Friday, June 29, 2007

Animator vs. Animation

Edit: Okay. That screen thing up there doesn't work. This is the URL

Animator vs. Animation

Since I had nothing much to do.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


I have been reading alot of threads in Soompi and Lowyat.

Some cracked me up.

Some felt true.

Some made me feel like I'm useless for reading it. (?!)

Some contributed to my download list.

And some was pretty informative.

There are ways to bypass capped download speeds for Torrents BUT none for Clubbox. *WAAAAKA!*

I'm. Truly. Bored.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Alcohol talking.

The alcohol is still in my veins. I swear.


We all had a stay over at Sonia's house the on monday! LOL. Because somebody-STILL-without-an-aussie accent is going to turn 19 alongside the already-19 Fadzlin.

Sonia's dogs are still as hyper as ever. They were walking all over me in the morning. (Insert Jessica Simpson song here). And because I was a little wasted from q little game we played the night before mainly using this:

and a bit more detail...

Circle of death.

and this was me.

I have absolutely no recollection whatsoever of how/when/at what moment was this picture taken. (However, I do remember now...)

And so, I guess dog tracks were gonna be the only thing that would wake me up.

We went for Laksa in the morning. I have been YEARNING for it for such a long, long time. Apparently the Laksa shop in permas has shifted a few shops away. I haven't had it since the last stay over at Sonia's house and I ADORE it. OMGaaa!

I admit. I'm a total sucker for Curry Laksa.

I'm not sure whether it perked me that morning because bowling straight became abit of a chore after that. Hahaha... I couldn't! I just couldn't! It either hits the side or the gutter. Rocky was the highest! Kudos bro. :P

After a game of bowling, we went for lunch! It's TGI (second time in 4 days) and then we had a sugar/chocolate overload. Rajiv joined us but he didn't teach us Russian curse words. OHM. It's okay. He's dashing. ^^, Everyone changes alot after school That perky mad dude from Physics tuition now barely speaks! I'm beginning to suspect he forgotten English after staying in Russia.

I lubb lubb lubb (not Rajiv) TGI's Mud Pie and Malted Turtle. Their salad and anything with Mayo! EVERYTHING! This is it. If I don't go on a massive diet, I will either get fat or get a cavity.

But of course, the highlight still had to be the Birthday ritual :).

Fadzlin did it. (She did More than Words on her bithday.)

Sonia had no choice. (She did Fixing a Broken Heart 3 days after.)

Sharveen and I parted saying our goodbyes and headed off to City Square to catch a bus home. And I walked home. ALL THE WAY FROM PULAI SPRINGS. Alone. *emo*

WHY SHIFT SO FAR!!! No Laksa, so far from town, no car, no cabs, somemore need to walk back half an hour from where the bus stops! *gah gah gahhh~!*

Excuse me while I rant. Meanwhile, here are some random pictures I nicked from Kari's blog.

Candid bandit(s). :P

Stuffings - I feel like a Thanksgiving Turkey.

Now this is taken after the cupcake baking session for Nia at my place.

CUPCAKEEE!!! *glomps*

My Bickering Other Half.

Sharveen, Karina and Me!

Me and the two birthday girls!

Birthdays are super

Well, for more recorded moments, go see Kari's blog.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

One day it's long, then the next it's short. :P

Celebrated Fadzlin's birthday yesterday. OOOOOOH! I shan't call you old since you got me dinner. *grins widely* HAPPYBIRTHDAY! HAVE A SMASHING ONE! :P

As for the video of you singing in TGIF... well. Just keep on Checking Youtube. :P One of us will want to share that wonderful moment with the world. :)

I desperately need sleep. The stayover yesterday was fun. LOL. We got to count down until Fadzlin's birthday ended. Fadzlin's psycho. But it's okay. Coz we're all pyscho too. :)

Today's a busy day. (Will blog about it soon). I had less than 3 hours of sleep and I woke up feeling like a zombie. Ye. Cept without the long messy hair... (I chopped my locks XD)

I'm sad.

Very sad.

*melancholic music plays in the background.

JGT's has gone to Melaka. Now I'm paralyzed. :( *heart breaks*

There's a few weeks left and obviously I'm only going to spend these few weeks at home without him.


