Sunday, February 28, 2010

The cruelest kind.

Third day. I feel my spirits dip a little.

This feels oddly familiar. Chin up, looking at nothing in particular. Just walking rounds and rounds, riding escalators. Popping into Jusco hoping to find something I can purchase and then Cold Storage (There's no Red Rock Deli chips... NOOO!).

But it passes time. And in the mean time I can enjoy the air con and hide away from the blistering heat and all.

But if there's one thing I hate about living by myself in Kuala Lumpur, it's eating alone. I can't stand eating alone. *bitchfit* (Ok give me a week and I'll adjust.) Lol. Besides I'm not the kind who starves, so yea.

Still, going out isn't like last time anymore. I realize it takes a greater amount of energy to step out of home on your own and even greater mind boggling self control to not look back at how things were before.

If that was some elaborate ruse to get me to like you, well. It worked.

Full graphic blog here.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

A couple more things.

One can only depend on starbucks so long. :/ WOOOOO!


*SENDS OUT SOME CELCOM BROADBAND LOVES. (until i use it long enough to know if it sucks)

Moving on, a couple more things that amused me today.

my bookstand. LOL. Good things comes in pairs.

My new chucks. WHOHOO!!! I'm loving KL shopping selections.

I know I know. The irony. My mother's words to me before I left was "don't buy anymore shoes". O.O

I think deep inside she knows I can't keep to that.

Ikea on Monday (Class also on Monday *head desk*). Auntie's place on Sunday. One more thing that really really amused me was Jian Wen, my nephew (zomg i'm an aunt). I'll remember to take a picture next time.

Friday, February 26, 2010

A couple of things.

These are a couple of things that amused me today.

Spotted at the Living Cabin.

Uber cute.

Mannequin at Ruffey I.D.


1. Laptop is in tip top condition.
2. Bought a printer.
3. Bought SmartTag. Ultimate Rip off.
4. Bought Converse Shoes. FINALLY.


Thursday, February 25, 2010


Do not disturb: Fishvilling in Starbucks.

All the more I need to be disturbed. O.O

My tea latte's gone cold. T__________T

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It says it all.

This is where I catch the trains I miss.

추노/Chuno (2010)

Oh Ji Ho in some lalang infested area.

Recommended by my close friend, Yuna who's in Aus right now. It should be airing in KBS world soon. But I won't have KBS world to view it. Damn it. X( But wait till I get my hands on thiss. *snicker*.

Well so I was bored. So I did this.

Sze. Similar or not?

Epic phail.

To add into the list of "What Sze will NEVER be seen doing in her life".

Acting in a Korean period drama is not a career option. Or even a chinese one. Not close. O.o

But anyway, Kdrama hunters out there. Watch out for this. As soon as the subs are out, grab it. :)

One more day to move. X(

Monday, February 22, 2010


Wong fu makes me wanna go to costco.

Gargh! So cute X)

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Something random I found while sorting out my folders. Credits to Lex.


seriously! reading this, i couldn't help but think your also a little screwed up in the head. joke. don't take it the wrong way though. most geniuses (Einstein and his genius friends) were suspected of being screwed before. you're like on the same level as them *high five* - Suzy_me@Soompi

I lived for this. =)

Friday, February 19, 2010


Some things you can't put in words.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Fish ville is eville.

Don't feed me sugar. Rawr.

In other news, Vegas Skies has been looping in my head since waking up in the morning. It's meaningful I guess. I really, really love it. It's significance? The words perhaps. The words.

In other other news, spent the whole afternoon with Sonia, Sharveen and Krish____ (I refuse to learn his full name =.=) at Tebrau. The mall was unbelievably boring but the company was pretty good. Insane. ;o Doesn't take much to feel the natural high start coming over me. =D

From competing moving eyebrows, nose and other weird body parts, toy r' us and walking around providing nonsensical commentary in furniture stores. How old are we again?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

3 Days.

The day I really dread is coming closer. =(


I was explaining to my mother what this short was about today. I choked on my tears half-way.

Written By Yasmin Ahmad. RIP

Monday, February 15, 2010

Over a year ago.

Exactly a year ago, I arrived in Melbourne.


Then and now.

Half a decade ago, I was in school. I've seen all that's good, bad, fair and unfair. I lived through it with a close knit circle of friends and a couple of teachers whom were always on a look out for us, that until today are still an inspiration to us.

Sonia, Sharveen and I visited one of them today. The last I saw her was about a year ago before leaving for Australia. Today we sat in her house, chatting away without realizing how fast time flew by. The fear is gone. All I have for her now is respect.

While I bluntly say, about how tuition brings in more income. I could tell she didn't seem to agree. Teachers RARELY disagreed to that. Perhaps it's not the income she's after. To know that teachers who gave her 100 percent to where she's supposed to teach makes me feel comforted. Schools need more teachers like that. We don't need teachers who makes a guest appearance in class for 3 weeks and disappear the rest of the semester. We need teachers to actually teach and less meetings that last from the morning till the bells ring. We need speeches that can leave impacts in our lives, not time-wasting assemblies that brings no benefit.

