Thursday, December 31, 2009


It's new years eve already?! The whole Australia escapade was filled with so muchh insanity it's hard to have a feel of time. Lol. See I'm bored. Lunch is not done yet. So yes. The next best thing to do on New Years eve apart from having a couple of bottles with friends is this.


Yes did i send a guilty chill down your bone yet?

Many people bother to think about it but don't follow it. As soon as they recover from the hang over, they don't feel the need to change anymore. Minus the hangover, I'm like that hehe. Maybe it's just me... and my lack of discipline gyah.

But normally at the end of the year, I always make it a point to look back and see that perhaps I did unknowingly succeed in one or two that i plan to set out to do.

I gonna look back at my resolutions for 2009 lol. So here is my assessment.

And what I didn't slash is what I succeed.

1. It's time to get cracking.

Yes, more or less. I think I put in alot more effort in my work compared to Second year. Cut the slack and actually did something good. Maybe it was just the pressures of doing my Final Year in Australia and the overwhelming want to graduate. XP

2. I will not procrastinate.

WEEERRRTTTTTTTTT BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. This has been on my list for ages. So long it's growing mouldy. Sigh.

3. I will have better self control.

I think I'm not the only one who have problems with self control. But that doesn't make me look any better so gyah. :/ But I wrote specific sub-notes for this one.

3.1 I will grow my own vegetables I will not overspend. - Failed.
3.2 I will avoid Cheese Cake, Candy and Chips. - Okay, I didn't crave for cheese cake anymore.... soo improvement? Lol. Candy and chips. will be on for next year's. Sigh. Must Stop Junking.
3.3 I will exercise more. - Walking in melb considered?
3.4 I will not overspill. I will channel my frustrations correctly. - Ultimate fail. Hahhahah. With the course of things happening and the pressures of being in another country leaves me to realize how important succeeding in this is. =)

4. I will be a better on the road, I will not get any Saman.

Yesh. But wherever I go, whether I drive or not, the saman seems to comes to me. Damn you, saman.

5. I will not lust for Brad Pitt. Newspapers suck but I will read more.

Okay I succeeded the Brad Pitt. But not much of the newspapers.

6. I will love Broccoli.

Okay. I like it alot more now. Especially with Jem's cheese bake Broco's. Thank goodness for cook-outs. Pretty awesome.

7. I will not get hooked on games on Facebook.

Heh. My facebook page speaks for itself.

8. I will not change my Blogskin so often.

Ok. I stuck with this skin for close to a year. =) Successs!!!

9. No more assignment late Submission. (Re: Resolution 2)

HMM. Ok. Re my response for Resolution 2. And my excuse - I just can't help it T_T. It feels worse especially if you're a digit or two away from Distinction.

10. I will be more organized.

Ok. Perhaps. At least I clear up my room often enough.

11. I will win Sze Kai in Cooking Mama on Wii before 2010

Somebody tell me why I have this on my list? I'm surprised haahhaha. LOL. I picked up Guitar Hero and if we competed, I have longer fingers so I will pwn him. Then again, he used to be a compulsive 02jam addict. I might not. I suck at cooking mama.

So that sums it up. I think my list for next year should be about the same. I don't have to draw up any resolutions for next year. Haha.

Heard about a Pork Burger place in KL. Oh. My. God. *glomps* Oops. I just broke 3.2.

Junkie, signing off.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

For the nth time.

Sorry pa.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


The closest to a baby that I have right now is prolly just my Family Guy Stewie plushie lying on the floor and thankfully, that doesn't require changing diapers.

Just today, I happen to have one of those brain-on-holiday moments, and for some reason, my thoughts drift back to Christmas. I was a Sonia's house for her open house. See, after the lunch and my long time haven't seen friends left, I stayed back a while. And as many of you already know, Sonia's niece was in town. OMG Sarah such a cute little thing *squish*. Haha.

So okay, at that time I discovered I was actually phobic of babies. I lived all my life thinking I was awesome with kids, only to know now that I actually am not when it comes to babies.


1. I don't know how to change diapers.
2. Sarah doesn't respond very much when I make faces. (Maybe that's just me)
3. Everytime I hold a baby, a thought of me dropping, injuring or losing them flashes in my head.

I sat through the whole time watching Sonia (who was like a pro) pull out baby-wipes and some cream with a very bombastic name that prevents nappy rash and actually baby-talk (get this) AT THE SAME TIME. While watching her, a lot of things went through my mind.

With such demand for multitasking, I can see myself failing miserably already. I tried to make myself useful by making faces at the mirror only to get a facial expression back from Sarah that if babies could talk would mean "Not funny" or "wth is she trying to do?" or like three questions marks appearing above her head. I didn't even get a GURGLE.


