Saturday, October 27, 2007


People fight for various reasons. Guys fight for girls. Girls fight for guys. Husband and wives fight too. Politicians fight. Prisoners fight. Freedom fighters fight. Colleagues fight. Gangsters fight. Mafia's fight. Sopranos . Park Myung Soo and Ji Sang Ryul fight. Friends fight. Sisters fight. Brothers fight. Sibling's fight. Business partners fight. Countries fight.

But have you seen people fighting for Chicken?


It's my first time. XD

That place was HELL packed. We had to wait for half an hour for a table.

I was at Yuen's Steamboat opposite Sunway Pyramid after the discussion with Weiliang, Alex, Rico, Kari, Amanda and Yhea Hui mei and we absolutely stuffed ourselves. Since Weiliang and Amanda have been technically fasting, we figured out it was a good idea.

We started eating the "balls". I am a fish-ball fan and anything springy so it was definitely paradise for me since they have SOOOOOO many types of balls for me to hantam in all shapes and sizes. =P

Karina is the best Chicken wing snatcher. Even Weiliang lost to her! The aggression at the table is not something you get to see in Monash. People actually line up and gather around the table for the wings. When it comes, the push and charge over to grab/mob/scoop/sapu as many as they can. Think about the amount of drama that's involved... wow. And can you believe it, you gotta be quick coz the whole tray of barbequed chicken wings disappears in less than a minute!

There was this little girl about 6 years old who kept on squeezing to the front every round. Smart tactic. ^^, *throws dirty look at parents*

Now that's an eye opener. ^^,

The wings are awesome though!

We ate and ate and ate. Half way through, for some lame reason, Alex and Weiliang started fighting about Eggs. The lamest thing they did was compete with each other who can get the eggs cooked in the soup without the egg whites spreading out into the soup. =_=

The peak of all wuliao-ness is they all took 3 (or 4) eggs to do that. To spite Alex, Weiliang proposed to Karina since she was the better egg-chef. I wasn't very sure who emerged the winner in the end but it was hilarious watching them fight.

But all ends well and Alex and Weiliang loved each other again.

I need to jump rope tomorrow.

[27th Oct, 10:41pm. Exam hiatus.]

Friday, October 26, 2007

In another language they call it Saeng-il.

I used the stupidest/Lamest excuse to escape the MSN chat box. But it worked. =D


We had the unknowing birthday girl.

(Side-view taken a couple of years ago. Suitable not? Still waiting for the cam-man to process the pictures.)

We had Cake.

We had a Choir

A guitaar~

We had a harmonizing crew

Had (seaweed?) soup.

We had Soju. (1 bottle. We've only finished a quarter). It's 11.21am. Okay. let's have Soju for breakfast.



Cake = Calories.
Alcohol = Calories.
Murni = Calories.

*pokes tummy fat* T__________T

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I kena Tag

Kena from Alex, LOL!

the Rules

- go to wikipedia and type in your birthday (month and day)
- write down 3 events, 2 births, 1 holiday and tag 5 friends


3 Events

4004 BC - The universe is created. This is according to the 17th-century chronology of the history of the world formulated by James Ussher the Anglican Archbishop of Armagh.

(Hey hey! I share the same birthday as the Universe! How cool is that?!)

1970 - Tunku Abdul Rahman resign from Prime Minister of Malaysia.

2006 - Michael Schumacher drives his last Formula 1 Race. The very same day the Spaniard Fernando Alonso wins the 2006 Formula 1 World Championship, becoming the 8th and youngest driver to win it twice in a row to emulate the achievements of Mika Häkkinen, Michael Schumacher and five other drivers.


2 births

1968 - Shaggy, Jamaican musician

You. Are. Kidding. Me. LOL.

1985 - Zachary Hanson, American musician (Hanson)


1 holiday

French Republican Calendar - Pomme (Apple) Day, first day in the Month of Brumaire

Aiyer. I don't know any of them.


5 friends

-Lynette H
-Lynette G


Happy Rainy b-day.

