Monday, July 30, 2007




Bumble Bee pwns. :P

Kenneth sings scary :P

The craziest I've ever been.




Birthday girl in the back seat.

Tired friend in the drivers seat.

Black Naza.



16+/- degrees celcius.




Splash water.

Leftover whiskey.

Bought coke.

Ran out of coke.

Hard liquor burns

Hate it.


Everyone slept.

Woke up.

Realized tired friend didn't kill us.


FTV at 9.00am.

OMG. What was I thinking?!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hungry ghosts. Blimey.

Headed to One U today too meet up with Jason and Hon Loong. Bought some stuff. :D and then headed off to SS2 Murni to stuff ourselves to death. Basically we always go go there to fatten ourselves up.

Jason K downed a whole plate of bolognaise with chicken maryland (a whole chicken chop) and two-thirds of roti bacon and finished his watermelon special. JASON K IS A DEMENTED HUNGRY GHOST!!!! OMG!!! Truly respect you la. You dropped from a 40 to a 36. Tomorrow you're going to be a 42. *tsk tsk.

It's almost ten.

I'm still stuffed.

This could probably last until lunch tomorrow.

I had curries. so my food revenge is over. I suspect I'm going to be facing another tummy problem again.

Up with a new look.

Something made me realize I was keeping that skin for too long. Hahahah... Okay, this is a new one! Like it? Like it? *narcisstic perasan etc etc* Haha...

The day had been super. Friday went well. Met up with Eddie and Joanna Asia Cafe. We played pool for a while. It seems to me, that 1 months break didn't do anything to my pool playing skills. I still suck! *wtheck*

We headed back to our second home (monash) for a JRN group meeting. We started discussing about the name of the club we were setting up.

Journalism Club
Global Awareness Group.
Wong Chin Huat Fanclub.

I was really betting on the last one. LOL. It's really either WCHFC or JAC. (Jega Anti Club) We settle with the Second one so we're now officially GAG!

Let's Gag.


The Simpsons (2007)

I never realized I missed 2D movies so muchh1!!! I LOVE IT! Hahahah~! It was awesome! Homer is just being plain stupid but it's pretty clever how they integrate spoofs in it.


That part when it came out "To Be Continued", I just felt like killing the producer.

3 seconds later, "Immediately" came out. Hahaha...

What's up with Pig Crap? Haha...

Homer isn't exactly the best father, but he's one dad everyone would want to have once in their lives.

The Simpsons has been going on since eternity so even though it's stupid, it's made to be stupid. It's a good laugh! I'd recommend it. I'd give it 3.5 stars!

After the movie, Alex, Karina and me headed to SS15 for dinner. That cafe had a couple of games on the shelve. So after eating, we sat there and played Tumbling Tower, Donkey, Snakes and Ladder until 9.30pm. It's like after UPSR all over again!

Karina is behaving weird lately. She's not acting her age. She called me the bogeyman! OMG.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sem 1 vs. Sem 2

I am well again. :D

Today I'm better so this is going to be long.

Now that I've tasted Sem 2, it's only fair. A very John Tesh-ish analysis.

Boring classes.

Sem 1 (INT and JRN lectures really wasn't that bad.)
Sem 2 (plenty. Jega puts me to sleep and forces me to fork out 45 bucks on a spray to perk me up. Finding a toilet in Japan. Tush.)


Sem 1:

INT1010 (contemporary worlds 1) : Loved the vids. The assignments were tedious but it was interesting answering why's and how's. Totally different from SPM History. THE EXAM, however, WAS CRAZY.
COM1010 (media studies) : Need I say more? Loved it. DR YEOH PWNS. The assignments totally wrecked my brains but the whole purpose of the first semester is to push ourselves to think, right? CPE was a killer.
FTV1050 (Film Studies) : Loads of English films. Some was nice. Some were not. Gummo is just disturbing.
JRN1902 (Newsroom Theory and Writing) : Press Freedom. *pokes everybody* The tutes were fun. I never knew short word limits could be so frustrating.