And also awkward, to imagine that once in my life I was a tiny tot who stared that way back at people who didn't amuse me because they either weren't funny enough or I was just being plain difficult. Talk about Karma. =.= On top of that, it's even more awkward to know that at that same time someone may have stripped me bare just because I peed myself! >_< The horrors.


On a lighter note, Sonia can totally be a mum. Haha all her "I-hate-kids" every time a brat in the restaurant/movie/plane cried was just a cover. HEHEHH. I'm not used to this new side of her just yet but I think I found myself the perfect babysitter.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Maybe some day we'll meet and maybe talk and not just speak.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


I've settled. I admit that the first initial days that I set foot back home, there were changes (or the lackthereof) that irked me. From the post office staff to the uncourteous drivers on the road. My courtesy smiley+gdays etc flew right out the window. I'm still getting used to not having the people behind counters not saying "hi-how are you?" and it feels strange to be honest because in Australia, I wished they hadn't try to create some small talk, because ultimately we're strangers and pretending that you care about how-i-am is fake. I never driven in Australia so I can't stereotype but one thing Malaysian drivers have to learn is to chill and learn how to give way. And also, learn not to come so close to my car to intimidate me to give them way when I have already given to 23456432 cars. GAHH. *stabs* Ultimately I only succumb in the end because I was driving my brother's car and with his permission, I am required to bring the car back in one-piece/without a scratch/bumpers intact.

But okay, my return hasn't been all that bleak. =)

I don't expect Malaysia to welcome me (creed) with arms wide open but hey yes to an extent it did. My family has been the sweeeeetestt people. <3 I came back, shocked to see how much they've grown. One cousin put on weight (it's the age) and another had his voice crack. A couple added a few inches. While physical changes were evident, much remained familiar. These few days I've been spending with people who I could only see in pictures on my wall in Aus. I certainly don't miss melbourne as much as I did before and I know I'll always be forever torn between these two places. Haha.

Much like how I expected it to be, it's good to be back. Met people in Permas from where I grew up. It's quite funny. Everyone's all grown up now. =)

In a span of 10 months. This all was what I missed.

Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Chris Crocker.

Somebody Hit The Restart Button.

Coz at some point, people diverge.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Something else I'm missing.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The End.

Long, Longer, Longing.

In a blink of an eye, I cannot believe, I will be on the plane in exactly 12 hours time heading back to Singapore. I started my journey 10 months ago thinking about what lies ahead of me in where I was heading, and the irony is I end this climatic chapter/season/installment thinking about the same damn thing.

It's 4am, I just finished packing up my things. Strangely I don't feel relieved at all. I look forward to going back. But I know once I reached, the whole sinking feeling will come running back again.

To People I've met.
People I got to know.
And people I didn't stay long enough to get to know.
People who sailed the same boat.
People who kept me afloat.



Friday, December 18, 2009

Popcorn Chicken.

There's something about popcorn chicken that I cannot understand. I was having dinner with Jason today and we decided to go to KFC since it was near the vicinity of uni. We went in ordered the Ultimate Burger Meal, (comes with everything you ever want in KFC, 1 burger, 1 fries, 1 mash, 1 chicken and 1 drink for under 10 ;)

But there's always this other thing in KFC that we (or at least I) love. Popcorn Chicken. Since there's no cheesy wedges here lol. Sad thing is, they don't include in any of their meals. Today, Jason ordered it separately. But with what we already have in hand, a regular will be too small and not worth it, so we usually go for the large. But the large is just too big. Maybe it's just me, I find myself literally panting halfway through a large even when I'm sharing. :/

KFC should come out with a medium sized box because Popcorn chicken is yummy in the correct doses.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Fellow graduates.
You've come this far.
Need not worry about what's to come.
All e best in taking on the world =)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

They're not puppets anymore!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Quite funny.

I need a new handphone with a better camera to capture moments like this.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


And so I survived the day. Lazily. Hehe. But still productive. Totally missed out on packing I don't know how to continue. Definitely didn't miss out on the proposal I was supposed to work on. Yes. I don't care what you say. I am going to write on Pixars even if it kills me for my Honours dissertation.

Yes. Decision's been made. I will return home to do a 4th year. I thought about it over and over again. I can't see myself doing anything else. Of course the decision wasn't made solely on my own. =) Which makes me feel that perhaps, making a decision solely on your own asking what YOU want will only have you stuck. It's just impossible to ignore the people around you.

It only hit me I am less than a month away from a new year and less than a week to go home. I cannot believe 2009 is over. It just felt like I was rushing to get my visa approved, rushing up to KL to attend the Exchange breifing, rushing here and there. Everything is so rushed this year and now I'm in my final week, with exactly 7 days to hop on a plane home, time starts to creep. LOL.

Come now, I don't see myself returning next year. I really don't have a reason to go through the hassle going through my limited options of what to do over here, forking out the money, looking for a new place to live and tons of paperwork for this so-called happiness that I can only imagine. I know what's for me.

