Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's going to be Winter.

So I got furry house boots today. :I

Monday, April 27, 2009


His knight stands tall. His pawn moves forward cautious with every step taken, he thought he knew the pieces he was dealing with.

For years and years the bishop said never forget all the lives at hand. Only a noble King will do his best to leave them spared. Lies.

Knights, Bishops, Rooks, pawns, move strategically in unified motion on the game-board fighting for his survival. It is the Queen who is the strongest- Such Irony- who is able to protect the king and his allies. And as the battle go, one by one they begin to fall. When the queen collapses, it gets worse.

Two Knights is all he has. Several pawns. The loss of his knight and rooks render him defenseless.

The King moves a step at a time every time he is checked. With every such restricted mobility, comes a violent spectacle of another life slayed.

The King continues to live. What mistake can he make?

If Kings were truly noble, there will be no reason to carry on. Kings hide behind a facade of blue blood and expensive frocks. Inside he is weak, defenseless and inferior. Without his Queen and his allies, he is nothing more than human.

When all is gone, blame this king. A kingdom lost. An entire nation under siege. Too late.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Say my name, say my name.

Been really Addicted to the song by Jessica Mouboy right now since Zem Dawgg sent it to me. (Highly recommended to keep you upbeat for the rest of the day.)

After coming to Australia, I noticed I've got a serious problem and it's going to be a stigma for life. A problem that will not disappear unless I take corrective action. Which I hesitate because I will need to risk sacrifice too much.

Zeming, Mei Yii and me are the only couple of the only Chinese kids that names are hard to remember. But people like us just sit back and relax and get the priviledge of not being called out in class.

For somebody's (heh heh,i wonderwho) 21st birthday party, we invited Gavin and his friends over. Gavin, is the most cracked kuai lou anyone could ever meet. From that moment he yelled out into the loud speaker "YOU MUST EVACUATE YOUR HOUSES! YOU HOUSE WILL SELF DESTRUCT IN 10 SECONDS, UP UP UP!" (something along those lines) at 8.00am in the morning for Rez breakfast organized at the start of the semester in Churchill, I know this guy was whack. XD

So, at that house party, the birthday girl got wasted. Joyce accompanied her. And I got first hand experience watching them hover. One kept giggling and falling off chairs, the other one hopping around like an energizer bunny announcing her marriage to the world.

Thoroughly amused, Gavin invited us over to his place for a little get together the week after. In which, he gave us nicknames for the fun of it and also to ease the little bonding process.

Zeming was Zem Dawg or Zem-ing (like Jam, with a Z in front), Mei Yii was Mee-eee which sounded like Meeeee (lol) and for some weird reason he decided this.

"but because the letters s-z-e dont actually go together in english, we have decided Sze's new name is zipper"

Which I accept. Because I'm not a melon (sticks out tongue to Cantaloupe Karina). Haha~

Hi Ya'll. My name is Zipper, what's yours?


Happy Belated Zeming! (oops?)

Homies, Neighbours and VB.

I rock Beer Pong.

Beer pong.

I'm finally good at a sport. ;)

Happy Anzac day!

Monday, April 20, 2009

A horny cow on TV

I am done with my proposal. I have one more urgent assignment due 5 hours ago and yet, I feel no urgency sitting here with a sudden moment of epiphany looking into the future 10 years from now.

ZM might just get lucky and get together with the buff kuai lou she always wanted, MY will be in a random country taking pictures of her random shadow (haha), A,B will start balding, S and K will be married with heaps of kids, and Sonia's sister's baby, Sarah (who was born today *omgsquish*) is will be 10.

I walk down Burke Street looking for something to buy and I have a feeling it's going to be shoes. I come over for a game at the Bowling Bar at QV with friends I know from work. I down some VB and start having trouble aiming straight. I take a few steps back to check the score board, chuckling feeling amused with my score. Feeling pleasantly inebriated by now, I go back to my seat. Somebody hands me another VB which I reject.

A friend will then ask me, "Did you see the horny cow on TV yesterday?"

"No, did you?"

She giggles for a while.

The phone rings and I answer.


"What time will you be back?"

"Around ten?"

"It's already 9.30."

"Did you see a horny cow on TV yesterday?"

"Noi, did you?"

What I end up doing is always a matter of conscience. In ten years time maybe I'll know how to stop.

Ok back to work.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

What happened in Easter.

1. Danny Gokey made my hair stand. *glomps*
2. I busted 400AUD in total, shopping+holiday+entertainment fees.
3. Karina is a Danny Gokey convert... for pretty obvious reasons.
4. I failed to interest Sonia in Idol.
5. I saw the sun, the sand and the sea...
6. Richmond: How was Great Ocean Road?
Us: Greatt!


+ Mizan broke leg.
+ Alex got bounced.
+ Spun some bottles.
+ Had sushi burger. (omgomgomgomg)

Right now.

+ Back in Gippsland.
+ 2 assignments sitting right under my nose.
+ No drive. >_<

This is as comprehensive as it can get.

Monday, April 06, 2009

It's getting colder ;(

There's a red tree outside my window.

It's Autumn.
It's cold.