Sunday, July 27, 2008

And it feels like tonight.

Legal means to no avail, i either get attacked by a bouncer, or regret my whole life that I missed one of the bestest best rock acts Live in Malaysia.

And i learnt, it takes more than I thought to crash a rock gig.


Searching for parking was horrendous. One U parking on a weekend during the malaysian megasale clashed with a frikkin rock concert is THE perfect nightmare.

Amazing wit.

I only expected chest-level barricades. There weren't only barricades. The stage and the arena had bigg sony ericson makeshift ad walls with Daughtry's picture on it and tents at almost every visible corner. Which blocks pretty much everything we wanna see, even the large screen.

So we looked up and saw the Balcony at chili's. And then decided dining at Chili's would be a good idea.

Unbreaking determination and perserverance.

Of course, that wasn't just it. We walked in and asked for a seat, they say the balcony only opens at 7. *sinks into depression* We rotted some more, and got a place at 7. Saw the whole place top view. The stage quite visible. We sat & ate through the opening acts. Then refilled our drinks from Liang's performance onwards occasionally heading to the balcony to sneek a peak. BUT ya. We permanently stood there and the pissy security people from the organizers dispatched got peeved.

A thick skin.

They chased the balcony people once. We went back to our seats. Pretending to sip our bottomless drinks. The MC's came on, we got excited. Went to the balcony edge again. The funny thing is I wasn't the only one doing this.

Saw local acts. Liang damn chun. DJ's damn chun. Daniel Lee quite chun also la.

And then JUST before Daughtry came on, they shoo-ed us again. *goes into bitchfit* Ok. Our skin can only be this thick. So we left, head down to search other alternatives.

Good bladder.

Ok. Not my fault. It's a human thing. And I refilled 3 times.

Good anger management.

Of course, I seldom go into a bitchfit publicly.

Creative ideas.

OK. It is almost impossible to see the stage from the One U. Droplets of rain didn't stop us. Kari brilliantly suggested the central park. And SO! We headed there, our feet hurting like hell. Got a spot. The stage, the baldie, the band, everything was visible. BUT watching the audience go wild, I really wished I wasn't feeding mozzies, standing on uneven ground, breathing smoke, being the one of the few people screaming and jumping among a group of stoning people.

Total Misfit.

Strong feet.

Walked from 3pm to 7pm. Later, stood for a record of 4 hours.

And a pair of shoes.

My shoes hancur. =.= RIP.

To top it all off, we totally had no idea when Daughtry was going to perform. And after it all, I still think it's all worth it because Daughtry put on a good show. It's amazing what desperation and fandom can do to you. We saw the ad and it said from 7 onwards. And we waited from then thinking a miracle would happen around 8. It finishes. Then we go see more bands in Pyramid.

It was totally anticlimax. That miracle never happened until around eleven.

And now, I feel pain creeping up in my every muscle every bone.

I might wanna reconsider doing all this all over again when the next rock act comes to Malaysia.

Next up, it's MTV.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Random. Something that happened a few weeks back ago.

It's probably every Malaysian's dream to get to sink their teeth into a original-sized skittle candy. BECAUSE those produced locally has shrunk beyond recognition till I don't even feel anything in my mouth coz it all melted away. And those dumbass candies are packed in a super duper small packet that is only half filled.

In Singapore, I spilled half the bag of ORIGINAL SIZED skittle (THE ORIGINAL, but strangely made in China. Oxymoron?) and those that I spilt are were covered with bits of sand (which got into my bag somehow when i put it in on siloso beach).

And comes the touching part, I removed the sand one by one and I STILL ATE IT.


I honestly fancy the Wildberry type. The one they replaced with the Skittles Sours. I can't find them anywhere.

This has been an integral part of my kiddy life and therefore if you asked me why I didn't blog about M&M's, shush about it. Be afraid. Be very afraid. I have once hantam-ed half a jumbo pack when I was 9.

*beams with pride and joy*

*readers look darkly at sze*

Okay fine. I didn't finish the other half until 3 months later.

Of course mum flipped when she found my candy stash. ~______________~

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Kennot. Live. Like. This.

1. Somebody whacked my car.
2. I wanna whack somebody's car.
3. I nearly whacked somebody's car. It didn't happen.

It's quite endearingly filled with love and hate. Living without one is a chore. Living with one is a chore too.

I often live suppressing emotions. I have a filter in my head. No matter how apparent a problem may be, my brain tunes it off. I try hard to look into details and convince myself what is existant is real but slowly my sleepy irrational side wakes up and convinces me everything is going to be fine and I ignore the problem, let it pass, live in delusion. FAR too optimistic for my own good. It's a horrible habit and I admit it with faith of a true patriot.

Now it has taken the toil of my sanity.

Come, pour liquor on the sand for your fallen comrade.


Kwon Sang Woo is getting married.


I feel a part of me slowly die.
Unicorns are hard to find. lol.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I did silly things before in my life.

I did many silly things before in my life.

But it just gets weirder. O.o

It was the epitome of embarassment. Grr.

Nvm that.

Anyway, the weeks have been packed. DAMN PACKED.

Returned last sun. Started scrubbing around and stuff.

Then this week end. Next week end. Next Next weekend.