For good times in Melbourne, I will cherish. And the bad, I will learn. For people I want to meet again, I will. For things I want to forget, I will. For wishes I want granted, I hope it will. :)

Gippy and Melbourne will forever have a special place in my heart, romanticized in my reverie.


The Proposal.

As much as I want to watch that movie, this I havee another 'proposal' that is more of a priority. OK. This is it. 10th January. Dissertation Proposal + Application.

I will need to make trips up to Kl for consultation after the new years. Road trip anyone? ;)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Where the wild things are.

I believe that there IS a wild side to every one. Be it a drunken alter-ego, or a well-inhibited angry hulk, or openness to affections left shyly unexpressed, there is no single dimensional person. It's a frequent mistake to know a person based the first impression of a person you've just met. Some people conceal it better than others, but just hang around until they are caught off guard.

There are times I yearn to scream at the top of my lungs and just run. And like a bull in a china shop, I do it quite often... (which i am sorry for) metaphorically harming the hearts of the people around me. And yet for every set back when I fall, they are the ones who are still there.

It's really smart looking at what I got out from this movie. It's not a kids movie. But it tells alot about people and their personalities. For some hurt you exert out of the build up of anger, it can be permanent and visible. While actions may be mindless acts of pride or revenge, many times when confronted about the insanity of your action, we go "I'd never do that!".

I really used to think getting along was easy. And I've learnt, I was wrong. =)

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Exceptionally Quiet.

This cracked me up this morning. =)


Arma getting quiet. :/
Melbourne also left with nothing much to do.
Four of my friends left on the same day. T_____________T
Bump into Mizan and Romesh ten thousand times yesterday. LOL.
Wahlao. We really nothing to do. :(
Treated ourselves to a very very good dinner yesterday lol. Asam Fish, Oyster Omelette, Fried Pork Belly and Sizzling Tofu. Zomg. *glomps*

Ok. Two more weeks.

Ironically (Chao Ge) Bei Pan -which means abandon - is playing in my background right now. :O

Saturday, December 05, 2009


Whether if it's to rekindle lost relations, or to form new ones, I am thankful.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Final Verdict.

I can graduate. Woots woots.

But I only have two days left to hang out with one of the closest friends I've made in Australia. The time after this will never be like before again. It's not everyday I get to chill with you all, and when will the next time you come to stay over?

At one hand I am pleased to know I am going to return to the comfort of my own bed at home, with a decent spread of home cooked dishes and the presence of my bullying kiddo' cousins, but to be truthful, I have never really felt ultimate discomfort during my stay here even without those homely pleasures.

Though there has been times when things don't go right I yearn for home so much that even if my tears were blood trickling down my cheek, I can only wonder how long there is left for my exchange to finally end. But there were also memorable times when new friends are made, not necessarily sharing the same background, but still we can chat like long time friends. Clubbing kaki's at Seven. With new things to learn. New life experiences. New demeanor-s. New Genre's of music. New Karaoke kakis. Picking up a new skill, either making a hook-turn to handling the guitar on the PS3.

All these that are new, probably without the circumstances I am in this year, would be life's lessons I would never find back in KL. And with all this that are new, I learn not to take for granted what I already have.

Slowly we'll part one by one, but I will never forget all the people who I've turned to during break time on during assignment/exam periods.

Ya'll will be mished.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

To do list.

I feel weird having an empty to do list. Like really, there's nothing left to do with my stay extended. And what I plan/intend to do for some silly reason can't be done.

500 days of summer - Alex, when everybody leaves us T_T we finally watch this okay?
Karaoke - Done yesterday. Partyworld died on us like twice and we paid to stone in the room for a full half an hour.
Dim Sum - I've only tried the yumcha place at Dandenong. Never tried the ones at the CBD before since setting foot here. I tried it yesterday, eh it's pretty good. Har gao/siumai overdose. LOL.
Swimming - St Kilda Beach tomorrow~ *excited* But nobody to swim with. =(
Gymming - I doubt la. :P I'll start when I head back.
Cherry Picking - When Kari's family come down woots.
All the Wild Things - I hope I get to see it soooooonnnnn.
Paranormal ac- okay la. I don't really wanna.

And the list goes on.

I will decide what remains undecided for me.
I will deal with what remains of seeing no change for me.
And forget what seems to be pointless to remember. =)


Wednesday, December 02, 2009

When i head home.

The answer will be clear to me.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Many times.

I've been here before.
Again and again and again.
I am really beginning to not like this circle.


I shone brightly.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

7AM - Party Aftermath.

Alexyeo! You must've just woken up (hopefully no hangovers) if you've seen this. I know you avid fan of my blog lol. I damn proud of you coz you didn't puke. LOL.

Cheers to:

All the one-months
All the reaching-out.
All the awkwardness.
All the Bourke street chilling sessions.
All the times you beat me in Tekken.
All the wise words.