In my time, this isn't what I got. It makes you appreciate those who did try to give you that even more.

Miss Low's retiring this year. It's a loss really.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Random Blog Material.

Happy CNY people. (And V day. FEEL THE LOVE.)

Friday, February 12, 2010


Maybe I don't want to be.

Oy Bull.

Omg. Omg. Omg. Reunion Dinner on Sat.

Remembered I need to hand in book list ASAP before CNY. WAHLAOS. *emohs*



*edit: Got a reply. workaholic. - Feb 12*

All because I was

1. Busy looking for a place to stay.
2. Procrastinating.
3. Trying to finish Brilliant Legacy (2009) and Minamishineyo (2009).
4. Singapore-ing and Procrastinating even more.
5. CNY-ing
6. Baking.
7. Thinking about everything else but my thesis. lol.

I don't believe I run on a Pentium two up there but I admit. I question my brain capacity sometimes. Why oh why am I not blessed with the incredible ability to multitask and hence more on-my-toes-abit, less up-in-the-sky-somewhere.

That aside.


Yes, I am going to start on a CNY rant now on the eve of New Year's eve.

Every year, we go through this. And who are we kidding? There are somethings about family gatherings that pricks us once in a while. But hey, don't get me wrong. It doesn't mean I love them any less. There's just a handful. It's especially problematic for really BIG families, huge extended ones.

So, since it's 2am and I've just found 4 books to add on my book list, I am going to come out with a list of awkward CNY situations that I'm sure people can relate to. Some I speak from experience, some coz I'm observant. Heh.

Topic 1: Your weight.

Yeap. Everybody's got relatives who do that. For girls, this is possibly the most dreaded topic to ever bring up when everyone is gathered around yummy food during the reunion dinner. It's one of those topics that really kills your appetite. Even worse, if you were the one who prepared the meal.

Sure, you've had a stressful year, snacked abit in between, had a baby perhaps?, had no time for the gym or no money to sign up for one, or just plain lazy to work out because it didn't occur to you how fast a year past after someone says to you "Wah, you putting on weight ah," while you were chomping on your abalone/cookies/bakkwa halfway. Or maybe you're just naturally the way you are no matter how much you workout/eat. [This applies to petite people too, but they get the opposite 'Must eat more treatment']. And the worst, it just didn't occur to you it was going to happen again the next year if you didn't do anything about it.

This year. You meet. Something changed. Your waistline. She mentions it again. At the dinner table. All your other relatives are around. She just put you through something even worst than public execution. LOL. Your appetite gets killed so does every other organ in your body. You remind yourself to change and swallow the last bit of bakkwa and vow upon the very day itself that you will be a changed person. Some people succeed. Some people just turn to the cookies after someone offers them and the cycle repeats all over again.

Topic 2: Their kids.

In a typical Chinese family setting, I am not generalizing but all Chinese parents really do this, parents love to talk about how great their kids are. Often out of love really =) and among parents, it's the only topic in common they have to discuss about after they're done gossiping about the government/share markets/business/other relatives. Except, some parents happen to sell their children a little too well like they're a mass-produced product sold on TV it makes you feel really icky on a joyous day. But hey don't be. Just remember your parents will be selling you as well. As you grow older, you will start to realize that perfect picture painted is really just, well... a picture (one thing I learnt in my course, communicating is just a matter of perceiving. Everything that is communicated is framed in such away that tells a story for the person's perspective Nothing is the gospel truth) and how pointless it'll be to be affected by something really trivial. =)

Topic 3: Your future.

SPM leavers/Uni-graduates/Retrenched get this quite often. For people who know what to do in your life, this is the time to shine. Outdo, outwit and outlast that kaypoh relative who dissed you for not having that straight A's/scholarship/promotion that they expected you to get. You explain your plans is great-detail with great passion sparkling in your eyes.

For people who don't know what they are doing yet, the case is often harder to deal with. Especially if your relative just listed out his/her/their children's plans, it's even harder to prevent your pride from being trashed. It can be really demoralizing especially with the fakeness of the whole conversation, "Oh you'll find something to do soon" or "Do you want to work for random-business-tycoon-relative-i-know". It's already weird enough you only meet this person once a year, pretty obvious you don't feel particularly close or sometimes any connection at all to that relative.

Remember words can travel. If your family happen to be the gossipy kind, tell a white lie. "I'm thinking of..." blablabla. Just be really down to earth about it. Anything but I dunno because they'll automatically think you're bumming.

Topic 4: Your Lovelife.

Whether you're single or taken or is your marriage going well random things that you really rather not talk about. It normally starts once you hit your early 20's. By 30 it gets tiring. If they live long enough by 40, you've move on. By 50... Hm. Either way, conforming to societal pressures rarely work out. I personally think it not worth sacrificing your own happiness to gain approval from others.