Sem 2:

INT1020 (Contemporary Worlds 2) : 'What is Malaysian culture?!' I'll get shot for rebutting in class. So I sould stop. Okay. It's about globalization and all. The subject itself PWNS. I never knew globalization could be a subject. All I knew it was the spotted Essay topics coming out during SPM 2005. Now it's a subject. It's freaking subject worth 60 points!
COM1020 (Intro. to Communication) : One word. Jega.
FTV1010 (Television Studies): Television studies is definitely going to be more challenging than Film but it's okay coz now I know being a TV addict once in my life actually did some good. It's interesting how there is cult television progs. I'm not into Buffy and all but I can see why they are using it as a core text. Buffy is nice to watch but definitely a different story when it comes to critique and analysis. South Park!!! I LOVE SOUTHPARK! LOL.
JRN1903 (Feature Writing): One Exam Less. 1 Assignment More. Fair! When I did Newsroom, I always wished I took Feature Writing first. But after looking through the assignments, phwoar. I wished I retook Newsroom.


Sem 1: Full classes for the week.
Sem 2: Fridays off! WOOT!


Sem 1: Good.
Sem 2: Super. The New Campus has Nice classes, nice Lecture Halls, nice library, nice walkways, Nice signages, Nice stairs, nice lift, nice rooftop, nice hangout spots, nice labs, nice everything. Cept the parking is still not big enough. *bashes the parking ticketing machines*


*at the mo, I'm on Parafin overdose*

Sunday, July 22, 2007

in pain version 2

My stomach isn't getting any kinder.

I feel like I'm in labour but the baby isn't coming out.

Wat an anology :P

Reminds me of a classic case of Hospital drama. HEH~

I miss solid food. And Chips. And everything else. GRR. >_<

Friday, July 20, 2007

in pain.

I'm sick.

And alone.


After seeing the doctor, it was tollerable during daytime. I was thinking I could last all the way until the night. But my body had a tendency to really break down or go cranky at the worst times. The bloat became body aches and a massive fever at night. I haven't felt this miserable in a long time.

In times like these... you'd just wish your parents were around.


Thursday, July 19, 2007


OOKay. Withdrawal symptoms settling in. I have got to stop whining.

*slaps self*

I spent the whole afternoon searching for Kampung Tunku SS1 post-office today.
We travelled part of KL in search of a post office to collect a package. Not many people knew where SS1 was. Haha... I thought it was near SS2 but apparently I would've been heading to ipoh if i kept on going. Haha... SS1, Kampung Tunku turned out to be along the Federal highway.And it wasn't THAT far. Sue the KL town planning agencies!

Alex, thanks for directions. Karina's auntie, Thanks for calling the post office.



I'm sounding like a crazy FTTS fangirl now. But yeap, that dude looks like a cross between Brian and Song Seung Hoon. :P


Sidenote (since Brian is up there):

Fly To The Sky Vol. 7 - No Limitations
Released: 3rd July 2007.

Track List:

01 사랑해**
02 My Angel**
03 기억한줌
04 가질 수 없어도
05 미워해줘
06 남겨진 사람
07 Let's get it on
08 Man 2 Man
09 3번째 날
10 결혼하지마
11 그래도 사랑입니다 (feat. Heritage)
12 오늘도 이쁜걸
13 Kissing you (feat. Issac Squab of Trespass)
14 가벼운 사랑 (feat. 현무 & TKO of Trespass)


Seems to me FTTS is going strong since 1999. Been kinda worried after Brian and Hwanhee started working on solo projects in late 2006. Typical R n B Ballad like they always do. I liked Transition. This is like the best album so far. It's worth the wait!

*waits at the port for the first batch of CD's to arrive.*

Now I sound crazy.=P

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bummer. :(

It's only day 2 of the second semester and I feel like starting a nothing-is-going-right thread at Soompi.