I'll spare you. Nothing corny ok?

Happy 21st Birthday, you sexy little bit-

zzzzzzz... sry alcohol talking. I'm off to bed too lazy to rub my eyeliner off gyaa.

Thanks for the smashing party! Saengil-chuka hamnida! :)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

It's what I turn to.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I got a long call from home yesterday.

I don't care about in time to come.

I really just want all this unhappiness to end.

It so so hard to keep a smiley face when people I care about around me are frowning.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

This week.

I went from

=D to

=/ to

=O to

T_______T to

>_______< to ^^, to zzz to lol. =.= Sigh. :) There are many instances in life where we suddenly feel like we want to run away from things. Just move to another place and forget about the too-much-things going on. This is one just one of those moments for me. But I know that eventually I'll learn, when I look back in time to come, it would not matter to me anymore.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


A pretty gloomy day but rather productive.

DAMN. Exhausted. Wah. Gila.

Got pwned today. But I will win you in Tekken some day.

Good night, world.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Too much.

This whole week has been an overdose on drama.

Really overdosage.

At least I stand at the vantage point now.


Kim Dongwan: I don’t need everyone to like me.

It’s not a bad thing to want to be a “kind and nice person”.
But it’s not worth it if you want it so badly that you lose yourself and you end up with a bigger loss.

In fact being nice could well be the most beautiful attribute that a person can have.
So that’s why being nice at anytime to anyone is something that a person can’t do.
When you’re annoyed you might respond roughly when someone talks to you.

You would think then, ‘Ah, why didn’t I respond nicely?’
For people who have this thought and then blame themselves for it, there is no need to restrain yourself in this way.

In this world there are detestable people and people with ill intentions.
Although the Bible says, ‘Love thy enemies’, it’s more important to try to stick to your own will.

In reality it’s not so easy to be nice to all of mankind.

Kindness and love, it’s fine as long as you stick to your style.
Isn’t it tiring to do things that are “unlike yourself”?

I don’t need everyone to like me.
It’s enough to focus all your emotions towards the people most dear to you.

From an essay by Mr Saigo Shigeta…

Source: Shinhwa Kim Dongwan’s Naver blog

(Translators Note: Psychiatrist and essayist Shigeta Saito (1916-2006) who wrote numerous essays analyzing relationships, mainly within families.)

Translated by:


Yep. Happy Belated Birthday Kim Dong Wan. :)

Friday, November 20, 2009


So there's something new in Melbourne. I thought I'd give some free publicity for this place. Just to get the word out. Lol. It's a new pie place, it opens till late (YES, no need to eat sucky wah tan hor anymore). They sell really awesome pies with faces on them. The one I bought had my icon whoots! the :9 icon.

They sell a wide array of both sweet and savoury pies. I bought their Bacon Onion and Cheese pie. Had it tin the morning and it's really awesome. One of the best I had in Aus. Hehe.

It looked rather tempting. So I bought one. =D Ultimate fattening snack, not to mention I already gotten nuggets and fries from Mackers opposite to share with Sonia and Kari. Lol. We pretty much finished everything in the morning.

The seal. LOL. :9

Had it the next morning for lunch. Yum.

I thought Pieface was pretty awesum. Corner Swanston and Lonsdale. Go see! :9


You haven't gassed up Melbourne enough with all your burping. Hope you had fun Sonia. Thankew for coming *hugs hugs* See you in Malaysia. Bye Bye~ :(

As we go on we remember all the times we have together.

As much as it is sad to stand at this crossroad looking at ten-thousand pathways ahead of us, it's good to know we are not standing there alone.

Cheers for all the times we shared together. Whether back home or in Mel.

I'm glad for what I have.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

First time.

It's not the first time. I can deal with this.


Humans are drifters.
Never acquainted in only one place.
Bonds made never fixed to one space.
Songs sung never to one tune.
But lucky for us there's the book of face!


Doesn't rhyme but heh. You get the drift.

I could stand by the side,
And watch this life pass me by,
So unhappy but safe as could be. - Leona Lewis, Happy.

Looping. :)

Of coffee and inebriatety.

Today's headlines,

Found pubic hair in the sugar they gave at the cafe.

Generally, this weeks weather is the complete opposite of last weeks weather which led to Sze's wrong predictions and visiting Sonia's lack of a thick jacket. XP

In Ten ren, 30-something male Australian man mooned at female customers while onlookers do nothing. No one was harmed at the incident. Or at least physically.

Lastly, a latte and a cappuccino DOES NOT cure hangovers but induces the opposite. D:


Tune in next week for more tried-and-tested hangover antidotes.

Friday, November 13, 2009

My university degree life,

No more essays.

No more exams.

No more class tests.

No more random presentations. Or planned ones even.

