten used to it. And I've learnt, ALWAYS exploit your tutor to write a good essay.

I missed out alot of things in the MS assignment.

Signing off~

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sane in a crazy world~

Why does life treat me so cruelly?

Nobody looks at me for who I am...


I'm used.

I feel insignificant in this world of madness

Life is meaningless.

And... if I could just go to sleep and never wake up again...

I wanna tell you this...

You have just wasted 30 seconds reading what I've written for April Fools day.


It's April Fools day.

I know it's lame but, Happy April Fools Day.



I still feel like I'm sliding down the slides as I'm typing this. Hahhahaha... Okay, we started off the day at the wet park slathering sun-tan on ourselves. After chucking our stuff into the lockers, we went off to the shallow surf beach and all. We attacked the slides first. The slides were fab! I LOVE the SLIDES!!! Hahahaha~! But Jason just had to be an over-excited weeny little bug and punch me in the ear (Jason Khaw, you suck! *whacks*). It hurt. And it definitely defies the Law of hyung-ness, even though I'm a noona, not a hyung. Do not take the first slide because it's a tube the whole way and it had nothing to slow you down (The other two had some plastic to slow us down). It's exhilarating though because it's so dark you can't predict where you'd be turning to next. Then there's the other one which you slide down on your belly. OMFG. I flew. Nearly... maybe. But it reminded me alot about Rasputia in Norbit.

When we were done with the slides, we got our tubes (SUNWAY stinks because they charge 5 bucks for it.) and went off to the surf beach. And this is where the whole drama started. We were floating... floatingg... and I floated too far. XD Hahaha... I went off the 1.5 meter mark and had a little trouble getting back. And then Jason lost his glasses and started panicking. We all tried to find it but to no avail (Alvin found 30 bucks in the water though). Jason eventually found his glasses and peace was restored again.

When we were done with the wet park, we discovered it was three. Time pass hell fast in the part of the world. We grabbed a bite and headed to the wet park. I'm such a granny. I can't take most of the rides so I ended up taking care of bags during this point of time. Well, but one ride which I did take (and will definitely take again) is the RAPIDS! We sat in that doughnut shaped thinggy and obviously got pretty wet. Probably the ride I enjoyed the most even though I was wet. But I like water. So... hahahaha~! I stayed until it closed at 6. We missed Castle thing though. Dang. But oh well... there's always next time.

I'm officially going to go to Asia Cafe very often from today on because I suck at Pools. Alvin was pretty good at it. Rachel and Jason too. But i suck. I'm terrible. But since it's my first time holding a cue, I'm forgiven. Managed to hit 4 in. So... Heh. *perasan* not too bad after all.


I'm running into daddy's arms tomorrow! Waaahhh~! He's in KL! WHOHOOO~! Means good food for the next 3 days!

And he's gonna be here one of the days next month...

Maybe mum's following too...

HMM. They're keeping a close watch on me. I feel wubbed. XD