No car = Paralysis.

Friday, June 22, 2007

A BUS?! WTH!!!!

ONE OF THE THINGS we cannot avoid growing up is school and the drama that goes on in it. Whether you like it or not, you will definitely get a chance to gossip about the latest happenings, who slap who, who sucks and who doesn't. Sometimes, you even get directly involved in it. Of course, it isn't always truimphant because kids during that age can get emotionally drained from petty arguments like this... which is pretty silly. What i think :P

Of course, it's all part and parcel of growing up and getting the experience of being called by the teachers once. I mean. Who hasn't gotten into trouble?! Everybody has! It's all behind me. I've only considered one fight a major fight. But of course, we patched up and still look back at how stupid it all was.

I went back to SIGS, my secondary school, today to collect my SPM cert from the office. That day I went back to school, everything just came pouring. Whether it was good or bad. The only difference is, nobody is writing down my name because I'm late. I no longer feel that dreading feeling walking through the main gate. :)

(Maybe it's coz my aircon broke down on the way so it made the journey all more taxing than walking through main gate.)

I met up with a couple of friends and some juniors. Damn, they grew. Haha! A couple were already prefects. A couple up in Form Six. Well of course, I don't expect their growth to be obstructed once I leave school la. Heheh. But you kinda gawk abit at how different they become.

A note to Fadzlin: Old block doesn't mean Block C. You do know Block A is older.

After a hard time locating Karina, Fadzlin and Sonia, we started seeing some of the teachers. Pn. Hamidah still calls me Mat Salleh for my mediocre spoken BM. Pn. Rozie doesn't remember some of our names. Hahaa... Mr. Eng still probably thinks I'm devious. I've been known to be a bit of a slacker in Add Maths. But all's well. I got a 6. Caught up with Ms. Low later in the afternoon.

SIGS can be nostalgic sometimes. :)

The only thing that pisses me off now is the fact that SIGS now officially has their own bus. I AM SO JEALOUS!!!! I don't know why. I don't know how. For the love of God, why didn't it happen earlier. =_= Bias. SIGS is bias. LOL.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Seducing Mr. Perfect (2006)

This is when Daniel Henney fever really sets in....

Yes. It's a romance flick.

Starring Daniel Henney and Uhm Jung Hwa.

Trailer: CLICK!

Daniel Henney is the closest example to perfection. This movie, also known as Seducing Mr. Robin, starts with Daniel being transfered from US to Korea due to work. On his first day in Korea somebody knocks into his car and he gets acquainted with the lead actress who also happens to be his PA... later he discovers.

What happens after that is pretty predictable.But I went on for the perks and petty arguments. Though, I don't think Daniel Henney can ever convince me he's angry *rolls eyes*. It's a typical Korean storyline. Perfect + Not-so perfect. Throw in a third party and you get a sub plot. A fourth party if you have to. The good thing is, nobody dies in this.

Daniel Henney, being from the US speaks only English in this film (He pulled off German well and Jap...). What's puzzling is the fact that Uhm Jung Hwa responds most of the time back in Korean. This goes through out the whole movie. But even with fobby Korean, nobody can point out a flaw on that guy.

Dan trivia:

1. He sung one track from the OST with the guy from Clazziquai.
2. He sung Creep (by radiohead) in Heroine 6.
3. He's part of an US-korean collab in "My Father" a movie about a korean adopted to the US and comes back to Korea in search of his biological parents only to discover his father is facing a jail term in Korea.
4. He's modelling for
5. He's hot. :P

The OST is filled with Jazzy bits. Dl: Seducing Mr. Perfect. OST

I rate this 6.5 stars out of 10. It's enjoyable though! :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Just checked allocate.

There is not 2 but THREE (3) lectures in the morning. WTH.

WWWAAAAAhhhhhhh!!! nooooooo!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

행복 - H.O.T.

Songs from the old days makes me laugh. I dunno. :P Dl that.

It's been a few days since I left KL and I'm as happy as ever. The only thing lacking is the presence of my dad (Who is outside the country without taking me along.) BUt anyhow. It was father's day so... heh heh... okay la. It's also for working purposes.

