Monday, April 28, 2008

I suck at Financing.

The title says it all. It's the end of the month and I'm penniless surviving on Nissin and Gardenia. But at the mo, I don't know what to survive on because I ran out of bread and clean water. Muahahaaha.

I'm starving and bored.

I tried to nap but consciousness - That really pesky irritating time between naps. I really don't fancy the idea of having Norman Bates's mother appearing everytime I close my eyes. Stupid movie. Call me a wimp but a 60's thriller like Psycho is really twisted. >_< WTHOMGBBQ.

I can't imagine if there's a cantonese dubbed version of it. It'll be titled --Chiisin.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Colbert: Rain knows my name! *gush*

LOL. This angmoh kicks ass. Colbert and Rain racing on Time Mag Online Poll for Most Influential people in the World.


Assignment 1 wave over. 2nd one coming right up.


I was skeptical about COM1010 but i kinda verified it and Jesslyn and Karina wasn't pooping me.

*jaw drops to the ground*

*picks it up again*

It's not my fault it broke lor. My fingernail was too sharp.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Facebook chat thinggy damn funny.

I saw pictures of me that I don't wanna see~! Nobody blurred out my face!! >_<


Just heard awful news. omfg. ==

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I want credit card. >_<

Head throb. ==

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Meaning of Sass.

Jeon Ji Hyun models for LA Label True Religion.

Look at her LEGS. Omo.

She'll also be staring in a US movie production, Blood: The Last Vampire. Look out for that!


If reformating the world is gonna be as simple as reformating my hard disk, there'll always be peace. But then, that'll mean the system will crash because we'd need to reformat too many times. I make no sense.

I just brought my lappie back home.

My Laptop died on me for the first time yesterday. I had like a minor seizure after that. Lol. Had to reformat it all because there were problems with the OS. I lost ALL my programs, (NO MSN! NO MS WORD! OMFGG!!!) a couple of files, managed to salvage some but I got it back in time for my next assignment due this thurs.

My bad for not shutting it down properly. Talk about lousy timing. :(

My exam time table is the worst of them all. My first paper is on the 5th. Long break. And then Authorship on 23rd. o.O

It ate up half of my holiday. o.O

Oh well. I'll be free 2 weeks in July. Totally looking forward to it!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sexual Minority HIV AIDS 101

1. You can contract it through heterosexual intercourse.
2. It is not a Gay sickness.
3. The virus is not picky to who it will infect. It happens to humans regardless of age, gender, sexuality and race
4. Gay people are human. So are you.
5. You can't tell if a person is gay just by looking at him.
6. Alot of Gays are intelligient living working professionals and hot.
7. Religion is a choice. Gayism isn't.
8. Women are the most vulnerable to HIV.
9. It's not about dying of HIV. It's about LIVING life to the fullest WITH it.
10. Birth control is not HIV prevention.
11. You cannot get HIV by sharing food/hugging/touching a HIV positive person.

Normally if you ask what happens to a HIV patient and the other person responds "Die lar." If HIV was as simple as that, life would be so much easier for them.

I followed COSTA (Communications and Arts Students Alliance) visited the PT foundation today, walked along the alleys and streets of the Chow Kit area and came face to face with all I've been protected from. It was a really inspirational experience.

This trip made me realize how ignorant (to put it bluntly) and protected I've been from certain realities in life. The fact the society and religion emphasizes on gender as either Male of Female and none in between poses so much difficult obstacles for these people to overcome.

You can't tell who is HIV positive and who's not. The patients aren't the only one living with it. Their families too. The stigma surrounding HIV is more serious than we think. We shouldn't be afraid of them. They should be afraid of us. If we get a flu we get antibiotics. If it's them, it might spell the end.

I probably can never imagine their obstacles in living their life but I respect their strength and empowerment in what they do and their cause.

Don't fall into the trap of HIV. It's either Safe Sex or No Sex.

New skin!

I'm over with the dark back grounds and emo grunges pattern for skins like how i used to hunt for in blogskins during Sec school. It used to have those really nicely-stringed-up-words that suggest something emo. Eiyo. I feel so o.O!

I noticed that I recently have been infatuated with skins that are either greeen or bright coloured. I was browsing through the skin-of-the-day section and found this! Then what came after that was pure love! :)

Pretty different from the usuals I must say. It scrolls side ways, has my own jumping puppy, pet snail, mailbox, cloud... eek. I love the clouds. But the downside is, it can take quite a while to load.

I'm not that kind who would make my skin because my noob Ps skills/time constraints/lack of patience does not permit me to do so. I end up ciplak-ing from Blogskins.

I tried to make my own skin many times. I did the graphic for one. Then I got lazy to do the rest. lol. Damn codes are tedious.

Anyway, I will be joining a school field trip to 'somewhere' later. Muahaha. Pray that I come back in one piece. lol.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Livin' on a prayer.

"Whooah, we're half way there,
WHOAAA Livin on a prayer" - Bon Jovi

Useful for doing assignments. ==


In music, Bei Yan allocated presentations to each group for each week. It works something like Com1010. So this week was our turn.

Last week (when we thought it was our turn, did the powerpoints and handouts but it) wasn't.

"Will you guys sing for us today?"

i was thinking "Heh heh heh. If ya want it to rain then. =="

We responded. "No.."

"It's okay. Bedazzle us with your 24 slides."


After 6 hours of class hor, it's not that easy to talk coherently in public. :P


My Music class format is going to change starting next week. We'll be watching Movies [related to Music of course :)] during Lectures and then do presentations and listening to the radio shows on Tutorials. This also means there is no chance that my tute will under 2 hours long. Music made me pirate. And now Music makes me tired. T.T


OK. At least we bother to talk about Idol during breaks. :P

KLC IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!

