Friday, March 30, 2007

Tony Roma's!

I'm crazy addicted to Tony Roma's Grilled Chicken Ceasar's Salad. I'm sorry I don't have a 3 megapixel camera phone to take a picture of it. If I did, you'd be drooling.


*spams about Salad*




Okay there. Karina and I just wanted to celebrate our freedom from Assignments, you know, to pamper ourselves a bit since we've been eating Maggi for like eternity since the assignments started. Hahahaha... But I'm not exactly freed just yet. So if you look at it in the Historian context, it's just a pre-independence party thing. Film Studies was the first assignment I completed and it was the last to be due (supposed to be dued tomorrow). But today I came to school, I found out the crappiest thing. The conversation went like this:

Jacqui: Hey, Szejia!

Sze: Hey!

Jacqui: How's your film studies going on? Were you at the Lecture yesterday? Mr. Benjamin pushed forward the due date to Monday.

Sze: *what*

If I had known... *rolls eyes* Anyhow, that means more time for me to do referencing. I nearly died doing referencing for Contemporary Worlds! Hope i do okay for all. >.< There's still a JRN assignment due next week. Gah. Bummer.

I don't know if i had mentioned Karina's Hacked by Pokemon virus problem but yep, it spreads. My PC got it too. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!


Edit 3.00 A.M. : Okay. Problem fixed. Off to bed.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

I'm done. Finally.

It's cold.

It's rainy.

It's 4.16am.

My eyes are blurry.

My essay is completed.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I'm done with my second essay. Only one more to go. Contemporary Worlds = History.

Seducing lecturers or tutors ain't going to get me anywhere. So instead of thinking how to, I should just work on my essay.

Damn it.

What happened today...

+Slept through sunrise.
+I had Maggi for lunch. When I become a shortfilm director one day, I'm going to do a documentary about people who hate Maggi and I'll be in it.
+Almost died doing Media Studies. But I finished it, and I'm still alive.
+Media studies has officially become Porn Studies today.
+Hit Alvin where I shouldn't have... (Sorry la, It was an accident.)
+Karina said Dr. Yeoh looks better than Yunho. XD NOOOO~!
+Chatted with Sonia and Shar. Shar left half way and we concluded, she was stuck at the toiletbowl.
+The detergent the Wishie Washee Laundry lady uses smells damn good. I'm serious!
+Pushing beer ads aside, my tutor taught us posing technics. After that, I'll never look at him the same again. *covers eyes* LOL!

Bleh. Okay, that's all for today. Before I go, I'll leave something I learnt during Media Studies lecture a few weeks back.

"A Guiness a day makes you fat and makes your shit black. - Dr. Yeoh."


Whoever who has heard of the two methods of posing will know. LOL.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Writing 30 degrees off the ground...

I'm currently in the most awkward and weird position in Karina's room right now. I can't move the slightest bit or I will lose my connection. Okay. You know how we do sit ups? Okay. Do that, then when you're 30 degrees off the ground, stop. Okay. Perfect. That's the killer position of catching Wifi. I thank the guy upstairs but if weren't A whole stack of pillows and bolsters stacked up behind my back, I would get slip-disc.

I've been surviving with 2 meals a day for the past 2 days. (But I think I ate supper the day before. Hmm... And considering the amount of snacking... okay. Scratch that. I'm eating good.) and I'm very positive the number of whites are multiplying on my head. CW is killing me. I'mma kill Woodrow Wilson for coming up with the 14 points. He could've come up with only 5 or something like that! >.<

I just checked my mail today and my tutor told me what to focus on for Question 2 (How to study Media studies?). LOL. I am totally focusing on the wrong thing thats why I'm stuck. But at least, hahaha!

Pushing that aside, did Film Studies half way through. 570 words, baby! WHOOOO!!!! It's a feat. I can do it! 아사 아사 ! Ajaaa~!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

I finished my Media Studies Reader.

I cooked lunch.

I walloped Karina's Nata De Coco.

Currently at Starbucks. I'll only be at Starbucks for one reason-->Wifi. Stalked for links about Woodrow Wilson/Film Form.