And that makes the whole month. o.O

Chris Daughtry is coming to Malaysia. HOW THE HECK DO I GET THE PASSES?! T.T

I'm really looking forward to the Badminton team meet-up in Mont Kiara and before you know it. Olympics are here!

Saturday, July 19, 2008



Friday, July 18, 2008

Batman - The Dark Knight (2008)

There I was at the edge of my seat, holding onto the arm rest of the chair, watching wideeyed, mouth agapped. Sounds of explosions, the chase, the old but still sexy penguin and wild laughter ringing in my head. I thought I was going to die in this movie. I didn't wannt to miss anything, so I held back my pee. I was hung, holding my breath anticipating an end to all the darkness. HE had a powerful, soul-searching voice. That made it all darker.

Heath Ledger was good. HE WAS ON TOP OF HIS GAME. RIP. Damn it.



Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Better Half.

My better, more rational half has disappeared temporarily.

MCP says I am insensitive. :( I AM BAD IN LEADING THE BLIND! Boohoo! I am this insensitive beast that walks too fast zipping around Monash with a blindfolded person on my back.



zomg. I spoke, I talked. To constantly reassure her I'm around. I didn't bring her to barge a classroom or led her to crowded places and I am labeled insensitive.


I DID MY BEST. I TRIED. But I am greatly disappointed. T__T But i'm still... omg. That tells alot. Boo hoo hoo.


Dang. My blog is boring.


I remembered when I was in my first year I was this awkward, bright eyed, talking at the most inappropriate time and saying all the wrong things, not doing certain things that should be done, thought tutors were the smartest person alive, submiting assignments on time, not knowing there's such a thing called EXTENSION and my grades were 'yay'... I can swear it all off now. =.=

I just read HMY's blogpost which says something about the first years bouncing in INT1020 pissing her off.


OMG. I must've pissed off some seniors too! *worried look* I WANNA TAKE THAT SUBJECT AGAIN!!! T____T I SWEAR Second year subjects are depressing. Screw it. =.=

I am moody and I want some chocolate.

Monday, July 14, 2008

First day.

I was hopeful for the new sem. I was optimistic.

Today, I went for MCP.

Then I gave up hope.

I felt the world crashing upon me.


Saturday, July 12, 2008


Somebody needs to explain to me how it's possible that we're ALREADY half way through the year?! Didn't Andrew just taunt us in Authorship's First Lecture?? It sure feels that way because I still haven't gotten over the trauma yet. (the subject. not the lecturer.)

*Andrew evil laugh

*student goes all quiet

*Andrew asks a question.

*student goes all quiet.

5 seconds.

Andrew: ANSWEERRR! Don't make me call names like a kindergarten teacher or you will DIE a terrible death! *dramaaa*

*cue to start flipping through reader/notes and panic.

Of course, Andrew didn't really say it LIKE that but it was something along those lines. And this happens in almost EVERY tutorial. LOL.

I really, really hate how semesters zip by so quickly. Every semester meant half a year gone. Every year gone equals to how close I am edging to being wrinkled beyond recognition. Not that 'I' have a maaajor problem with wrinkles, EVERYBODY does. So it is acceptable for me to panic.

We groan on the first day of school. Get a pile of assignments. Pick up momentum. yada yada then BOOM. Exam. =.= Result come out. Cry. Cycle repeats. Years passed. Sze gets wrinkly. Yay! -.-

I have given serious thought about what I would do in the future. Some people are born to KNOW what to do. I'm one of the noob ones who is not clear about my options... except getting wrinkly.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Bon Jovi and Aerosmith gave me a sore throat.

Red box taught me an important lesson.

I cannot be a rock star.

IF I DO, then the oil prices will go down.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Babysitter isn't the right word.

I didn't sit on my cousins. They sat on me. =.=


So you see. IT IS possible to squeeze in 7 people into a car. Provided 2 of them are under ten and the other 4 is somewhere around Fifteen and theres one old poke with a driver's licence to keep the car going.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island was a water based theme park in Sentosa. Opened in 1994 at a cost of S$54 million, it had numerous water slides and other features. Once a very popular park, it was plagued by several accidents, including two fatalities, and was eventually closed on 2 November 2002.
- Wiki.


I am so disappointed. =.=

Sob. But Sentosa has got quite alot of stuff they nicely preserved.

I didn't know we it was Youthday (a school hol for sg school kids) and it was so crowded. Haha. We went for about 5 attractions that day. The Luge and the Skyride was the best! I didn't really like the last one though. O.o

I have been DEATHLY afraid of Wax Figures since my parents pulled us to Madame Tussauds. Apart from the clautrophobic tunnels, this also another reason why I didn't really like Fort Siloso.

Siloso beach was nice though! Got to enjoy the breeze and all! =D And got burried. O.O Which was an extremely ticklish (almost painful) experience. Needless to say, I had sand all over my bod and in my shorts after the whole thing. LOL. Hahahaha.

I braved horrible traffic, scary bus drivers and holding a sand bucket (attracting alot of unwanted attention) all the way back from Sentosa. Can say la. Except for the bucket, it's worth it. :P

Next up. DEC. Redang! >_< (Or some other beachy place).



MSN screwing me again. =.= Basket.

Friday, July 04, 2008


There's always the one making the mistake, and the one watching.

The one making the mistake, will see herself one day.

Brighter than sunshine.

My writers block is going on for far too long.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Poolside Madness.

Hope ya'll had fun :)