Friday, July 31, 2009

MY tears are like diamonds on the floor.

Rob Thomas, lead singer of Matchbox Twenty and a hugely successful solo artist in his own right, returns to Australia this summer for a limited series of concerts.


Rob is also performing at A Day On The Green:
Leconfield Wines McLaren Vale, SA Sunday February 7
Centennial Vineyards Bowral, NSW Sunday February 14
Rochford Wines Yarra Valley, VIC Saturday February 20
Sandalford Wines Swan Valley, WA Sunday February 21*


2010 OMG. GERAM.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I bowled today :)

Tomorrow I will be a happier person.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


It was at the screening a year ago at HELP University College, I saw a whole lot of videos similar to the one above, of which I found myself sniffling my way through a line of people scrambling out from the theater into the toilet to sob solitarily. (I remember this was the one that tugged a chord). Of which when I return, I see two of my best buds snickering at me.

Originally in Advertising, in the speech she said she considers herself a storyteller not much of a film maker (Even though it does bring better prospects). It was after the screening where we got to talk to her in person. Of which I ended up speaking gibberish because of nerves. She appeared to be a happy, witty person always with something clever to say.

I remember 3 of us in the car. Through a highway I wasn't familiar with. But we still somehow found our way there enduring an hour of feeling lost. Which ended with a chance to meet one of the greatest Malaysian storytellers in real life.

The way home was equally puzzling. Her departure was too.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Transformers: Winter Sonata.


Optimus Prime.

And Bumblebee.


Fear of rejection can screw up your life. That’s why one sided love should remain that way.

Now that the was between the Decepticons and Autobots was over, Optimus had one more agenda left in mind.

And what confusion in his thoughts, and what a thumping in his temples. Slowly from the writhing, tearing mass in his mind a resolve shaped itself.

With his head resting against his Metallic palm, he told himself. This is it. No one was going to stop him.

It was at a dogdy Indian Cafe, where Optimus finally managed to be honest about his feelings.

Optimus: You've been there for me every step of the way.
Bumblebee: "You gave me wings and made me fly You touched my hand I could touch the sky..."
Optimus: I really appreciate every battle. You helped me every time Megatron's being a bitch.
Bumblebee: Im a bitch. Im a lover. Im a child. Im a mother. Im a sinner. Im a saint. I do not feel ashamed...
Optimus: Well what i mean is. (long pause) We should date.
Bumblebee: !
Optimus: Are you free tomorrow night?
Bumblebee: "Said yes to your number And yes to you dating me Yes we can be together"
Optimus: You really mean it?
Bumblebee: "Yeah (yeah) Shorty got down to come and get me " ;)

While other couples were absorbed with their iPhones, Optimus and Bumblebee shared their love for music without an Ipod (only because Bumble has an extensive playlist to communicate with people) . Like all couples, they had their ups and downs.

They cuddled.

Optimus: You wanna talk about it?
Bumblebee: "Everywhere I'm looking now
I'm surrounded by your embrace..."

They watched footy together.

They helped each other out.

Bumblebee: "Help, I need somebody,
Help, not just anybody,
Help, you know I need someone, help."
Alex Yeo: Muahahaha.
Optimus: OY! LET HIM GO!

Alex Yeo: *angree*
Optimus: OUFFF! Shit.
Bumblebee: ...

They fought.

Optimus: So what's with you and Jazz? I saw what you two did!
Bumblebee: "I've been thinking about you, my love
And all the crazy things that you put me through
Now I'm coming around, Throwing it back to you"
Optimus: What?"
Bumblebee: "Lately I'm beginning to find that I should be the one behind the wheel"
Optimus: Quit your mind games! Stop throwing poetic lyrics at me!
Bumblebee: "I go crazy, crazy, baby, I go crazy"
Optimus: Gargh!

Of which, they eventually make up

And have a very adventurous sex life...

Bumblebee: "Come on baby, light my fire
Come on baby, light my fire
Try to set the night on fire~"

Bumblebee: "Youuuuu
Your sex is on fire~

And like all fairy tales and most fanfictions, they lived happily ever after.


My COM3055 tutor is absolutely Gossip Girl material. Who could imagine getting a chance to sit in a class with a dishy young brunette, tall and lanky body, broad shoulders, tousled hair, as I swoon with his wonderful choice of words every thursday, also the last day of class of the week. I am liking this semester.