My car is at P1 currently at Carrefour Subang Jaya. Locked up, not clammed. But locked up. Don't ask me how. Don't ask me why. Don't ask me if I was blind not to see the Operating hours: 9.00am-10.30pm sign on the board.


I had a great time at Bukit Bintang Karina and Thor. Had lunc- no. "Dunch" at a place called Hot Mama *coughhahacough* and the foods pretty good. lol.

I spent my last few moments of being 18 doing JRN. Can you believe that?! Hahahah. Then I also spent my first few moments of being 19 doing JRN. It's a sign isn't it ?I swear those 2000 words the hardest 2000 words I ever had to churn out. Hohohoho~!

At least it's done. :)

It's my first birthday without my family *homesickemo*

MERDEKAA!!! (from assignments) Finally.

To Kari: Thanks for being there. Thanks for the Tee. Thanks for all the things you've done for me.

To Sharveen: Thanks for reminding me 5 minutes early. LOL. I was getting myself prepared to be old. HAHA. Thanks for everything. *sniff*

To Sonia: Thanks for the wishes. I am not old. I AM NOT OLD! >_< Hahahah~

To Thor: Thanks for being there. Thanks for the ice-cream. Lecka Lecka is my second home.

To Everyone who wished me: THANK YOU! hugs and kisses! :D I absolutely appreciate it.

To those who didn't: There's always next year XD

I will now list out my Birthday resolutions.

1. Take risks.

2. Stop doing things last minute.

3. Fix the dent on the roof of the car. (stupid tree, stupid branch, stupid storm)

4. Wake up earlier.

5. Stop being late for class.

6. Appreciate Vietnam for it's aesthetics Protest for newer texts for FTV subjects.

7. Write fics.

8. Complete them. (this is going to be hard)

9. Learn to buy 4D.

10. Strike Lottery. wth. HAHA.

Be better as a person, basically.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Puppy love.

puppylove. OMG. SO CUTE.


It's been raining alot lately. Almost every afternoon. Firstly, the cold, gloomy feel isn't very nice coz it makes me brain sluggish. I know i'm sleepie all the time, so yeah, the weather makes me sleepier than normal. Secondly, my stash of instant noodles doesn't appeal to me anymore. It never did. But those pack of carbs keeps me going.

I am waiting for a reply from my interviewee but she's probably too busy to follow up. I guess I'll just have to make do with whatever I have coz JRN is due on Monday.



Should never do things last minute. Really. =_=

Friday, October 19, 2007


Vietnam is boring

Vietnam is boring

Vietnam is boring

Vietnam is boring

Vietnam is boring

Vietnam is boring

Vietnam is boring

Vietnam is boring

Vietnam is boring


INT jialat.

JRN... 2000 words... UGH. T.T

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dong bang has left the building.

And I'm still here. It's about 8.40am . I just woke up.

Holy crap dude! Dong Bang Shin Gi was in Sunway resort all along and I didn't even know. Haha~ When Madonna suddenly told me online, I thought she was joking. But it was in fact true. And I chose to sleep rather than stalk. I stay just one building away from Sunway Resort. Like how often do you have a Korean pop band within 1 kilometer radius?

I've read updates yesterday on the soompi thread. Somebody said they'd be leaving at 1. For some stupid reason, I read it as 1pm. I went on to Soompi again today and I got a PM saying that they will leave at 1 AM. (!!!)


Anyway, a number lucky fans got to meet them though. Awh. Got crappy work to do. *whines*

It's 8.50. And they left 7 hours ago. So... yeah. :(

I may just be growing out of this.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Astro is aring KBS.



the lecture lasted less than an hour. =_=

IF only we can sleep in the library AV room...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's over~

Had 3 days with my family. They came up. Had fun. :)

And now it's gone. =_= I'm back here. lol.

I've been skipping Com lectures for almost the whole sem and for the last one, he forces us to go. UGH. This lecture had better last for more than an hour.