Last minute work will not pay. In fact, it'll inflict a whole lot of pain and cause you to quiver in miserable... erm death? Anyhow, you get the picture.

Friday, March 23, 2007


If Amy Forbes were to send me anymore reminders about the dateline being pushed forward, my head will explode.

I went over to take the Assignment Cover from the Assn box this afternoon. And suddenly, I see a whole lot of people submitting their essays. YEP. It's a wake-up call.

It's 4.52pm. It's a friday. I've just finished my Film Study tute. 11 turned up. More than 10 is always an achievement. Was Fun. But it kinda reminded me that I haven't started a single word on my essay. In fact, there's a whole lot of things that I haven't do.

I haven't eaten lunch.

I haven't finished my newsroom articles.

I haven't finished my Media studies reader.

I haven't properly structured my Contemporary World essay.

I haven't serviced my car.

I haven't gotten over my tendency to talk crap during Newsroom/C. World. It's not easy to make sense. Now I know.

Pushing that aside. I managed to do some research at school today. (Good start, wrong timing.) I am definitely coming back during the weekends.

Monday, March 19, 2007


4 essays due next week.


Sunday, March 18, 2007

Day 2 in Johor

I am crazy!!! I am on a crazy downloading spree. MV's, Variety shows, clips and snippets of stuff here and there... I'm beginning to wonder if I would have time to watch it. You don't know how long it took for me to find subs for my episode of Yashimmanman. I managed to find the DVD I wanted (more like needed) today. And besides, I found DBSG's HMS Concert DVD and the final part of Hanakimi. WHOOOOOO!!! *insane* hahahah~!

Timeless pt 1 freaks me out. For those who watched it, you know.

I'm overworking my laptop. Promise i'll give it loads of rest next week. But for now, I'm treasuring broadband. YAAAAAAAA!!!!

To-do list.

+Service car
+Get tel line.
+Broadband subscription.
+Grocery shopping.
+Watch Downloads.
+Complete essays.
+Clean my room.
+Figure out how to arrange my books.

I'll be back in KL tomorrow. And i'll crack my head on how to complete my to-do list.

Okay. This is just a promo bit. My media studies tutor (and a whole lot of other short film makers) will be showing his short film 'Idiot Nation' on the 19th of March (Monday) in HELP university college in Bangsar. It starts at 8 at night i think confirm! If you live nearby/study there/eat rice/breathe oxygen then go there!

Lynette! I might be coming!!! If I can find the place in time. *rolls eyes*


MAN! It feels nice to be home. I feel like I haven't eaten home cooked French Beans in a year. Absolutely love breathing JB air. Man. It's only 3 weeks and I'm ranting like that already. Talk about 3 years. (And a year if i get through honours).

Why I came back, you ask? Basically it's coz all my homies are going home and so is Jason and Alvin. So what am I going to do if stayed back and rot? Darn. I just answered the question.

I still haven't serviced my car. *sheepish* And it's about time I do. Prolly on Tues. I dunno. My stupid absorber just don't wanna shut up. I was telling my dad about my punctured-tyre case a while a go. See! Just a few weeks and Uni is already teaching me how to deal with the real world.

What I think...

I attended JRN1902 lecture last wed and I remembered our Lecturer mentioning something about our Tourism Minister, Tengku Adnan. (The hottest Issue on Blogosphere right now). Apparently, this dude, said 'All Bloggers are liars, and many bloggers are jobless women'. It sparked a little bit of debate in the class

I am female but I'm not a super-all-out feminist. But being a blogger myself (what more, Female), it's hard to blog about what I usually do and ignore his existance. He's either itching for some attention in his boring life or just plain chauvinist.

"All bloggers are liars, they cheat people using all kinds of methods. From my understanding, out of 10,000 unemployed bloggers, 8,000 are women."

Trivia: It's a respond to an Indonesian Journalist's claim on Malaysian tourism on her blog. Complaints about red tapes and all.