Remember this is only just to create small talk. Somethings that are said, really don't matter enough to be taken seriously. Spare the grudge. Spread the love. Be tactful. Avoid touching on too sensitive issues. If they do things to tick you off just be polite to remind them about your boundaries.

It's comfort you find in your family. Not competition. Those who can't provide simply don't mean as much. =)

IRIS (KBS 2009 release)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Case of Itaewon Murder (2009)

Saturday, February 06, 2010


It feels different with different companies. For people I lack something in common with and the bluntness that is not present in my culture. Relationships that are blunt and relationships that are straight-out honest versus relationships that are just superficial or just not as deep. Relationships at different levels.

People. I always constantly feel bad. People should stop making me feel bad. I should stop myself from feeling bad. On one hand I try to accommodate to everyone, another it's just impossible to make everybody happy. So why should I feel bad? But I can't. When it comes to issues touching on my loyalty, I just really really can't sit with on decision in peace.

As much as I try, and maybe succeed sometimes, I am not a person who can make everybody happy. I don't know if people remember but many times I fail.

Hate it when time clashes. I hate it when two things go on at the same time and I have to choose. I hate it when I have to be in two places at once. I hate it that out of all the times I choose, things don't turn out the way I expect it to be. Justifying my decisions normally ends up messy so I just don't bother.

Why can't people be cloned and just be packed up in little boxes. Maybe that way it will be physically possible to be at two places at a time. Or why can't everyone in my social circle know everybody like how I know them. Can't social circles all just be subsets?

Now wouldn't that just be dandy?

I'm blogging from Singapore now. Lovely traffic today. Didn't take too long to get in. Had a wonderful dinner and saw Gavin, he's Australian, scream chinese profanities in Chinatown. The best part: It's on camera.

In KL the week before for Semester issues RIGHT AFTER 5 days of traveling time with my best buds. Zouk was wicked. So was the scream park at Sunway lagoon.

Time spent at home?

I don't think there's even a word to describe how I feel right now.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Who am I to say the situation isn't great?

Looking at it now.

I like how things turned out.

I truly do.

How I got myself into a place where I can pig-out on books. Being back in KL is somewhat different because it's still away from home. The whole process of making friends and getting used to the place again will do me some good.

This two weeks I spent in KL actually made me feel how it was like to have your close friends with you for one week and then being alone most of the time for another. It felt like a strange metaphor. I have many friends. It's just that they are either scattered around the country or busy with their own thing which I've been feeling quite accepting towards right now. Time seems to creep when you spend it on your own but you won't die in the process. Eventually it passes and you get acquainted with them again. You treasure it abit more.

I now know One U like the back of my hand. I have found a place to stay. I have also gotten sources and a glimpse of what to expect next semester. So it's all 'deal-able'. Hehe. The only thing that isn't is the KL traffic. Been here for only a week and I'm already traumatized.

I feel really bad for disturbing Zeming's family for the week. Thank you so muchos Zemdawg for giving me a roof above my head and wheels below my feet. LOL. Sorry to impose. I owe you for eternity.

I still haven't said goodbye to my plans to go to Korea or Melbourne. Really. LOL. I'll get there someday. But for now, it's the capital I invade!

I'll ttyl KL. Flying back in 10 hours time.

Thursday, February 04, 2010



Kris Allen Live in Kl.

I don't care even if he only had one official song released I WANNA GO.

Accomodation. Honours prep. I'm more or less settled. =)

As for tutoring. errrrr =/

I am beginning to feel the pressure settling down on me. Honours will fly by fast and completing it will be really satisfying. And to know that if I have a partial scholarship in hand, I don't know much about the clause but I'm quite sure it means I have to finish this in one piece or else GG. :/ Omg stress. Something for me to be proud of for once. With almost zero athletic success to boast off, this, my friend is, to make up for all the opportunities I've missed.


Ok. Random. I was buying donuts from Big Apple yesterday and I heard a really good song that I liked. I recognized it because the radio has been playing it since forever but this version Big Apple played was a slower acoustic version which was actually alot fresher compared to the original which sounded like all the other songs we hear on radio - Kesha etc etc.

I remembered it has something to do with mothers.

And the singer was a female.

But it wasn't enough to find out the title on the net. I hate not knowing titles. You have no idea how many mother songs are out there.

I went on to the charts and found it.

And this is it.

And others of interest.


Monday, February 01, 2010


Judge judge judge judge judge judge judge judge judge.

Waking up in Vega-

I watch One U come to life. How it transformed from a lifeless row of dark alleys to a mall full of life and people. It was so hard to find starbucks. =.= Lol.

No point going to Monash so early since there isn't much to do there.

So here I am with my trusty mug of Chai tea latte with nothing to do. I end up eavesdropping some business conversation a few tables away from me. HEHEHE.

Lunch with Zeming once she's done with the first half of the day. Then will be meeting up with Selina for house hunting later. OMGG. 1pm quickly come already X(