Friday, October 12, 2007

I watched another movie! >_<

The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)

Starring Matt Damon is hot.

I swear. Okay. This is like the 4th movie I've watched in the span of 2 weeks and this has never happened before.

I will not spoil this for people who haven't watched it. I will not be critical or rant about how hot Matt Damon is. I am one of those people who haven't watched the first 2 parts of this flick and yes. It took me a while to understand why he was running, why he was hunted, why people looked at him as a threat to America (the reason is pretty stupid after I found out).

It's actionish and it's really fast paced. I barely noticed how quick time was passing.

It's nothing new. But it's still nonetheless a pretty good movie.

I'm going to be broke. I need to stop going to the movies.

Side note, my left arm feels like it's going to fall off. My leg. My neck. Everywhere feels the same. This is what happens when you get trashed at the court after like dunno how long and don't warm up.


"You didn't see." - Gabrielle.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

last minute. :P


It was not bad for last minute work. :)

Seriously, I've really gotta kick the habit of doing everything last minute. It's a pain and it sucks. And if I were to freaking just do everything early I wouldn't need to sleep when Fadzlin wakes up for Subuh. =P

Tried to sleep at 3.00 but I figured out time spent on tossing and turning will be spent better doing a script. AIH.

I was too panicky i didn't use my script in the end... *argh*

Next subject to rant about coming right up - FTV.


"It's been a long time coming" - Five for Fighting.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I mean, literally. =_=

Assn 1 was crap so I'm really betting on Assn 2. If it eends up like crap again, I better ask what procedures are there for retaking.


OKAY. INT Presentation tomorrow. GAh. Nervous. Alot of reading up to do.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

色,戒 - Lust Caution. (2007)

Sonia came over to KL to bug us. LOL. Had lots of fun at Bukit Bintang and watching Sonia suffer with heels. XD *saddist* LOL. Lecka Lecka at Bukit Bintang is a really nice place to sit and chill out. The dark atmosphere, the music and the fruity Shisha scent... LOL. It's like clubbing without a dance floor and not-so-loud music and ice cream.


We headed to Midvalley the next day to send her off. We were supposed to shop but didn't have time coz she's going to leave at 1. :(

We were convinced Wang Leehom will look absolutely hot on big screen cinema so yes. We waited until 5.30 to watch the show at TGV in Pyramid.

Had viet food in between. We kinda wondered why didn't we stay back at Mid Valley to do all these? Wouldn't Lee Hom look hotter on MV screens? =P

It was quite freaky when we sat down, we noticed the people who were in this theater were either married or couples. But yeah. We weren't alone. There were 2 other Lee Hom fangirls at the lower deck... Phew.


Very Artsy. Very historical - Aesthetics.

The movie lasted pretty long. (2 hours-ish). And very minimal bits of English were spoken. The whole movie was mostly in cheem Mandarin, bits of Shanghainese, Cantonese and it seems like Lee Hom has lost the accent. The set is super! The way they depict Shanghai/Hong Kong during the WW-II were really super.

I liked the chemistry between the cast. I'm not only saying Lee Hom, they all did well. Tony Leung is already as good as he is. Lee Hom improved since his last movie. Wei Tang's probably like the Superwoman! She's new and she did really well in her portrayal of her character.

I was looking through some stuff on the net, some Scenes were shot in Penang.

I won't say how it ended, but at the end of the show I left the cinema feeling rather frustrated. I so did not like the ending. But of course, it's based on a novel and all so yeah. Hopefully an English edition comes out.

They were THIS close to killing off that traitor! Okay. did they fall for each other or something? I was like, WTH happened there?!!

It's rated 18-PL but I felt it's censored so much until like it's rated almost U. Nothing explicit was shown. So for people who want to watch it but don't dare to watch it, it's really subtle lah.

There's no violent scene of some jap soldier blowing some suspects head off. I think the movie lacks that. We know the Tony Leung's character, Yi, is a traitor and he works in 'that' kind of environment it's kind of ironic he doesn't shoot anybody.