Three Years

Is officially over.

YAY. =)


Thanks for all the well wishes. The support in my ordeal. To all the lecturers, whether you were accommodating or anal, thank you all that you have taught me, whether academically or life that you all have been very significant to what I am today. You are all in a way or another an inspiration to me.

Chin Huat, I've ultimate respect for what you stand for. Dr Yeoh, I admire your wit and humour in providing this toolbox to carry in life. To all other lecturers who made everything implicit apparent, I will never forget you.

To Sonia, I am damn glad you are here to witness this little end of yet another chapter of our lives. It only seemed like it was yesterday we finished High School and now that we look back, the irony is it has been a while since.

To friends who I've met along to way, I value your friendships and support. Hearts hearts. *blows kisses all around the world*

My Second Media Age subject taught me that, I don't need to be an Oscar award winner to give thank you speeches.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

L'amour est aveugle

I googled this. :) I wished I didn't have to though. :/

Secretly, I want to be a linguist. =)

I think it's time I actually do something about it.



Tuesday, November 10, 2009

These things last!

40 years and counting. :)

Sunday, November 08, 2009


I know people who led complicated lives.

I hear their complications and say to myself, If it were me...

Happy Seven Eleven day.

I took (not one but) two free slurpees on Seven-Eleven day.


I've been slacking for the past few days after handing in my FTV, and I somehow managed to drag myself out of the comforts of my own home to the Library to start doing something productive. This paper will be the one that determines whether I get to take an extra 4th year for a (Hons) at the end of my certificate.

Although at the same time, like everyone else, I face this conflict (like most migrant people face) that a part of me want to stay back, but in another, can't bear to part with my family any longer.

Plans etc. Blah. I'm horrible as making decisions like this. I was already ready to wave bye bye to Alex and Karina but instead somehow I ended up here with them! Haha.

I am happy that the coming exam will be the last I will take and may very well signify an end to my late nights (often last minute), I come to realize I may miss that kind of lifestyle after all? What lies a head of me? If everything is laid out for you, life would be rather boring, no?

I read in one of my readings about the human detest of unpredictability. Perhaps an overgeneralized assumption but true for some. There is only THIS much randomness one can take.

I learn alot. I don't want it to just stop here. I'm only 21. I still feel very 'green'. I used to be excited about the prospects of going out in the field, working but now I'm not too sure.

People need to go somewhere harsh to develop. Should I throw myself into the harshness?

Friday, November 06, 2009

Are you a visual creature?

She who is perfect.

Clothing size from zero to four.
Silky long hair.
Symmetrical face.
Double eyelids.
Perky butt.
Barbie doll waist.
Skinny thighs.

He who is perfect.

Tall and lanky 6 foot-ish body frame
thick jaw lines
wide forehead
perfect haircut,
A well chiseled body.
Preferably v-shaped

What gives?

The only people who are making money out of this are plastic surgeons, protein supplement and cosmetic companies!

If only people stopped focusing on the above-average hot people and look at the 90% of the shy, less outgoing, more average ones, maybe life wouldn't be so complicated?

Whatever happened to the notion that beauty is subjective? It seems like it's been all played out and affirmed already. Criteria for beauty is starting to become more objective than ever! If you don't fit into that description, you are doomed to be invisible/jobless/single for life muahahha~ In words of Jason Hahn. XD

Humans are such visual creatures. :/ Baahh.

I personally just don't see the need to be made-up every time I step out of the house. There are times I prefer to just change out of my pyjamas and run to the train station and head wherever I want to go. If I'm just going out to buy a loaf of bread, or meet a close friend for a meal, I just don't feel the need to go through such great lengths to keep myself happy? As long as I don't look sloppy, why worry? =)

While due to the nature of human's appreciation of aesthetics, as far as it goes I would live up to it when there's an occasion for me to dress up, I would gladly take the opportunity to just for the fun of it. But I wouldn't stick to a regime that makes my appearance the main attribute to keep me happy. Once this particular look has been normalized, it becomes insignificant.

I don't want people to appreciate me for my perfections but imperfections rather. These are things I can cover but have no control over to change.

I've been told time and time again that I can look good if I put the effort to. But I think to myself: what if people start to realize I am plain obnoxious, bimbotic and ill-mannered under those layers of powder and ink? :) No amount of dieting or make up can make up for that.

Perhaps its because there was once a phase I've once fallen into and gotten out off that made me hold even more firmly onto my belief. I won't deny that I do appreciate aesthetics and gush over Gerard Butler and Giselle Bunchen when they do grace pages of magazines but even so that doesn't make them any less/more human than any of us. I believe that those levels of aesthetics should only remain there. Not in the real world. =)

OK. Long rambling. It must be the heat. Sigh. Back to work.

Use your Brain~

Asian parents should watch this.

Tiara is on TV.

Monday, November 02, 2009

I told myself.