(Massive spam Alert)

In the morning, I struggled to stay awake in COM1020. It's Jega. And it's 9.00am. The bad part is, our lecture theater chairs are sleep-proof. meaning if you try to sleep on the table, it would slide and you'd fall. Yet again, it's anti-lefties. Don't think they'll invent anything to accomodate lefties anytime soon. :(

The when class was finally over we headed to the finance department to pay our fees. Well, I'm not putting names here coz I really dunno his name. I asked one of the ex-FTV dudes from my tute last sem if he was taking FTV again this sem. All I got was a blank look and a series of blank stares and sheepish laughs. He probably doesn't remember me. Frack >_<>_< How I wished the earth would just swallow me up there and then.

To make things even worse, (this was the bomb) I discovered my dad wrote the date wrongly on the cheque. The final day of payment is on the 20th, my dad accidentally wrote 24th and I would need to pay a RM100 fine for late payment. I lined up at the counter 3 times to sort things out. But I was never good at sorting matters like this anyway. It was partly my fault. I didn't check it when my dad passed the cheque to me. :(

Then this leads to my scratched bumper. No seriously, it's very stupid how it happened. You wouldn't want to know.

Then I went off for lunch at SS15 and came back purging my lunch out. Sigh. Felt sick the entire day. Felt sick after dinner.

I was spacing out for the rest of the day.

Attended the first FTV tute today and Mr. McKay gave us an overview of what we'd be learning throughout the sem. I have to say, I am very worried for FTV. Television Studies is super-duper-omg-tough. Considering the fact we won't touch much of Asian television, so PCK and Korean drama's are totally out of the question. I'm required to watch buffy, sopranos, and all. We'd be touching alot on critical political economy aspects and feminism and all. CPE?! GOD HELP ME.

Okay. Wat's good is, south park happen to be one of our core texts for the subjects. YES! :D

I slept abit and woke up at 9pm feeling wide awake. It's 12.57 now and I'm STILL awake.

At least it's a new day.

At least...

I think I like sem 1 better. I miss Dr. Yeoh and Dr. Helen already. :(


I don't care what Hwanhee did to his nose, Fly to the Sky's album is super!

I still think Hwanhee looks better with his old nose. :(

Monday, July 16, 2007

It starts tomorrow.

I'm backk!!!

I still love Marmite Chicken!

I still hate the Local traffic!

My batteries are still alive!

My baby needs washing.


I arrived realizing I left alot of important things back at home. *grumble* Just finished clearing the mess. Got dust in my right eye. UGH.

At this moment, I'm taking revenge on my neighbours. Blasting Anymotion a moment ago, now it's Summer Dream. I am dead sure my neighbour is going to hate K-pop after this. Using the Not-so-New Dell speaker thinggy I got before the Exams.

Ah. I'll just lower the bass abit.

*halo shines above me

Current track: Loving You - DBSG.

OH. LOVING IT. It beats better than the built-ins! :)

Next on the list: Se7en - Nan Ahrayo LIVE Concert Version.

God bless my neighbour

If only my table is bigger. I can't put it together with my laptop. Haha. So I chucked it on my bookshelf instead. So now, you can imagine wires pulled from one corner to another. Haha~


It's a Monday tomorrow. There's FTV at 9.00am. *grumbles*

Friday, July 13, 2007

I feel new again.

I poured everything out.

Bored the heck outta myself.

But I feel better.

Looking forward to Sem 2!




I stay on hesitant to drop a message.

But when I finally mustered enough courage to.

He goes off. - 07,SP

나는 다만 어리석다 :)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

This is fun.

Who says you can't replay a picture :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I listened it once. I listened it twice... again and again.

Lee Min Woo Vol.3 - Explore (Released: July 10, 2007)
Language: Korean
Genre: Pop/R&B

Track List:

01. Showdown
02. THE`M`STYLE (Feat. Tablo of Epik High)
03. Boy Friend
04. Stomp
05. La Noche Bonita
06. AM 07:05
07. Play My Song (Feat. Tiger JK)
08. 너뿐이라고 (Untouchable Part II)
09. Pretty Woman
10. One Last Cry
11. L.O.V.E
12. My Child (98.03.24)

I instantly loved his Album after sampling it once. Don't think there were any other albums that were this good. :)

AM 07:05 - I'm not going to take this off my play list for a long long time. :P

Hope it reaches the Malaysian soil soon. *grumble*

Monday, July 09, 2007

7 days.

