Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I was just going through soompi. And I came upon a thread that nearly made me cry. I'm such a sap.

A guy, A girl and A journal.

The person who wrote it was a guy. And man. It killed me.

[Warning: Massive Wordspam.]

Time: 3.00pm.
Mood: Anxious.
State of mind: Insane.
Currently at: Monash IT lab 7.



Yes. Maybe Blogger wasn't screwing up. I was just not "smart" enough to try more than 5 times. Heh. Anyhow, It works great. So hallelujah!

That's the good news. The bad news. I've got a 10-15 minute presentation due next week and my title is about Image Analysis, Semiotics. Barely 3 days, and my first subject kills me. *shakes head*

Hahahah. Overall, KL has been kind to me (been raining now and then) and I'm adjusting okay to the transition. There are still bits of stuff I miss at home. SOB.

My next class is at 4 so I obviously have a LOOONG time to blog about my stay in KL.

What I love about this place:

-The sudden urgent feel of responsibility.
-The Pan Mee near Sunway's sidegate.
-HOMIEE~!!!!!!!!! XD XD XD
-Monash Internet Connection. Bleh. I'm a sucker for computers.
-Media studies! (LOL. People thinks is boring but I think it's great. Haha! I'm weird.)
-Made a couple of friends. XD Lovelaay~!
-They sell Dong Bang biscuits 25kms away.
-Monash itself.
-The local malls. XD
-Lookers! Whoa. Lots of em.
-NYEH. Shopping~
-The hot cross buns sold in the grocery store downstairs. Haha~!
-The scenery at night. Standing at the balcony staring into space can be fun.


-Getting lost.
-Being late for classs. (Re: Above.)
-The evil lecturer who ignored me when I asked for directions. (I hope he gets lost and robbed until he has no choice but to whore himself during a holiday in Thailand!)
-The fact that I dunno a single word of cantonese.
-No internet connection at home. (But there's always the IT lab. Wahahah~!)
-No bandwidth to rob. (sometimes got. most of the time not. *frowns*)
-My room floor.
-Electricians seem to be impossible to find.
-Good food is hard to find.
-Creepy hallway.
-The silence.
-The previous tenant. (Why? Because they didn't pay the bills. The electricity got cut off. We waited for 2 days for the fuse to come back. The fuse did come back at 9.30pm on Monday. And... we waited like dum nuts at the lobby and wished for the whole world to swallow us up.)
-I proud of myself. For the level of tollerence and how it expanded.
-Major spring cleaning. Its a long story.
-Distractions. Homesickness once in a while.

Sigh. It's okay coz this is all going to come back to me and allow me to toughen myself up. ^^,

I'll leave one line i included in my Uni Survival Guide. Wahahaa...

NEVER show WEAKNESS or they'll pounce like a pack of hyper-critical, heel-clacking hyenas.


Time End: 3.40pm.

Friday, February 23, 2007

I have clothes strewn all over the bed and all my stuff stacked up on my table. it's 12.20am and I'm supposed to pack. But it's all right. I'll do it later. I'm using the internet at home for the last time~ I won't be able to for a pretty long time.

Today is the day where I'm going to go on a spamming spree. LOL. I'll be away after this. Prolly going to depend on PC's at Monash to post out late posts, something like what I did before during my line-less days. Hahaha... I'm heading off to Uni tomorrow. OH MANNN!!!!


MY A-MA!!!




CLASS 95!!!

Geh. I've come to terms with my time table. Long breaks means more time to check out dudes on campus. XD Hahaha... The I.T. lab always welcomes me anyway. (plus point Number 2).

I dunno. It still feels weird to study after having a break so long. >.<

To Sonia: I know you're leaving this Sun. It was such a coincidence I got to see you today before I head off to KL. Bon Voyage! I hope everything goes smoothly for you over there in Aussie! Catch some crocs! ^^,

To Karina: Yo homie! I bought lots of junk. Wahahahah! See ya in KL! HOHOHO!

To Sharveen: HEH. Prepared. To. Be. Bugged. Through. SMS. HEH.




Hrm. Back to packing.

M.I.A. (missing in action) status starts from now.
[Chasing Cars Counting Toes]

As I'm typing this now, Kari is in Pontian and Alvin was in Aukland prolly watching showgirls/hogging jackpot machines and what not XD. Sze Lynn just got back from Singapore and here I am counting my toes. ^^,


I finally saw the truth in why Sze Jia is labeled a living rotting thing. ^^.

Anyhow, my zapping days are over. I got my new AC adapter today! Whooo!!! I've been using it for the past 2 hours and I haven't felt any static shocks just yet. Assuming if I do, it means I have what it takes to be a Super villian Hero!