It's the last hurdle. It's the last essay. Put your everything into it. And I got up from bed.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

CBS: Three Rivers.

Daniel Henney's US debut! Daniel + Scrubs + US TV. Every fan's ultimate wetdream. Tee hee! Series Extended Preview at the bottom.

Dishy :9

(Apparently is about to get cancelled T________T)

32 degrees.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Didn't finish in time :S



Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lee Minho. Exams. Big Bang.

Wahlaos. :(


OK. Exactly 24 hours to my first paper of my final semester. And I am filled with mixed emotions inside. I remember clearly how it was like doing my first paper in old Monash building in Sunway and then the new building and later... the

But I am.

Two more topics to go and I'm ready to crap (and try to sound convincing) my way through.

I'm two papers away from graduation. Wow.

thxx for redbull alexx



Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Seth McFarlane is genius.

Monday, October 26, 2009

I could write an essay.

Yeh I could write a full length essay about you but I refuse to be corny. Heh. Heh.

Happy 21st Birthday Karina. =)

1. It's been awesome having you around.
2. You're irreplaceable.
3. Alex and I had a great time planning. Hope you liked what we did. =)
4. Old already, cannot be blur ha.
5. The day we won't be friends anymore is the day that Michael Jackson comes back to life... Nah. I take that back, just in case he does.
6. For all the times you stood by mee, for all the truth that you made me see, for all the joy you brought into my life, for all the wrong that you made rightttt~


OK. Back to work.


Friday, October 23, 2009


나도 사랑해.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


So this is it. One foot set into adulthood. Ready to conquer what's about to come. As a kid, I always thought whatever that constituted to an adult just came naturally. How they look, how they wear, how the speak, how the wield their authority... But despite that, when I look into the mirror and still feel like a kid. It hard to believe, I've grown one year older, into a new phase in life. =)

But I know for sure, when I wake up tomorrow, When I wake up everyday in years to come, I have what I wished for. =)

Thank you everybody this very special day.

Although I didn't celebrate my 21st birthday the traditional way by getting smashed or wasted... (I'll postpone that till all my study commitments are over ;D), I had a really pleasant surprise that will keep me smiling for the rest of the year.

By now, I've sent out my thank yous personally already to people in Melbourne, Gippsland (YAY GIPPY), and back home! I'm feeling the love from many parts of the world.

Sometimes it's hard to see things you already have when you focus too much on expectations. It's also a lot harder to forget things that you never expect. <3

Forget, 172. You guys make me feel like a million bucks.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

James Blunt has competition.

I never knew how he looked but after watching Enchanted, I looped his 'So Close' song for a while. Here's Jon McLaughlin's rendition of Beyonce's Smash Into You. I am loving this piano man. :)

Jon McLaughlin - Industry.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I cannot wait for the movie. And. Never in my life did I imagine Lee Byung Hun to be in the same photoshoot (let alone Movie) with Josh Hartnett. My eyes bled.


What are the odds of meeting two people you know in the Melbourne CBD at the same time? Apparently it's very high.

Monday, October 19, 2009

No. You. Are. Kidding me.

Lee Min Ho is coming to Malaysia.



Yesssss... Freedom. =) I feel accomplished. If my journalism lecturer were to ask me 'What happened to my English' again... I will be speechless.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I don't wanna wait.

I don't want to wait
For our lives to be over
I want to know right now
What will it be
I don't want to wait
For our lives to be over
Will it be yes or will it be
Sorry- Paula Cole


Come monday, I will gain back my freedom... temporarily.

Friday, October 16, 2009


When one's cockroach woes lasts too long, it affects me- strangely in a good way.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I want to do this. Over and over and over again.

A couple of kids rolling down the hill over the lake. =)


It might be a little late to blog about my return to Gippsland during the semester break. But I've got to, pictures just got posted out yesterday. =) I attended Jem's graduation. Oddly, there were alot of Kids there. Lol. Some crying halfway through the ceremony. Then others yelling on purpose just to see a panic stricken look on their parent's face. It's quite funny to see.

I used to get kicks for making my parents panic (I still do it now and then sometimes - "You're gonna be a grandma!", "I ran out of money can send me some??"), so i know where they come from. For them, it lasts forever because the best part is, they don't get spanked. But for me, I deal with a set of stereotypical Asian parents who:

1. Will not hesitate to spank/scold/yell at me if I did something grave.
2. Who expects me to find a nice chinese boy, and not a blond watery eyed heartthrob.
3. Always asks me to budget. Which I do try, but still blow it anyway. :(

But I guess parents all have one thing in common. They have this second layer which only we as kids can see. =)


The world's coolest uncle in history.

The world's biggest nature+people lover Photographer. HEHEHEE.

The most bipolar girl in the world.