Then again, 15 minutes was cut so it could've been in those 15 minutes lah.

I didn't waste my time watching this. It did bring us all back to a time once when Chinese were really Chinese.



"If you want to continue living a lie,


But remember, when reality hits you, it hits you hard."

I'm so going to use that at my Siggy.

Friday, October 05, 2007

I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry

Hahahaha! I had rootbeer and a greeeaat laugh! ^^,

I sniffled a bit during one part of the movie. Man. Sze Jia's such a sap. T.T

Heart Adam Sandler~! ^^,

My Father.

I hit the movies today. And my friends made me watch something I'll never watch in a million years.

No, it's not Aparment 1303. I'll never watch THAT in 2 million years.

Sze Jia watched Resident Evil. Can you believe it?!

Speaking of which, a new movie is coming out.

In "My Father" (by Hwang Dong-Hyuk), Daniel Henney plays a korean adopted by an american couple who is in search for his biological father. He eventually finds his dad in a Korean prison waiting for a death sentence.


It's scheduled to be out in Korea tomorrow!


Hope it hits Malaysian shores quick. >_<

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Leech of the nation.

I don't understand what's going on anymore.

First I missed my flight to KL. And had to spend another 200+ ringgit on a MAS ticket.

Discovered MAS was not much different from Air Asia anyways.

And got 'whacked' $$$ on the way home to Subang from KLIA.

Yesterday it rained like crazy when I was rushing back to finish up FTV.

And today I crawled up from bed this morning and head for COM1020 lecture only to discover there was no class today.

Paid the parking and left to send my friends to Sunway Pyramid. I didn't want to go. On the way, at the bend, I got stopped by the police.

And so I did.

I wind down my window, and look at the tanned guy with a mustache staring down at me. I shifted my glance to the pin saying "Saya Anti-Rasuah" on his right chest. But you do know how they contradict themselves sometimes.

"Bagi lesen."

And so i did.

He looks at my licence. Then says. "Lesen P eh?"

WTF. Are you are retarded? I pasted the sticker on the windscreen you-


"You tak pakai seat-belt."

I nod. He accused the passenger too but we all retaliated.


I became weary.

I remembered during my Theory talk, the QIT said when kids are under the P licence, any single tiny mistake that is made will result to my licence being suspended.

"Saman berapa?"


Double weary. Dad's going to kill me.

I fished out a 50 dollar note and stuck it out the window.

He was flustered. He shoved the licence back at me.

"Letak kat bawah."

I was thinking. "boya iggae."

I have a choice. I know my choices.

When you see many check-points along highways and roads, You know it's Raya.

But the law ain't gonna work if they're only hardworking in issueing their versions of summons during raya time.

I honestly would've stood up to my idea of justice and all that we're brainwashed to think while taking INT. I could've taken the saman but I still succumbed to it fearing my licence will be revoked.

My gran's going to say. "ke pai ang kong" (go pray to the ang kong). Problem is, i don't even know where the nearest ang-kong is or even... how to 'pai'...

My mum's going to say. "Haiyoo... how can you be so carelesss."

I called up dad to tell him about it. He was like. "Haiyoo... your luck has been really bad lately har."

YA. Whether it's in the airport, on the road, at school, everywhere I go. Things happen to me. Basket.

We spoke to Ben Mckay earlier at campus.

Us: Hi sir...

Mr. Mckay: Hey, how are you?"

Us: Fine..."

Mr. Mckay pauses at his steps. "You... don't look too sure about that." :S

I was about to burst out laughing.

How i feel now is beyond words having a first hand experience of 'rasuah' is not good at all. Totally totally makes me feel like a lowdown. 50 ringgit over pride. *does a loser sign..

Beats better than going through the process of finding out where to pay and all. But still... :(

Mr. McKay: Don't worry, just bear with it for a while. It'll be over soon.

He told us before he headed up to his office.


Hope he's right. >_<


I call this. Karma. T_T