Deliveries were off until the third day of CNY i think. Since I called on CNY eve, I had to wait a few days until they get back to work. On the 4th day of CNY i got a call from Dell to confirm my address and stuff for the delivery the next day (today). So yep. I got it this afternoon. AND THEN. I discovered they gave me the wrong AC adapter. >.<

Hahaha... There's 2 types of 3 prong AC adapters. One is with the pins arranged in a straight line and the other is arranged like in a V shape. The cable i had was the first type and the AC adapted I had was the V shaped one. So obviously, it's not the right fit.

So I called up dell and yada yada. LOL.

They were quick though. I called at like 3. I got my new adapter 8 at night. Can this be considered an ordeal? Man. I could write a book on this. But still, kudos to the staff. Hahaha... They were good with their damage control.

The Dell people were really friendly. I'm sure their customers appreciate that.


I have 10 toes by the way.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Songs on radio are getting depressing. And I dunno what's playing in my WMP anymore. I don't know why the heck is Solitaire - Clay Aiken is playing on my playlist. GAH!

*hits the delete button*

Well. It's interesting to know how out-of-date I am. Really. Everyone, YES EVERYONE (i've used this emphasism many times. I know.) I know has an iPod. If they don't, they have plans of getting one.

Sze Lynn's stocking the Hana Kimi OST in her ipod and here I am listening to Class 95 to sleep. Hehehe... Sometimes I wonder am I really my age. I lived half my life trying to be someone else. Gave up halfway and then move round trying to find my own direction.

The pathetic bit is that I haven't found it yet.

Damn it. Me. Want. Ipod. XD

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

No one's going to read this but I ate too much egg rolls. T___T

Wellzie. I've got to stuff myself up like nuts because after next week, I'll be surviving on sucky cafeteria food.

So. Fine. I don't care about my sore throat anymore.

*munches on Egg Rolls*

Monday, February 19, 2007

Okay. I discovered the importance of learning Chinese today. I managed to sign up in Wretch but it's hard to move around when everything is written in chinese. DAMMIT. I can't even toggle my profile/blog page. T___T

Eventhough the new blogger doesn't remember me on the computer, I think signing in everytime does no harm.

I'm sticking to blogger for now.

Sunday, February 18, 2007



I am not supposed to be pigging.

GAH. NO MORE PINEAPPLE COOKIES FOR SZEJIA!!! >.< ^^, LOL. The reunion dinner was fab. Food was great. Company, cousins to bully etc etc. LOL. And I'm glad to announce my zapping days are coming to an end. I called up Dell on n.y.e and they're going to send me a new 3-prong charger. Which is fab... LOL. But if it still zaps, then it must be something wrong with me. ^^, Camwhore. XDDD.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Okay. This static zap thing is getting annoying. So I finally seeked help. I just dropped by Lowyat's forum and I got my answer to my zapping problem. It's either the battery or the 2-pin prong that's causing it. Coz the 2 pin prong isn't earthed, so the extra charge comes to me through a stout shock in my right (seldom left) arm (Which hurts after using for a long time). Okie. So what I gotta do is, replace it.

It had better work or I'm boycotting Dell.

Yep. I was hesitant but still, I went for a haircut. LOL. ^^,

And I'm loving it!!! ^^,

Borat is the STUPIDEST movie I've ever watched. It's just so freaking stupid! I'm sticking with Hanakimi.

>_> .... Chun *swoons* ^^,

Happy CNY everyone! May the years ahead get better and better!

Friday, February 16, 2007

News flash: Jung Dabin didn't kill herself. It's speculated now that she's murdered.


During the Attic Cat days...


I am back. I am sick with a flu. I have a leaky tap for a nose, puffy eyes, crappy fashion sense and a sleepy face for first impressions. ^^,

Currently, I have many thoughts running through my head. Everything is so surreal. I've seen Assc. Prof. Han Gil Soo (Head of the Arts) on the papers before and I'm glad I got to meet him in person. When I saw him, I started thinking, He looks like Park Young Gyu. (an 80's korean actor) ^^, I met my other lecturers on the third day of Orientation and whoa... they're on heck of a cool bunch! ^^,

Monash is great. I felt out of place at first, but slowly it got better. It's a whole new experience now in Uni. Lessons haven't started yet, but I've already learnt quite a lot... ^^, (One of it is, housework is not easy.)

Aja aja! I'LL LIVE!!!!!

Happy Belated V. Day everyone!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sharveen had a stay over this week! hahaha... but i couldn't stay so... Man. It's crummy. But anyhow, I had a great time hanging out with them and I ate dinner at her place on friday. OH MAN! HER MUM'S COOKING IS GREAT!

I'm going over to her house more often. LOL.