Ok. Now not so bipolar.
Bipolar again! woohoo! (nahh it's just picture arrangements)

Indebted to their goodwill. Jem and his parents who let me hitch a ride back to the city (and around Gippsland, back from verve, to dinner omgzomg) on their way back to the airport.

CHEESEEE (ok this shouldn't be here but hell) at Wild dogs winery, Warragul. Triple cream cheese.


In my head I've always had this perception of people that if I gone back, things will be better, I'll get along better and really enjoy myself during my rather 'unlucky' second semester. I know now, it's not necessarily the case.

After returning from the country side, I know that for every Vline train that passes Armadale and Caulfield, that urge for me to hop on hasn't gone away. It is not the place that I miss but the word 'Gippsland' is a referent to the company I gained and loved over there which resounds every time I am reminded of grassy plains along the mountains and low grounds.

Towering buildings arching over every corner can be daunting. I remember standing in the junction of Swantston and La Trobe looking up at Melbourne Central and the state library during my little CBD hide-and-seek thinking to myself "Where in the world are they? Who do I look for help? I have friends staying in QV and Verve. Why don't I buzz their unit? They can help me call them. But what are their unit numbers? Been there ten thousand times, how could I not remember."

The irony here is that, can one feel lonelier in such a crowded space and feel so entertained in a land where there are more cows than people? =)

Time I've spent in the City hasn't been all downs either. I've never been to the movies alone. I don't study alone. Then we call for pizza and binge in the midst of the stress. Have ice cream in the cold. Picked up Guitar Hero. Went for prom ON A BOAT! Times when I'm ever alone in the city is often by choice or either because I got lost or somebody overslept. LOL.

And now that my stay is nearing an end, it's high-time I try to push my thoughts away from my 172 dollar fine, things that changed, looming clouds of separation from people I just got to know, and my overzealous, uber-talkative JRN classmates. Those are merely, silver-linings to my cloud. There's more to it than what I believe. I came here planning to experience the two sides of Australia. So now I have. =)

To the people that I've met in Gippsland and Melbourne and also people who have stuck through my ordeal, I really can't say this enough. Thank you. You have my love for eternity.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Unpleasant surprise.

I have mixed feelings now about getting things through snail mail.

Yep. I need a budget.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009



It's not the first time.

It is not the first time I've fallen in love with a movie star I lose, replace, and then find that thing that I lost. People who know me well can tell, it doesn't matter where ever I am, I am ALWAYS , I can't emphasize enough, looking for things, including my friends, hideandseekinmelbournewhee.

So there I was, doing everything in the world to get away from my work. I cleared some files to make space for my pc, I washed my comforter just for the heck of it, I even took time to pick up all the soft toys that fell on the floor while I was sleeping last night. And then. I just had to have it.

I craved for Ramen. The box where I keep my noodle stash, was sitting still across the room staring at me with delight. And I fall into temptation. I peek in and there it was.

A familiar shining object peeked out from the white plastic I held up.

Something that looked like this






(Hell breaks loose)


Tomorrow will be exactly a week since I duplicated my keys.

Now, if you click this link to a post I've written a year ago, you'll know I have 3 student IDs.

Australia hasn't changed me much in this aspect of my life. :/


I CAN DO THIS. XP Finish my journal and then do my longass JRN essay.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Hello again.

I still miss by 2 marks. But ok.

Kumar bites back.

DAMN YOU PR! Pull down my average T.T I knew this day will come. Karma for not paying attention in his class. BOOOOOO. What did I do a day before my PR exam? I can't seem to remember but pretty sure it's along the lines of fooling around T_________T



Had a large sundae at Mackers yesterday. NOOOOOOOOOO~


My second online purchase came at noon~! YAY! Lucky I skipped my screening. HEHEHEHE saves me a trip to the post office.

The parcel guy buzzed while I was cooking noodles. I zipped down to retrieve it. To my disappointment, there's a problem with their sizing. :(

OK. That's going to be the last of it. Tahan. No more shopping, offline or online, until the exams are over. None. Zero. Zilch.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

And so I thought his voice was familiar.

And this is an epic Beyonce rendition that I saw in Cue City.

Park Hyo Shin and Tei. Later a cheesy rendition by GOD's teddybear Kim Taewoo.

Park Hyo Shin - After Love.

Pretty damn sure he sang a familiar drama theme song a long time ago.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Lost in Melbourne.

Wednesdays are probably one of my favourite days because class ends really early and I get to spend an afternoon hanging out and it's bowling day =D. So we did what we did, lunch, plans for bowling, a bit of window shopping.

We were at QV when it happened. And then, I left Alex and Karina to pop by the bathroom. And when I came back. They disappeared. It slipped their mind that I didn't have my handphone with me.

I felt a tiny wave of panic sweep over me. It's the same feeling of a 5-year-old losing your parents in a mall except not so intense. Hehe.

