Friday, August 31, 2007



Com1020 ---> AIISH. T_T I could feel my air-muka slipping away from me. Nuff' said. Wei Liang is a good actor though. *thumbs up*

INT1020 ---> Todays topic was on fundementallism and somehow, religion is like the hard core area in this chapter. The presentations are coming. I'm going to be retarded in my presentation.Week 12.

It's been a whole week.

Behhlody HHell. =(

Happy Birthday Malaysia!


okay it's done.

I'm packing my bags.

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Yellow submarine

The sun seems to shine brighter, the breeze feels cooler, the night sky seems to have more stars.


Yaa right. =_=

Headed to Spectrum for dinner. Had Buffet.

I feel like I just ate a cow.

*watches Lynette G. charging over*


I feel stupid for typing this post.

Headed to KLCC today. (and yesterday).

Two Words: Jaclyn Victor.

Three more words: Didn't get photograph.

*stabs self*


Girls must hold their composure well.

Composure = Not overreacting over something random.

Not overreacting over something random = Don't scream, don't jump, don't shout, don't react or even if you do react act stoic, "oh-really" stoic.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Yes. Eeks is the name of my WLAN network. I don't know why I named it that but it's just that. Eeks is a reaction towards something revolting. Eeks is not supposed to be a name for a WLAN network.

I'm a wreck. And I'm bored.

I can't start my Feature article because of a massive writers block. Why is it when I do FTV, JRN things flood my head. And now that I've submitted FTV, my brain becomes the Sahara? =_=

Holding it in is harder than saying it out.


Don't sit there later and wonder what could've been.

I wanna hear a poem where ideas kiss similes so deeply that metaphors get jealous.


You know, guys are getting so pretty these days is downright scary!

For the record, Soompi people are all very literary and creative. Haha. Those quotes and Avatars are from there. :D

Friday, August 24, 2007

My duty is completed.


I fed my work to the Assignment box. =P

Gia is sad. T_T Watch it.

Dorky Dork. Newspapers were a scare. TV becomes entirely another thing. It's so entirely another thing, it makes people jump. And when people jump, it becomes embarassing when people jump out of control in front of people like... okay. Let's call it, Lee Seung Gi.

Dungu 2nd 2007 is coming right up. "Dare to be Stupid".

Tag ^^,

Kena from Clair. XD

8 facts about me:

1.) I find procrestination thrilling.
2.) But I just felt how REAL thrill felt like at Stadium Putra!!! OMFG!!! KOO KIEN KEAT! *screams*
3.) I eat balls. Any kind of ball. Fish, Beef, Pork, Meat, Chicken...
4.) I am a closet fan of many things.
5.) When I lose things, I wait for them to appear.
6.) I can't cut with scissors right.
7.) I yawn a lot.
8.) I may be left handed but I'm always right :D

My 8 Lucky picks:
1.) You.
2.) And You.
3.) Don't run now. You're chosen too.
4.) AHA! DAMN DAMN DAMN! she got away!
5.) Erh. If you wanna do it. Do la.
6.) Seriously, it kills time.
7.) Believe me for once can or not.
8.) DO OR I'LL SPORK YOUR EYES OUT! *takes out deadly spork*

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Understood it. I'm freaking out because I understood it.


I've got something to say about the last years I've lived. I'm not the same kid I was when i was younger, i just thought you should know.

A new 21st April.

Can you hear to the things I don't say?


I kinda wished I was living in the hostel now. The whole 6 seasons of Sex and The City is in the hostel server there and so I won't need to painfully wait for hours for each episode to load. It really sucks when there's no peers.

It's gonna be at 12 noon. Friday. So pray for me.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Aha. Today went great. I especially liked FTV tute today because we got to talk about South park! XXXXD!

And so you see, I don't watch South Park for nothing. South Park has intelectual values. It distances us from what we identify ourselves with and bring us all to look at an issue as a human race.

*beams widely*

Funny how the mind works.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone was up to something causing moral panic and all.

HRm. Kenny still dies. XD

This is South Park

Now where to get eps of SaTC? FTV assignment due Friday. Tsk tsk.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


I escaped AV workshop for this. *dies* If only things didn't clash. UGH. The AV room is nice. The AV room is super duper nice. Got my facts wrong. The studio with the Apple computers in is for designing. It belongs to the IT faculty. T_T


Okay, I've never known the feeling of being really thrilled or exhilarated so bad over something and for the first time in my life I actually felt it. The tension, the force, the hysteria.

I admit, I've never been an avid sports fan. I watch it occasionally on TV, I follow the news on the last page of the papers...

Karina wanted to go for the BWF thing. So she pulled me along. And tadaa~! I've been converted. LOL!

Supporting the country is one thing. Supporting the country with 9000 other people with bong bongs (or is it pong bongs? The long air tube thing you bang against each other to create sound.) in the damn stadium is another.