Hahahah... We went over to Jusco Taman U and had this really manic daytona match (a 4 player thing). I lost to Sharveen... TWICE. Sharveen doesn't have a licence but she beat everybody in Daytona. So now you know how is it when she REALLY take it to the roads. Sharveen's 9 year old cousin was also there and he did like the most evil thing!

*jeng jeng jeng*

He called me auntie~! :wth:


HAH! But auntie is good in Daytona! Hrrmph. LOL.

But I have a question.

Am I a dead-ringer for Joe Jer?

Can I claim the prize money if I do? XD

Sharveen and I can practically Cosplay as Zabrina and Joe Jer from The Amazing Race Asia. 'cept, we'll probably be the vulgar ones. Hahahah! They won anyways. *cheers*

I'm going off to KL tomorrow. Will be separated from my PC for the time being. (Orientation a few days only. So I guess i won't bring.) I'm all packed and ready to go. LOL. It seems weird to be studying again after such a long hiatus. Uggh. I just hope I don't get lost in the Campus again. XD

Till I come back...

*huggles for my chinggoo~*

To Sharveen: You serious about us joining The Amazing Race next season? XD

Saturday, February 10, 2007

[First U-nee, Anna N. now 정다빈....]

Another Death. Another Suicide Note.

It seems like it was just yesterday I was watching Jung Da Bin fight with Kim Raewon in a comedy (Attic Cat). I loved that drama. She was good in it too. She just died after leaving odd messages on her Cyworld.

It's odd how everyone's getting depressed and all. Sigh. She's not even one of those kind who looks like she will kill herself. This is a bad year for the media.

RIP, Jung Da Bin You will be missed.
[Quote for fobs ^^, (except the first one)]

I should put his name in a circle, and not a heart, because a heart can be broken…but a circle goes on forever. - Taken from Incom.


하트는 그리는 사람마다
모양이 다르잖아요,

(This goes something like this. The shape of a heart depends on the person who draws it...)


그는 오지 않아
응 알고있어
그 사람을 기다리는게 아니야
그 사람에게로 간 내 마음
내 마음이 돌아오길 기다려


사랑해 보고싶다
사랑 해보고싶다


" 널 그리다 .. 지우다 .. 다시또 꿈꾼다 ... "

I'm leaving no trans for the last few, but those two got me. Hahahaha... All from Soompi. XD

Friday, February 09, 2007

I pulled a muscle. (Don't ask why, Don't ask how.) My whole room smells of Deep Heat now.

Something i found in the Yonsei Website.

>.< D'oh!!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Me think me going to start talking like Lynette in Lynette's blog. *gets smacked for copying* Me friend, Clair's hubby b-day today.


Me need Junsu as vocal trainer. XD T___T

Never mind.

Sighs. My brain is killing me. I dunno how, but Alvin said meditating help right?






Monday, February 05, 2007

In exactly 1 week, I'll be heading to KL. OMO. *bites nails*


I've officially recuperated from my lack of sleep. Hahahah... I woke up at like 11 today and my eyes don't hurt anymore!

My mum stashed junk food for CNY already. I'm sooo tempted to just grab them from the store room and just... BINGE! How am I going to live through CNY? T___T

Hahaha... Never mind that.

Kinda looking forward to see how life in KL is like. Now that I'm there, can kacau so many people. Hahaha! And I swear, I won't miss out on anymore concerts. EESH. It's irritating coz I always miss them.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


All I wanna do now is sleep. But I can't, coz I need to collect my car from the service center later (Tyre's were okay, but the Proton guy said it could be something wrong with the rims :X. It's the rims all right). Hahahah... I'm back from the sleepover at Karina's place. GOSHIES.

As always, when girls crowd together, it's kinda impossible to sleep early coz we'll yak and yak and yak until dunno when. XD I broke the record again. I slept at about 6.30am. Oh yes, I did. And I know you won't feel woozy until 4 hours later (which is now).

Surprisingly, sleep depreviation and Szejia can come together. I never thought I was able to stay up until so late.

Lol. We met up at CS and I WAS LATE! XD XD XD. Wahahahah! Sonia was about to kick my behind (I'm trying to be sophisticated here) coz my excuse was I had something to do on the PC. HAHAHA! I told her I would be there at about 2 coz I had a doctor's appointment. But then, that morning, my mum came knocking on my door (at 6 a.m. by the way) to tell me the nurses called up to say the doc wasn't in today. OKAY.

At about 1 o clock, the call came.

And within a few seconds, Sonia was yelling at my ear with Fadzlin laughing in the background. XD LOL.

I was on ASAP mode, I rushed there and STILL reached at 2 o clock (which makes no difference... LOL). But we suffered a bit with the Coffee Bean exit door. Sighs.