It's miraculous how I can do things properly when I'm back in Johor.

I went out bowling the other day with Sonia and Fadzlin. We kept on making fun of Alyn saying she had a rempit boyfriend. Haha! But she don't la. I managed to get an above 90 average. When I played in Pyramid, I always get 6/0, 0/6, 6/0, 7/0, 9/0... HECK! The funny thing is my scores can be predicted.

Went to Tebrau City after that and caught up with each other. Everyone's fairly well! :) GOODIE.

Now all I need to do is make them sick.

Oh? Was that my alterego speaking??

Next person on the list to bug: Sharveen!

It's great to be back!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Anyclub / Anycall/ Anymotion

Korea is the land super-duper-elaborate cell phone ads.

They're so into-drama now they even incorporate it with their ads. I like the CF's Samsung is churning out these days. The LG one's are pretty good too. There's KTF blah blah blah... *falls asleep*

Anyclub - This stars Hyori, Eric, Kwon Sang Woo.

EDIT: (Clair! I found it!) Lee Hyori - Any Club (Feat. Teddy) MP3 [4Shared].

Anymotion - Starring Hyori and Eric.

EDIT:Lee Hyori - Anymotion (Feat. Eric) MP3 [Sendspace]

LY Cyon Ad - Daniel Henney + Hyun Bin = Dorks.

A rough plot is they were prolly practicing for an audition or somesort and suddenly Daniel's mum calls and he runs away leaving Hyun Bin alone. Ultimate dorkiness. The irony is when they sing Han Namja (Lonely Man/One man). Montage? Maybe. Henney's Fobby Korean... LOL!

LG Chocolate Ad - They freaking shot in Putrajaya without telling me.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ocean's Thirteen (2007)

Starring George Clooney (Hot), Brad Pitt (Hot but married), Matt Damon (Hot Hot!! but also married).

Through out the whole week, I've seen 3 (maybe 4) movies. I suddenly notice how sick I am of pop corn. FUH! Today's a long day. But i'll skip the details.

For starters, I did not watch Eleven and Twelve (You can't believe it? Yeah. Neither can I.) so I'm just judging this movie as it is.

This movie is funny. It's not Shrek funny but more of clever-funny. I like their disguises, their plans and how everything in their heist falls into place. I knew Danny Ocean was going to win right from the start and kick Bank's ass. I stayed on because it's nice to see the baddie's ego bruised. Learnt psychoanalysis bits in FTV and COM that people who watch films are coughsadisticcough.

I pity the VUP though. But he's just there to perk things up but I still pity him. All he went through. But at least he won 11 million dollars in the end.

Spoilers end here.


Exams are over.

Had a long day.

I'm back at home.

And I love it.


Bleah. What's up with me with food these days?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

200 Pound Beauty. (2006)

미녀는 괴로워 (Secret Of The Beauty)
(Christmas Eve 2006 Korean release)
Starring Joo Jin Mo and Kim Ah Jeong.

I just caught it at the cinema in Mid Valley today I give it a million stars!!! It's one of those Korean movies that will make you leave the cinema feeling warm and fuzzy in the inside. I never really took notice of any of them but they've been big over in Korea for a pretty long time now.

The soundtrack is great. There are a couple of remakes from the 80's. I didn't believe it was Kim Ah Jeong singing it at first. But yeah, I went on to soompi and started browsing through a few threads. Yep. 4 tracks she sung on the show is in the OST and it is sung by her. She's talented.

1. Beautiful Girl - 김아중
2. 별 - 유미
3. Maria - 김아중
4. 슈퍼스타 - Loveholic
5. Dance With My Daddy - Alex (Clazziquai)
6. You Don't Know I Love You - U
7. 튜울립 - Venny (상상밴드) Feat. 종휘
8. Miss You Much - 유미
9. Beautiful Girl (Teaser Edit)
10. 바보처럼 - 김형중
11. 별 (Original Dialog Ver.) - 김아중

tracks 2,3,4 and 6 and 11.