Eventhough things didn't end very nicely in the Proton-BWF World Championships for Malaysia, it was really obvious the team was really fighting their asses off in todays match and so I respect them and anticipate for their next world event. You know, watching them play make me feel lousy in Badminton. *rollseyes* ARGH. XD

For people who are skeptical about the Malaysian sporting spirit, you should've gone to the stadium today. It's really different from watching it at home. I have a sore throat. I have like 3cm by 3cm space on paper. A unused finals pass. Okay. If i ever went for tomorrow's game, I will kick myself. I have an FTV paper due in the end of the week.

Now, people must be wondering who is that guy who was clad in a specially designed shirt of the malaysian flag? Now, that guy is what I call Spirit.

It's Mansoor aka Tok Mo. Loads of people took pictures with him. He's like the Hang Tuah of Malaysian sports, a really big fan and he was leading the cheer all the way. The next time you see him (he will be probably heading to Korak. So look out for him if you'll be heading there for the SEA games) follow him. He leads the country!

For more pics, go to Karina's blog!

Learned loads from this two days. It was fun joining FAMEMAS cheering on for Malaysia together. It's one experiences I absolutely absolutely will remember for the rest of my life. I really could write a full length report on this but I think I will do it some other day.

Now, what's the biggest thrill of the two days I spent at Putra Stadium?


It's not photoshopped. It's Koo Kien Keat. :)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Not another Thursday!

To do list:

[x] Assignment 1 COM1020
[x] Assignment 1 INT1020
[x] Work on handouts for presentation in COM.
[x] Presentation during Com.

YES! It's over!

It's really over!!!

I have no idea how i prepared the last final bit of my presentation within 1 hour. But i completed with handouts and all. Yay. :)

The assignments ate half of my brains. Another classic example of doing things last minute.

But at least, IT'S OVERRRR!!!

*late post*

Ratatouille (2007)

Headed to Cineleisure after school to watch it. Remy is more human than any other human can be. It's heartwarming, funny, and there's bits of action. The parts involving water is the best. 7 stars for the movie. 10 billion stars for CGI. XD I know I'm bias lah but I'm a sucker for stuff made for kids.

It's definitely bringing out the kid in everybody.


Monday, August 13, 2007

I left to redeem myself.

Im Taebin
Spike Lee
Kurt Cobain
Prince William <3<3
Tan Boon Heong
Sze Jia

They all have one thing in common.



I got tagged.

Four jobs I have had in my life:

Four places I have lived:
- My house in Johor Jaya.
- Home in Permas.
- The one in Pulai.
- The apartment in KL.

Four places I have been on vacation:
- Bangkok (Long Time Ago...)
- Penang
- Singapore
- Melaka

Four of my favorite foods:
- Wah Tan Whore hor~!!
- Bento.
- Bulgogi.
- Pizza Hut's Mushroom soup. I am spastic to even consider this a delicacy but yea, I like it.
Can i add another one two?
-SS2 Murni Roti Hawaiian.

Four places I would rather be right now:
- Home.
- Where Mum is.
- Where Dad is.
- Where my heart is.

Sheesh. So Emo. I prepared another not so emo answer.

- Pulau Perhentian
- A big park or somesort.
- Somewhere to work out.
- Mentari Cour- No i'm just kidding. XD

Four friends I would like to tag:
-anyone! Anyone at all!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


1 more day. :D

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Rush Hour 3

Starring Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker

6 years damn it! Just came out yesterday. Hahaha... The movie was hilarious and the action is good. I think this is better than the second one but nothing can beat the first one. It's worth the watch.


Dojo Master: May I Help You?
Detective James Carter: I'll be asking the questions old man. Who are you?
Dojo Master: Yu.
Detective James Carter: No not me you!
Dojo Master: Yes I'm Yu!
Detective James Carter: Are you deaf?
Dojo Master: No Yu is blind!
Detective James Carter: I'm not blind, you blind
Dojo Master: That is what I just said.
Detective James Carter: You just said what?
Dojo Master: I did not say what, I said Yu.
Detective James Carter: That's what I'm asking you!
Dojo Master: And Yu is answering.
Detective James Carter: Shutup!
Detective James Carter: You!
Dojo Master: Yes?
Detective James Carter: Not You, Him! What's Your name?
Dojo Student: Mi.
Detective James Carter: Yes You!
Dojo Student: I'm Mi.
Dojo Master: He's Mi and I'm Yu.
Detective James Carter: And I'm about to whoop your old ass man because I am sick of playing games!


Chinese bad guy: [shouts at Carter in French]
Detective James Carter: [to Lee] What the hell is that?
Chief Inspector Lee: I think he's speaking French.
Detective James Carter: You Asian, stop humiliating yourself!