I checked the Bowling Alley, Mooks, possibly circled QV in and out 3 times. And then I decided to wait for them at Glue. Which I then gave up after some time. In this kind of situation, my feel of time can differ.

How I met them again was quite funny. I was on my way to Verve, a couple of friends stay there. Even if I wasn't sure of their Unit Numbers, I was gonna give it a shot. Without much success. It's Lunch time so its pretty obvious. I was walking back to Mel C when I decided to try another combination. 130-something. I'll try from 1-9.

But before I was subjected to any further failure and embarassment, in front of me, I see this tall and lanky dude with a familiar face and I was ecstatic! Erich thanks a million I owe you lollies. :P

Erich called Alex and we three reunited again!

*dramatic music for a climactic ending*

No actually it's just starting.

If you guys saw a couple of international university students talking really loud to each other outside the State library, it could've been us. I won't include dialogues but it's something along the lines of

"You're like a grandmother with Dementia who lost her family!"

I successfully killed another 10 minutes or so denying.

Then, we walked down Swanston street laughing away. "Oy so what do we do now?"

Decided against bowling because it wouldn't be fun with only me and Alex playing. It's always a problem to decide what to do in the city without involving money. I should get lost more often. It's like Hide and seek with a bigger space to hide.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

PS Gerard Butler I love you!

I am so behind time. Recommended by Zeming, and so I watched it this afternoon after getting back from Gippy. Thanks Zem for lending me your hard drive when I forgotten mine.

I absolutely loved it. It's such a beautiful story depicting the pains of dealing with loss, something I'm personally not very good at. Used up hell a lot of tissues and this time it's not because of my flu. :( I'm such a sucker for movies like this.

On top of that, Jeffrey Dean Morgan (again and again, why did he die in Grey's) and Gerard Butler's singing-Irish monicker. Hmm Dishy. Yes. You heard me squealing.


Friday, October 02, 2009


Feeling the love.

Thursday, October 01, 2009


If it's not forever, if it's just _________.

Fill in the blanks.

Down with (swine) flu.


Nothing much about the swine. But this is like the nth time I got a flu in Aussie. And all these have one thing in common. It takes forever to heal. Knowing the potency of the flu bug over here, plus the mad hot-cold-hot-cold-hot weather. I am thinking, this flu will last up till my exams come.

Speaking of which, I am not looking forward to the pile that is being thrown at my face now.

Com and creativity Journal, 1200, not touched.
FTV, 2500 words.
JRN, 1800 words.
FTV visual test (I haven't studied shit)
(Many of which, you noticed I don't have any COM essays to do because I finished my last in the previous wave. woo wooo.)

Can you imagine, all these squeezed in 2 weeks of Oct.


Sick. And Grumpy. And. Sick. :(

*Emo at Fed Square with a beer.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

St Kilda Beach.

MART Scrambled Eggs! =)
The pier.

Cold beer on a sunny day. Zeming finished hers way faster than I did. Gippsland made her Alco.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I met someone new today.

But this time round, it's not my fault I cannot remember his full name.

It came.

zomg zomg zomg zomg MY PARCEL IS PWNAGE zomg zomg zomg zomg zomg

Jem and Zeming head off to the gym. I decided to stay back to settle some house keeping stuff (I always run out of clothes to wear).

So, I was out, picking the mail. Apprehensively peering into my snail infested mailbox (snails actually EAT paper, whether it's the A4 kind or the magazine kind.) to see if anything came. Of which, I saw only a credit card statement and a credit card both addressed to my homie, Soni. My housemate who I just found out recently lost his wallet. I was about to walk back in when I heard a familiar sound of an enging droning for a distance.

And there it was.

An orange bike. An orange blond-haired man. A big bright smile on my face as I saw him coming closer. I said my hi's and stuck around anticipating...

"Which number are you?" He asked.

"Eight." I gladly say.

"Oh, there's one. Here."



I forgot the last time I received any mail from anyone other than Commonwealth bank. I forgot what it felt like. Whaatt the hecckkk!! YAY! I eagerly went back in, snooped around for scissors (my room is now messier than usual lol), ripped it open. And tried it on!!

It felt great having the feeling of spandex enveloping my-[sanitized for YOUR own good]

And so, I will be wearing a big smile on my face the whole day =D


Side note. The Birthday Boy is old and haggard. Happy 24th Jem :)

Monday, September 28, 2009


The night sky is orange. :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Latest in my collection. HEH.

When I kill you, your death shall be quick and painless.

Went to the Royal Melbourne Show for the second time today. Didn't milk a cow but I got myself a diabolical baby to hug at night. ;P

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Sunset after the rain

Yes. First time.
Running in a hail is difficult okay.
The little tiny droplets of ice hits your face and skin. Cold and Painful.

And then, 10 minutes later it's all bright and sunny.


Ah wells.


OD Hall-of-Fame.