Download it here

I think by seeing the title, the movie was pretty predictable. It's something like Ugly duckling. Hanna dreams of being a singer but she's only used to popularize another singer acted by Seo Yoon. It's comical at first. Then it goes down. Then we sob. Then it goes up again. I won't be ashamed to admit I cried. (All Korean Movies make me cry btw) I won't spoil this by saying why but how Hanna poses as Jenny can suddenly seem pretty touching :) Kinda felt for her. Kim Ah-Joong deserves a Daesang~!
"Do you know how it's like to just look at some one from afar?"
It's about superficiality, how physical appearence turn into obsession, beauty and esteem. Back to reality, the show is a little too perfect to be true. But it had me laughing hard one minute and crying the next.

Last but not least, Joo Jin Mo pwns!

Seong Dong Il (Jin Mo's sidekick) is just damn funny. HAHA.

My God.

I'm getting the DVD. :P

Signifier + Signified =Sign

My fave.

I was bored okay. So I went to Soompi.

What other better way is there to learn culture jamming! From what I see, I think some of the images here were photoshopped. Haha... But it's still funny right?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

1 more to go.

INT is over. It's over over over!!!

Now I should just pray i won't need to think about what to say to Ujval if i came back to one of his classes for INT. Alex was reminding me to ask his nationality.

I swear I heard Helen say he's from India~

Maybe she was kidding. Hrm.


Watched Shrek 3 today. I'm infatuated with Artie. :) Some of the princesses are just plain bimbotic. Haha. Okay. I won't want to be accused of spoiling it for those who haven't watched yet, but yeah. The movie is damn funny.

Damn damn damn damn damn damn damn funny.


We bowled a bit also to de-stress then after the movie, headed for pool.

I try to tell myself it's over but still... Helen's eyes is also going to bleed when she looks at my paper.

Incomplete essays always bursts a vessel. (or at least tear glands).

Sze's List of The World's Best Bento. (And Inari. I added)

It's too cute to be eaten. :P

Warning: Images that you see may make you go all mushed up, kawaii ne-ing or induce terrible hunger pangs. the author's bento-inari obsession is currently at its peak.

Puss without boots. :P His distant cousin from Japan.


Lynette Goh will like this.





This looks like it's taken off Goong or something. LOL :P


The World's best inari sushi!

If only i was half as creative as the japs in cooking.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

2 down 2 to go.

What's brown and sticky?

A stick.

I feel the world don't laugh enough.


Com1010 is over.

Dr Yeoh's eyes are gonna bleed when he sees my writing. :P

Thursday, June 07, 2007


I'm never going to go near Kitkat ever again.

I was tricked.

I rest my case.

It's tomorrow.

I got this from the Monash artsci webby.

^ You got to be kidding me
It starts tomorrow. *bites nails*

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The New Monash Campus.

Went exploring with friends today after the discussion. Haha... Got quite alot from it.

The lecturer's offices kinda shrunk.

Okay. The Communications Lab (prolly the new name for Jlab) is biggie. But empty still.

The Mlab is no where to be seen. (Maybe under construction)

The IT lab... about the same lah. I saw some dude setting up the server. (It's after 5, and they're still setting it up. Whoa...)

The bridge!

The AV lab is under construction.

The MPH is biggie but incomplete.

There won't be any Sports facilities until we grad. THAT SUCKSS!!!

We've got a bigger round-about. HAH!

There's no cafeteria yet. Sad right?

There's lots of "private" corners....

Our block is freaking 6 storeys high. (of course, it's shared with the Sciences).

I still don't understand why the Arts is not a building on it's own :( BIASS!

LT. 1 is HUGEE. Would be nice to have FTV there.

The carpark is free! (for now... :P)

The lobby of the Administrative offices (also in the same block of where our lecturers offices are) is damn posh.

I'll sum this up in 3 words: It's freaking hugee!!!

*I'm lazy to upload so this is all hotlinked from the monash webby.

That structure in the center, is the library. :0

The arts building is in one of those. Building 2.
And so you see, I need a map.

Side note: IDIOT GENERATION IS OUT!!! If you wanna see the more American than Ahbeng dude, catch it on You Tube. It's the last product ever coming out from the good old Mlab. Really glad to become part of it.

Side, side note: I hate JT's 'what goes around' now. And it's all Kenneth's fault. :P

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Marmite Chicken. :P

Marmite Chicken!