James Carter is just =_=. The MJ start was a classic. XD

I dunno why people label it Anti-Chinese. Hey, it's a movie. Not a critical analysis text you use for COM and INT. It's just a movie lah. I don't think it's anti-asian in anyway.

Watch it so you can tell your friends you watch all 3 rush hour movies and you love the Carter-Lee pairing. Or, watch it just for laughs.

DEHH. Any possible RH4?

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I like Bulgogi.

Okay. I was tempted.


Needed something to cheer up.

Kari suggested Daorae in USJ 10.

And so we went.

I had Korean food for the first time in my life.

Don't believe it?

You'd better.


Sat there for an hour and a half.

eating nonstop.

Loved the barbequed pork.

Loved the kimchi-jigae.

Kinda liked the Corn Tea and Barley.

Married to Bulgogi.


HAHA. Pushing the exercise aside, the food was good. So that made up for it.


PORK is a scary word.

No wonder there's a gym on the 1st floor.


Emo tagline of the day (haven't done this for a while.)

So what would happen if Romeo lived?

Monday, August 06, 2007

Daddy stories.

Fly, Daddy Fly (2006)

Starring Lee Junki, Lee Moonsik.

I was watching it today after finishing JRN. Haha~

This movie didn't really have a 'strong' viable plot but the character's chemistry made up for it. The movie is actually an adaptation of the Japanese movie "Fly Daddy Fly" based on a manga.

Lee Moonsik plays a father who is enraged when her daughter is assaulted by a champion boxer/untouchable/rich man's son. Well, that boy was just being a typical saggaji and there wasn't anything he could do about it. He meets Lee Junki and from there, Junki trains the old man to be a lean mean fighting machine.

Expect nothing twisted, like all Korean Movies, it's all laughs and tears. Cept for this, Bloodshed is extra.

It was nice watching Junki kick ass here. Even nicer to watch veteran Lee Moonsik kick ass there.

The training makes me wanna move. *prepares dumbells*

3 stars :)


The next daddy story.

Holy Daddy/Wontak's Angel (2006) 원탁의 천사

Starring Lee Minwoo, Im Ha Ryung, HaHa (Ha Dong-Hoon), Kim Sang Jung

All he wanted to do was to make it up to his son before he leaves... It's pretty much "making up for lost time".

LOL. Minwoo had a movie all along!

I DARE SAY, this is the most underrated movie from Korea. It is super and yet it was so hard for me to find the poster. Nobody appreciates good stuff anymore. It did well enough over in it's homeland but it wasn't really a big box office hit (Hwangae namja, Hwangjini.. seems like period movies and dramas do better than normal ones these days). Throw the corny flicks aside, this movie deserves some recognition!

Minwoo did super. But the focus here is Haha. Nobody told me Haha could make people cry. T_T Thought he was always the comedian, but i think the movie did change my impression on him. The plot was great. The chemistry between the characters was great. From the cast to the acting to the script, I like everything about this movie!

This movie really builds up to the point it will SURELY make you cry at the end.

4.5 stars!!! It's a classic.

More movie caps.

The classic Minwoo-Haha picture.


Saturday, August 04, 2007

I like pyrotechnics

The fire works came at the right time. I was just about to lament to my cousin about how sucky assignments are when she starts complaining about Omega BM Karangan homework.

Suddenly, I heard a loud explosion. I was wondering if Sunway was under attack. There was a big function going on at Sunway Lagoon. Somebody could've set the bomb off.

Though, that would suck coz that means we need to find another place to celebrate things. Besides, terrorism in Malaysia will really make everybody break into a frenzy.

Obviously it's just my brains over acting.

Anyhow, I stepped out of my room and saw R armed with her camera-phone jumping happily heading towards the balcony. K was already gazing out in awe. She suddenly shrieked and ran into a room. She came out shortly with her digi-cam.

There i stood watching the lights decorate the sky. For a moment there I felt I could take my mind of anything and just watch it forever. Other than the exploding sounds of the fireworks and occasional excited chuckles, we were quiet. I dislike loud sounds. Except for fireworks.

It went on.

And on.

For a solid 5+/- minutes.

It finished, everyone in the block (I presume) cheered. Obviously everyone was staring out.

Someone once asked me from the backseat why of all places, Indah Villa?

"The Condo is for girls. Indah Villa is for guys."

The answer is Pyrotechnics.

It's the perks of staying here. :)


(I'll steal pictures from them later.)

It also reminds me. I need a camera.



I'm done!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Cocoa Butter

I left my cocoa butter body shop lip balm in the car for 24 hours.

Took it out after class was over.


*drama mama*

........but still can use la.

Moral of the story - Do not leave anything meltable and chocolate in the car. TEEHEE!

*Alex and Karina didn't like the Footato. LOL.