*watches Alex roll eyes*

Sorry. I got carried away. I should really stop objectifying men.

I will be learning the philosophy surrounding Creativity. As I was saying, I know this is going to be one of those that I will enjoy apart from FTV. Second MEdia age and Online Journalism... that I might struggle abit. Gulps.

Went to the city for Indian food today. Yum. This is by far one of the yummyiest I've had. And so the others joined us late, and Alex, Bryan and I decided to play with the Transformers action figure Karina gave him to kill time. And so. Here it is.

Transformers Sonata.

Starring Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.

Coming Soon!

Monday, July 20, 2009

My final semester starts

My results turned out well. Amithabha. LOL.

An unexpectedly good start for this semester. I can actually find myself liking Mondays now. Haha.

Youth Film and Television is love. WOOTS. Never really made a good first impression, but this subject will be worth it.

The Monash Caulfield campus is pretty nice. There are eateries nearby offering all kinds of cuisines, a gym (something i really need to sign up for) and a 7 eleven. It's like a smaller version of Clayton. LOL.

Today we decided to be adventurous. Because the train was going to come in 24 minutes, we decided turn right to the nearest tram stop and hop on the next tram to see if it heads home. We hopped on a 3. And then stopped at Glenferrie. Hopped on a 16 and weren't sure if it heads to Wattletree Rd so we hopped off at Malvern and lol took a train back.

Took us probably slightly over 45 minutes. But still fun nonetheless.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Cosmopolitan Kr.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I live on the first floor. The one with the blinds up.

Settling in. :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Take it, and go.

Everyone has gone through that time in life that you live when everything suddenly feels stale and hopeless. Dissatisfaction with work, or friends or maybe your significant other, you eventually start toying with ideas of moving someplace far and starting over.

I made hasty decisions in the past that led me here today, and these decisions created some changes in my life but now, I realized it led to only something temporary.

When I first arrived in Australia, I told myself, it's only for a year. After a year, I will head back home.

I don't know if I can say the same for now.

On a lighter note,

Kelvin Chai threw Alex's sock into Karina's curry. =D

The night before, they were not like that.

Karaoke pwns clubbing.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Kimchi epilogue.

I had kimchi jiggae for dinner today.


Sunday, July 12, 2009


Caulfield Korean restaurant not open. UGHHH.

Big Mama - The Kimchi Chronicals

Now when I say big Mama i don't mean

The band

There's a restaurant in Swanston which sells pretty ok Korean and Japanese food near Arrow and Verve. Yesterday, after pool, we were all geared up to go. You see the day before Alva and I watched Anthony Bourdain in Korea, so it's completely understandable why WE WANT KOREAN FOOD. So we battled the storm/crazyasswind which literally pushes you to the back when you walk forward. And then!


As soon as we stood at the door, the staff turned the 'open' sign over to -- We're closed so go ahead and mope and cry on your Facebook status and die in the cold, cold streets you piteous imbecile. Muahahahaha!

I feel like a gungho korean being robbed off the family's secret Kimchi recipe!


Apart from answering machines and nonresponse from people I crack jokes to, I have a new pet-peeve since coming to the city. I cannot stand walking up to a doorstep of an eatery staring blankly at the closed sign. Twice at Blok M, once in Coconut House... Based on my annoy-o-meter, this is first place, at the highest extreme in terms of how annoying it is.

Thankfully there's always 24 hours food chains, friends with a truck load of videos, boardgames, wii, PS, and Fox 8.

Side note.

I may have been too pessimistic about leaving Gippsland, where people lived close to each other and bonded because of that, to the City, where I recently found out people also do the same. (: It's the people you surround yourself with that makes it all better. With all honesty, I always thought the city was going to be a place I would never fit in. But I'm glad now that I'm here, I realized I may have been too quick to judge. In this period of time where there's so many changes taking place, no matter how small, I am adapting well.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Credits: Soni's phone. Kena tag on FB. *digholeandhides*

Ok. Door opened.

We're out.

Friday, July 10, 2009


I believe in life when one door closes, another will open. But what is actually happening now is the walls are closing on me and in this very room, there is one door that refuses to freaking open.

Both literally and metaphorically.

Emotionally, I'm incredibly incapable. It's true. I'm starting to cave in. There's no food supplies and I'm hungree.


*can somebody pop by Armadale and rescue us? We're locked up in our apartment. Bring pizza. You will be handsomely rewarded.

Gold Coast

Coming Soon.