(Yes. I do read Chin Huat's daily dose of news. It's like the Daily bread kinda thing except it's for us JRN-ians instead of Christians.)

LIKE DUDE! Have you met EVERY BLOGGER in the world?!

Okay, I'm not going to make this look like a hate-mail to him (I could turn this to a 5 foot essay but I don't have the time or money to get sued) but there's some records I would like to set straight.

+Not all blogging women are jobless.
+I see generalization.
+And if they are they are not liars. This is REALLY what we see from here. Women are just more descriptive.
+To say this on International Women's Day is really uncalled for.
+Other people are going to look at Malaysian men as chauvinist/ignorant/anti-females.
+In the past, women are seen, not heard. Now it's different. So, which era are you in?
+It's really not hard to be constructive. If somebody dissed your department and 99 percent of it turns out to be true, then do something about it.

He should join Jrn class. Sure our lecturer will be glad to have a new student or two. In class we learn that the first thing you ever need (if you intend to say something like this) is at least prepare points to back your statement. Substantiate your point. THE BASICS OF THE LAW OF MAKING SENSE is to make sense! Dude! You're like probably 50 (60? I can't guess.) and you're supposed to make sense. With all due respect, please don't say anything like this in the future. I think we all M'sians have a 'maruah' to uphold!

Salute Miss Loone. FEMALES KICK-ASS!!!

Happy Belated International Women's Day. *pops party poppers*

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Lost in translation...

In less than 24 hours time, I'm going to go back to Johor. It's funny. A part of me want to stay.





I am such a kid. *rolls eyes*

I went over to SJMC (Subang Jaya Medical Center) yesterday with my homies. One of our course mates got into an accident. Poor dude. So much for a Brazillian holiday... We left Rachel there for a while and then went off to McDonald's to meet Jason and Alvin.

They are the MEAN.

They had a tray of fries on the table and so I stole one and munched on it. Then they say, "Eh, this is not ours."

A petrified look ran across my face...

And that's how my reputation went downhill.

Like I said, they're mean.

More on KL when I get back. XD ^^,

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It's over! My presentation is over!

I finally understood Barthes's Theory. I rock.

Monday, March 12, 2007

It's like 6 in the evening and i feel sleepy already. Plus, I just woke up from my nap at 5. Somebody please explain why are my eyes dead heavy?! Did somebody spike my liang-teh or something?! I'm bored beyond recognition now.

Kari's at Bukit Bintang with her sister, Sonia's in aussie, Sharveen is in Holiday Villa and I'm here rotting with my STOOPID presentation. Oh, I'm done with it by the way. What's left is rehearsing. WHOHOOOO~!

When it's over.... It's over! WAHHHHHHH!!! *wacko*

Yep. I shall not whine and just look ahead. Just thinking about it being over make me feel like jumping around. Monash has officially gotten themself a hyperactive-kpop-obsessing-mad-nutcase-loonybin student from Johor.

Haha! I just exchange smses with Sonia a minute ago. Apparently, Perth is more boring than KL coz everything closes at 5pm. But at least she's got a good Beng to take care of her!!! Told her many times to keep the Beng's for me, but noooo... XD. Sonia is the official Beng stealer. *whacks nia* Hahaha...

I'm actually glad tomorrow's Monday.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Stomach condition: Bloated+flattuance+everything else that causes discomfort.
Number of days to presentation aka making a fool of self in front of class OFFICIALLY: 2.
Current mental state: Mental.

The workshop this morning went fine. Had fun fooling around, ranting and making a fool of myself. Hahaha. I swear. One of these days, I'm going to walk out of tutorials with bruises AND broken bones.

The treasure hunt thinggy at the library was hell. Well, the game sort of works like this. We are given the title, author and publisher of a particular book and we have to find it at the library. Then when we find it, there'll be another slip with title/author/publisher in that book. So the search goes on and on until we find a red slip of paper. We borrow the book and run back to C1.5 and you win. The problem is, We had so much problems searching the bloody book and only went back to C1.5 when our second book was on loan. That kinda sucks. Karina's team won though. Hahahahha~! The prize was Post-it notes. XD

Had a break after that and I walloped 3 (or was it 4) ham sandwiches. OMFG >.< I wasn't supposed to.