We headed off to lunch and walked a bit and then get blisters all over our foot. And then headed off to Kari's house. Fadzlin lives 2 houses away so we made her walk. XD

We went to Singgah Selalu for dinner. The food there is good! SAATAAYY!!! GAAAAHHH!!! *chomp chomp chomp* (Goes into Manic Changmin mode).

Headed to Danga Bay and walk some more and get more blisters. DAMN. Should've brought flip flops.


We left Danga bay at about 11++ and had this crazy white ford/hyundai stalking us at the Angsana traffic light. We were like freaking out. That driver was obviously drunk.

We slept late. We woke up 4 hours later. We left. And I guess, everyone's pretty much asleep now except for me. Sobbies.

And me need driving instructor.

I've installed PS. Now all I need to do is find brushes and fonts and I won't be so bored the next time I can't connect. LOL.

Uggh. Sore throat. Must be the Satay. T__T

Friday, February 02, 2007

Okay. one more weird thing I forgot to add. I always have songs looping in my head. Currently, it's U - Super Junior.

*Oh no. Not another Band!*

Oh yes. Another band. *rolls eyes* SZE JIA IS NUT NUT NUTTY!!!! But i think it's a natural kinda thing. Most DB fans like Suju. So... hahahahah~ It's just a matter of time SM suck out more money from me. BUt I'll resist ya. I'm only buying Repackages!

LOL. Got another mysterious bruise. T_T GAAH. I'm either too clumsy or kekurangan vitamin C. Haiyoh.
[I got Tagged by Rene LOL.]

6 Weird things about me.

1. I talk and think alot to myself. I can't seem to control it la.
2. I'm love Korea. I ionno why. ^^,
3. I watch bai fen bai without fail everyday and i think majority of my friends think it's weird. So okay. It's in the list. (Okay, fine. I wanna go to taipei too.)
4. When I sleep, I have a habit of pulling other people's blanket. If my cousin comes over to sleep, we'll be having blanket tug-a-war all through the night.
5. I drive funny. No really. Sit in the car in the front seat with me and you'll see. LOL.
6. I behave weird when I'm intimidated/starstruck/nervous. You know weird as in my head will be in a block and I end up saying things I didn't want to say and those things don't go through my puny little brain before I say it. HAHAHA... It's like a defence mechanism thing but i think it backfires. Oh well~ Everyone's got a weird moment. XD

I tagg...

1. Lynette
2. Karina
3. Clair
4. Jason
5. Anyone else who wants to do this. :)

Thursday, February 01, 2007

There's something new on my Hatelist.

It stands just right below unpleasant Fobby-ish Shell cashiers and above slow internet connection. It's F-sized apparel shops.

*thunder claps*

God. I feel like my head is going to explode. But okay, it's not going to stop me from ranting because I've got too much negative vibes around me. Confuscious say, "Rant to get rid of your negative vibes. Because you're not going to succeed by keeping quiet". I don't know religions well, but I know this philosophy is proven to work.

It has already been a full week since the blouse incident and I just can't get over it. I don't know why people design clothes like these for maniquins/sticks/anaeroxic children. Would you earn any money from people who don't even have enough cash to buy food?!

If you expect me to eat oats/uncle toby's like whipped cream and butter, I'm sorry. I can't do it. I don't have a body like Lin Zhiling, but i swear, that blouse wouldn't have fitted Ling Zhiling even if she DIDN'T have boobs! Okay. maybe I'm exaggerating a bit. Bottom line: It fitted the Maniquin and it will fit ONLY the Maniquin.

You see! This is one of the reasons why I couldn't shop when I was in upper-secondary. (Well, not completely. I didn't have the budget anyways.) I love being Asian. But sometimes, I just wish I'm in some where in the west where they have sizes up to 16.

You wanna know what F-sized is? YOU REALLY WANNA KNOW? Don't make me say it coz it's a really bad word and it rhymes with duck and buck. Well, here's a clue. 1 quarter fish, 3 quarter duck. You do the math.

I would've shoved the maniquin up that salesgirl's ass if she had one but I swear, I'm going to pick up kickboxing/hapkido/Yoodo or something and if she DARE deny me entrance into the changing room again, I'll kick her so far, she'll wish she had never been born >.< I know she's eating rojak for lunch. SHE'S NOT EVEN FAT!

GEEEZZZ! It pressurizes people to watch them like this. They are the main reason why people are having eating disorders these days. They ought to be banned from the face of the earth! My bushuangness-o-meter is sky rocketing like never before because I've never been so peeved to actually blog about my weight. GAAAAHHHH!!!!



*shrugs* I'm signing up in

Irrelavent: Gah. Damn low on Jaring credit. T__T