Marmite Chicken!

Marmite Chicken!

Marmite Chicken!

They say when I see Marmite Chicken, times stops. And that's true.

Omo. I borrowed that line. XD



They're moving the Journo and Multimedia lab tomorrow! I saw them rip the Jlab apart with my own eyes! I spent like 2 classes in this entire sem there! (>_<) Even though sometimes I wondered why is none of the subjects Journalism...

As for the Mlab, it's been all good lah being part of it. There's love. There's hate (The DV cam). There's the aircon that can cause hypothermia. There's police. There's fish :P. There's a whole lot of other stuff. Dr. Yeoh said the new lab will be ready in a months time. A long time to wait. Sure it's going to be bigger and better but probably not as homely anymore. It's going to be exactly like the I.T. lab.

Got time to clear my head today. I need to start some hard-core studying.

And I've got weapons to get back at my neighbour upstairs. *evil grin*

No. It's not a chainsaw.

Even better.
Emo tagline of the day.
"There's 2 ways to look at it.
One is 'you're done'.
The other is 'you haven't done enough'."

Monday, June 04, 2007


Ghost (1990)

Starring Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze and Whoopi Goldberg.

I was watching it this afternoon and Whoopi cracked me up in this one. It's a classic.

I like the movie tagline. Haha :)

"I love you."

"Ditto." :)

Sunday, June 03, 2007


I just checked Karina's blog and she updated already.

Woman, you are fast.

(Stalk her blog if you're interested in Alvin and to see pictures of how coughhandsomecough he is.)

Whatever I've said about Alvin in my previous post, I TAKE IT BACK!

>.< Oh fine. Maybe I won't. Considering the fact you helped me finish my drink when I swear I couldn't.

HAA~! We had a farewell thing for Alvin yesterday. Hung out at 1U, then headed to Naili's place over at Uptown. Jason came for this. Later we headed to The Bengkok XD. Since we're little kids who didnt want to open a bottle, Santuary didn't let us book a table. So, we ended up at Laundry instead.

And I swear I saw someone who looked like Brian-F2TS over there. REALLY.

Bailey's!!! XD

The day ended well with nobody drunk and yep, Alvin. This goes out to you, dude!


Saturday, June 02, 2007


It's 1.42 am and I'm happy.

After the exams, one sem is over and done with. I don't know how much a person can derive from just 6 months (besides, there's still 5 more sems to go) but I know those things that I've learnt and all that has happened to me is one of those things I'll cherish in life.

I haven't been writing much sense on my blog since joining Uni. But to just recount all that has happened make me glad that I wasn't too wordy. I know I'll remember things that I don't write down. Blame me for having no wit when it comes to words but sometimes, you don't have to write things down to remember.

The sem started out with an orientation. Then it went on to our first lecture. Dr. Yeoh. Man, did I enjoy that? Haha. No matter how bo-chap he can be, I always find myself in LT 2. I clearly remember it was the first tute and we had to play this game on criticizing our own bodies. The tutor was Abdullah then. And somehow he came disguised as a chinese guy and bullied us after that. LOL. People came out with the oddest discontent. For me was the usual frame, height, shoe size? and all the random-est thing in the world.

I know what I hate about myself. But I obviously couldn't devulge the truth in front of 25 strangers?

The presentation that almost crack my nerve. I still remember how I felt that day. Talking about semiotics and relating it to a Viet Starbucks spoof? It was barely 3 weeks and I already needed to do a presentation. Of course, the idea of doing a presentation scared me a bit lot. Fikri told me once he liked presentations because he felt like he was in control of the class. But that's just Fikri... and his brain-su.. 'hair'. :P

My apprehension doesn't stop there. COM1010 is the second most challenging subject for me. (INT is the first. LOL.) That's also where I heard of that over-used quote about time stopping. *rolls eyes*. TMY is a totally different person when he starts telling Burger jokes. It was hard to talk in the J-lab. Sometimes it felt over crowded with people (All sorts: AC/Liverpool fans, Tom Yam lovers, Drama-mamas, Brad Pitt fanclub members). quick laser blonds from Uruguay Some of those in my class are much much older than me. So sometimes it's good to just keep quiet and learn.