The course finished at about 1.30 and after a long and tired journey to meet up with my homies, we headed to The Curve. We walked until we couldn't walk. We talked until we couldn't talk. We sat at the pancake shop and got peeved until we can't get anymore peeved. (20 minutes for the menu. And they never took our order.) We left the shop and headed for Dinner.

And now, here I am. Taking a break from my presentation preparation, with a churning stomach and a burping disorder. Sniffle. In need of Zellox.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Film Studies


I should've stuck to Accounting while I can. Film Studies is not about writing critique/reviews. It's about technics and theories of how a film is made and how a film is digested by us (who watches them) and the assessment is like 2 essays and a visual test.

First Essay - 1200 words. About Forms and Narratives.

Second Essay - 2300 words. Given topic.

OMFG. I'm going to die.

And my first essay is due on 30th of March. LORD SAVE ME!!!!!

Contemporary Worlds tute went damn well today. Too bad I kept on asking stupid/dimwit questions to make the class laugh. I really should stop but I was so tempted. We spent like an hour plus making fun of the text. Theodor Herzl (the papa of Zionism movement) will sooo kill us if he was still alive. The text was something about Jews and how it relates to Nationalism.

Speaking of that, I also have another 1000 word essay to for CW.

DOUBLE lord save me.

Toopid presentation on Tuesday. *bites nails* I want my mummy!!! >.<

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Carparks: Big or small, it ain't enough.

Come on. Ask me about my new elective subject. XD I don't know but If i change again, Kevin (our coordinator) is going to beat the crap out of me.

I don't know. It's my first lesson and in lectures we're usually forced to watch a 2 hour movie. And we'll discuss it in tutes. Well. For today, we watched one Virgo Mortensene (Eragon, from LOTR) movie. And there were at least 10 scenes that needed to be censored. Holy crap!

Now we know why there are more boys in Film Studies compared to girls. *shakes head*

I was late for JRN1902 lecture again. There was completely no parking at the sunway carparks and I had to go all the way to the new Monash campus to get a spot. Obviously, I should've just walked. Then I won't be late. Heck. It's not fair. Sunway needs a bigger parking spot!!!!!

Either that, or they should invest in a multi storey carpark.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

COM 1010.

Mark my words. COM1010 can kill.

Dr. Yeoh suddenly had this random Q and A session and whoa... we shook! I'm not sure about the rest but I know I did. The people in our tutorial class are really good. I suspect 70 percent of them are International Studies majors. And we have 2 super-dee-duper outspoken foreign students to raise the stakes higher. Man. Standards are hard to reach. Sometimes it feels like a battle field lah. It's makes you wanna build a bomb shelter and just hide! Either that, or you

SEE!!! War is happening everywhere! Even in Media Studies Tutes!

But that's where the tutor comes in la right? To defuse tension and make sure they don't start beating each other. Yep. I'm not religious but assuming if the tutor gets beaten up as well, then God bless him.
I don't know who are the people I'm dealing with. 2 of my tyres were punctured today. It's the first time anything like this has happened to me and those bastards are totally inconsiderate, uncouth, *toot*, aljkajsjlsaj!!!!.

I probably overused 'THE' word already today. But nothing expresses it better, true? There's a whole lot of negative vibes surrounding me and well, what they did make me feel like hitting something BAD. To beat something like them. With a baseball bat, a spanner, or maybe just something metal/big/huge/heavy/concussion-causing to see them cry and writh on the floor. Like I said, I don't know who I'm dealing with. I'll probably be the one with the bruises/broken bones.

Considering the fact that the start of my week has been terrible. Extra stress a meter away. I REALLY feel like beating something up. Cursing in the car definitely wasn't enough.

Anyhow, to all those students out there. It obviously doesn't only happen in Sunway. Their trick is to open that air-cap, stuff in a small stone and close it back again. Within the next few hours, your tyre will deflate.