Exactly 1 week to Sem 2.

1주는 떠났다 >_<

Things like that make me nervous.


Now, even 8-year-olds use MSN. He thinks he's Superman.

Sunday, July 08, 2007


WOOOT~! Happy 070707!!!

I was itching to post this. Haha.

First Japan. Now Se7en is debuting in the US! Doubt he'd be coming over here. T_T

How can you hate a kid like that?

Happy 070707 ya'll!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Octosquid creature found off Hawaii. *a squiddy post*

Scientists to investigate animal.

HONOLULU -- Scientists at the University of Hawaii at Manoa will soon have a chance to investigate a creature that appears to be half-squid, half-octopus that was found in waters off the Big Island.

It appears that the creature was sucked up in a deep seawater pipeline at the Natural Energy Laboratory Hawaii Authority at Keahole on the Big Island.

The pipeline pumps cold water up from 3,000 feet below sea level. Occasionally deep-sea marine life will get caught in a filter in the line, officials said.

Workers call the latest find an "octosquid." It has the body of a squid and the tentacles of an octopus.

It is being shipped to University of Hawaii Manoa campus for closer evaluation.


It's the fruit of the forbiddenlove between two creatures.

Either that or it's a mutant.

Not something I want to have on my dinner table anytime soon.... Aaks.

(A/n: Since Fadzlin liked this post. It's up again!)

Friday, July 06, 2007


Shoe shop incident.

Mixit. Nuff said. Annoyed.

(I got a pair from another shop)


Cycling incident.

I rode a Shimano (I'm honoured). I wasn't familiar with the short curved handles. It was light so that bike accelerated fast. I brought it out when i wasn't used to it yet. I collided with Szelynn and both of us earned a scab. but we carried on cycling anyways after cleaning the blood.

Then again, I haven't grazed my knee for a long time. :)

But now bathing is a chore. i can't straighten my leg. wtheck.


My right lower wisdom tooth is annoying me.

I feel pain all over.

I want jjajangmyun. *coughscoughandthedeliveryboycoughcough* :)


Things are pretty messed up deh?

Thursday, July 05, 2007

6월의 일기Yuwolui ilgi (2005)

Also known as The Bystander, June's Diary starring Eric, Shin Eun Kyung and Kim Yun Jin (Rings a bell? She's the one from 'Lost' with Daniel Dae Kim).

Fine. I admit. I watched this for Eric (Can't help it. Eric's hot. *rolls eyes*) at first but as the story progresses, the movie just got better. And now that i'm done, I'm going to spoil it for you.

Both Eric and Shin Eun Kyung were assigned to this case after 2 students from the same school were murdered back to back.

More murders take place after that and they realized it's all based on a diary - a diary that was written in advance by the boy who was bullied. The story gets thicker when Eun Kyung's character discovers the murderer is her high school friend, the mother of the bullied boy.

I hate the scenes when they disect the bodies.

Thumbs up to Shin Eun Kyung. Her acting was great in this. It's not often you get to see a female kick ass. And it's not everyday you see Eric not in a cheesy romance flick. :)

It has meaning. It has depth.

One of the few action movies I like.

I can't imagine Andy or Dongwan or anyother Shinhwa members in this XD

Watch it! :P

More Bits:

Premiere 1st Dec 2005

On set!

Eun Kyung

This movie took part in the 10th Busan International Film Festival. Gah!


In the middle of Ep15 now watching Goong S.

I AM SO LOVING SE7EN. Yupyup. So when the heck is YG going to send their artist over here?

The only reason why I'm piling my Film and Drama collection is because I'm bored. My Laptop is like the only thing that entertains me these days. (Oh. The TV too.)

Recently Clubbox has been mean to me. My MQ Goong S links decided to stay at 0Kbps all night and my Express Download coupons are expiring soon. I still got 3500 point to finish by the 9th. Hrm. I'm just going to pick some random drama and dl!