Chin Huat's class was next. It was a Wednesday. Kari and Rach both had super duper early classes so I came for class on my own. We were still at the stage where the hallways all look the same to us. I remember asking someone for directions but that person walked off ignoring me. I was 10 minutes late. The class was full and I had to sit all the way at the back on my own. I met someone named Nathaline who was a business student who took JRN as an elective. She told me she actually aspired to get into early education and not what she was currently doing now.

She dropped JRN the next week and handed me her notes that she had printed.

When I first saw the script for Idiot Gen i thought... "Man. How true."

Chin Huat makes a great JRN lecturer. He is one of the most dedicated teacher's I've ever knew. Everytime you say "Press Freedom", that dude's eyes will immediately light up and enthusiasm will written all over his face. He rocks because he had the patience and determination to force us to speak in class. (Note that this is all written in active voice)

The most memorable thing about JRN is it helped me get over my apprehension of voicing out. I'm just an average student and I admit I don't know alot. I always through Newsroom was all about writing. It totally turned out to be the opposite.

INT was scheduled to be on a thursday morning at 9.00 am. I was early. But that was the only lecture that I was ever early. Dr. Helen was great too. I liked her lectures. But I didn't like the time it was scheduled. The tutor, Ujval, is a chilled out cool indian dude who never lost his composure (until we made him laugh). It make the aesthetic value of the joke all funnier. (WTH.I'm talking FTV now.) I think it just took longer than usual to get used to us la har? We named our group after him today. He had better appreciate it.

I'll skip Accounting. If I did a word count for this, I can submit this as an assignment.

FTV was one of the most most most interesting subjects I've ever taken. I took it a week later but I don't regret taking it. We get to watch movies (+1). Lecturer is angmoh (+1). We learn angmoh humour (+1). Damn tough assignments (-1000). In tutes, Ben Mckay just talks and talks and talks... "It's a friday afternoon... I know." HE KNOWS. We're all alert again.

I screwed Assn 2. So that taught me a lesson. I can't believe I actually see some truth in Eddie's theory of passing work late.

Highlights of this sem?

+INT1010 Quiz Group Name!
+Com1010 Assn 2
+FTV Assn 2
+Finding CIJ
+Scholarship Awards.
+I.N. 2. more than 1 wish fulfilled.

They're many yah. I'll list them all soon.

One Sem's almost over and Alvin's leaving. Good luck to you dude. I know you'll fly a plane one day. Remember to give me free tickets. Totally appreciated you around. Coming by annoying me with Jason Khaw Weng Kiat. I know you don't mean any harm and I know who to look up to. The best Pool shifu! The best person to turn to when I have a car problem. All those names that you gave me... *rolls eyes* I don't know when I'll ever get to see you again but there's always MSN. Hope you get over to aussie and find that hot-chicken of yours. Who-re! That's what you'll always be.

Could you give me your MRS when you're over at Aussie? :P

I might forget those I didn't mention. I might not. But to wrap it all up...

Emo Tagline of the day:

Hesitate and you'll miss it. I saw this somewhere. But I don't remember.

This is the longest post I've ever written in months. This is what happens when you hold back too many things inside. It'll all come pouring out someday :)

I've poured enough.

It's June 2nd. It's 3.11am.

Friday, June 01, 2007

And I might...

1 down. 3 to go. FTV is over.

The most of the preparations I did was at the pool table at Asia Cafe. Obviously that's not going to help. Watching Eddie's ass whopped by Meng Yoe was pure entertainment. That gave me the mood to study after that. But I only got the notes for Documentary the next day. SOOO... I just hope I don't screw up the Documentary question.

I went over to Asia Cafe again for dinner and played with Rachel and Karina and of course, I always miss the 8.

Three texts came out for FTV (Sin City, Batman Begins and Enron: The smart guys on top.)I actually found myself laughing at some parts while watching Sin City. Does that make me a lunatic? Sin City is highly recommended. Don't just look at the women, the techinical aspects, the narration and the TYB :P. I think TYB's just pathetic. Elijah Wood's character caught my eye. I swear. When I saw those 'white' glasses... *shudder*

Okay. Thumbs up to Elijah.