Luckily I wasn't heading to class. I would've been late and I mean, it's bad to be late for Media Studies. Heck.

On a more positive note, the mechanic said it's not the first time. So obviously, it happens often. And being 'weaker' between the genders and all... obviously they'd choose a victim like me. I'm happy being a girl, but like jobs, gender has hazards.

On a WAY more positive note, my presentation isn't this week. It's next week. I'm spared~!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

It's morning. 8 am. Just sent Selina to Inti. Got lost at the Roundabout. (Oh boy, I hate the roundabout.)

I had ads strewn all over my bed. A dictionary beside me. I have no idea what my Unit Book is doing under my pillow. And my blood pressure level is shooting up.

There's a lot of things that contribute to that, but one of the reasons is the presentation tomorrow. I blame myself for watching The Holiday till 1 am last night. Hahahah... I have about 24 hours to complete it and yep... I'm still only half way through collecting points and summarizing them. Even though my topic is insanely hard, I understood bits of the text with some help from the dictionary of course.

DAMMIT. If Comm is this stressful, I'm moving to business. Although it's like committing suicide but at least, I'll be spared from such 'torment'.

My topic is wide. 4 objectives. 7 pages worth. And... it kills. My brain is programmed to read between the lines. But when there's TOO MANY lines... my brain automatically shuts off.

Bwaahahha... If there's anyway to keep my circuit alive, there can only one. *grins idiotically*

Sunday, March 04, 2007

"Don't change."

Sharveen told me that before I left for KL. I promised her I wouldn't but, I know damn well, I'm changing too much. I hate it. I think I have a rough idea of what is making me change. And I know damn well what I need.

I need another sleepover.


I'm at Starbucks now. (Kids under 12 should be BANNED from places like these)

It's hot.

There's no wi-fi to steal at home.

It's 3.26pm.

Nobody's online (Obviously lah. Who the hell comes online in the afternoon). Sonia's probably at the Zoo. >.<

Got myself a new scratch (Somewhere above my front left tyre.It hurts dude!!!)

I WOULD fill today post will be filled with lotsa angst and aggression but i won't lah. No time. Got presentation. And another will to write.

But just bits of notes lah.

Went to Genting yesterday for Orientation.

Sat on the Corkscrew for the first time in my life. And sat that Water thing also and got super-wet. I froze after that. But thankfully, Sin May offered me her scarf. Hahahaa...

Made a couple of friends! And got to speak to a couple of old ones.

The rides were great.

Charades was funny. (The next time I watch Titanic I'm going to laugh)

The Scavenger hunt was tough. We had to search for the MUSA members in the whole of First World plaza and damn. It's hard. *rubs chin* I think my favourite part is the part where I get to hug Zhen (I think. Kinda forgot the name) Yao. Wahahaha~! *pervy* But it's was loads of fun coz we had to like sing/dance/think we're sexy in public and basically, a whole lot of people in genting was watching. YAY! We're popular! Wackos from Monash is charging Genting. Hahahaah...

I relatively enjoyed it. But dreaded certain parts.

But then again, I can't believe it's over.

Now that it's over, I got to start with work.

The start of Uni isn't very smooth, but anything that won't kill me will make me stronger!

Till the next time I get internet connection, ciao~!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

I don't exactly consider myself an evil spawn of Satan but I think I can measure up to it if I want to.

Tollerence is essential.

My first accounting lec has been a total flop and I'll prolly only take in some other semester. When you see this chinese guy rushing through 4 chapters in a span of 1 hour, you obviously will get scared. I'm thinking of switching to Popular American Music or Contemporary Film Studies.

Now come to think of it, why the heck did I chose Accounting as an elective?!


Clair just sms-ed me! The Kpop newsletter is available in MONASH! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!!! OMFG!!!! I'm gonna like grab a copy tomorrow. YAAHHHH!!! I hope it's dong bang on the cover. But what the hell, even if it was Suju, I don't mind! WHOOO~!!!!

I'm going to school early tomorrow to grab it. MUAHAHAH~!