Yay coz the dudes are safe.

Since MJ is out, I'm rooting for the Archuletta and Castro now. Archuletta's song was predictable. Haaha. *I'm a sucker for animated cartoons* ANDDDD Castro did well. =D

I just don't quite get the hamburger comment. ==

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


there are times you feel slight resent to the person you are speaking to when they just go on and on and on even if you're not paying attention.

then, there are moments where you feel like you want to just shut your ears and distract yourself with the work you're supposed to do and wait for the chattering (whispering very loud) to subside.

the epitome of Resent escalates to a point where that person exaggerate and say "XXX got shot at a petrol station" and you shut your eyes and let your inner homocidal self do the rest.

On a Happier note!


I saw him in personn!

I remembered when I was 3 or 4, i picked up one of my parent's copy of Lat's Lot. The cover was green. And i was laughing at the pictures. I never got tired of it everytime I read it. I favoured that more than any other book my parents got me. What's funny was I liked it so much, I literally stole it away from them. I kept it in my shelf with all my other books.

I think, the best thing about his comics is because it is in black and white. We differentiate the characters by their butterfly-glasses, buckteeth, hair bun and sarong. And not their skin colour.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

An Ode to Stapler.

Of all the crazy assignment's i've done,
nothing is more important than thou.
I feel the time ticking.
My heart racing
Cynthia smirking
The terror...

So draamaa =_=



Today, I literally RAN up 2 floors to Kevin's office just for a stapler. I thought I was done for. No stapler. OMGOMGOMGOMG All that i've done! Still will minus mark. OMG.


Even after I dropped the assignment in the pigeon hole, my brain is still running through the points that I have written. As I was walking towards the MUSA block from building 2, I thought i saw someone familiar but it's just my eyes. Totally too distracted to focus.

Products of exhaustion and hunger. ==

On a happier note!

Now that a great load if off my shoulders, I can sleep well tonight. =D

Monday, April 14, 2008

At this very moment.

I wanna hit some pins. ==

Friday, April 11, 2008

Why do I fuss over authorship?

Why do I fuss over Authorship?

Because if I don't I'll be just like the Romantic Authors - Dead.

the word Romantic doesn't seem to give me a positive connotation anymore. ==

Thursday, April 10, 2008


You should ALWAYS ALWAYS check with your tutor if you have to do a presentation beforehand.

Either that, or be more alert and pay attention in class.


At least the handouts came in handy.


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Damn Onions.

I can cook! (Well, a little bit more practice (and salt), it'll be great!)

The low down about living outside home is thinking about what to eat out for every meal. Well, it's been a while since we had home cooked food so we decided to get some groceries to put our new butane gas tank to good use~ The tight assigment period will be coming so we're nesting stocking up on instant noodles, instant whatever to keep us going for the next few... *gulp* torturing days.

But before we dive into a 3 day back-to-back maggi marathon, today's Dinner had to be decent =D My noobish-cooking was better than I had expected. I made ABC soup, veggies and fried EGG! I PWN.

I loathe potato peelers because it is bias and my hand coordination isn't tuned to use those right handed ones. lol~ I ended up peeling the potatoes with a knife instead. No worries. My fingers are still intact.

My eyes still sting as I'm typing.

I never knew chopping onions can be so hard. I looked all teary when i saw my reflection on the knife o.o I think I can pull off the role of a self-harming masochist especially when I stupidly go wipe my tear away without washing my hands. ==.

wthdamn onions.

Anyway. I have Authorship Due this coming monday. And only this can describe the subject - Chii sin. Whatever happened to those dead authors doesn't need to be a core subject for Comm T_______T

Sunday, April 06, 2008


I went to SS2 murni for dinner today. OMG. I feel freaking bloated. This is the first time I didn't order the fruit specials coz it was freezing cold. When Shao Chong drove, we could already see the sky turning grey. By the time we reached the 'Canon' bridge thing at the LDP, the rain started staining the windsheild.

Needless to say, the journey there remained wet and soggy. That's what we felt after getting out of the car. You can imagine how it's like to have rough winds blowing, thunders clapping and soaked clothes right? Haha. We were pretty early so lucky we secured a seat in the shop.

Ode to Roti Hawaiian.

It'll probably be something that ends with "The gloomy skies won't stop thy!!!"


My current calender is crazy. It's not often to have 3 assignments due in one day. Not only that, it's INSANE to have 3 assignments due in one day. But since I have no control of it... neehh. == I blog about stupid things.

14th of April.


Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hello Thursday.

The day started with INT.

speedy-breakfast - Fruits.

And then INT tute.

had mini lunch which consisted of primarily fruits and water.

Then Authorship. And then Andrew made us all depressed using the Structuralism theory. It rained. It didn't help.

And then a mini snack. A sandwich.

Then music which surprisingly lasted till the end today. other kids had ADHD lol. One sang oh-macdonald.

Head to dinner. collect laundry on the way. Got stuck in a jam. Ate dinner. Rained heavy. Waited for rain to stop. got the electrician to come tomorrow to check our busted fridge. Got on Car. head back. Stuck in jam again.

Stupid round-about.

Come back to room. throw books.

Collapse on bed.

get up again.

take a quick bath.

collapse again.

Falls asleep.


8 hours class without break is no fun.
I actually like mondays more now...


People need a sense of closure.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


RIP fridge. T____T

Your death is untimely.