Monday, December 31, 2007

What i achieved in 2007 - I lived it in one piece.

I'm a lot more alert. I have to respond more positively to stress or in times of crisis. I didn't pick up Martial Arts. I don't like the internet as much as i did before. I still lose things. Sometimes I don't find them. I haven't gotten my 4 strikes in a row in bowling. But I lived through 2007 in one piece.

For things that I did and I didn't, 2007 is a year where I had guts, stress, yoghurt, oreos, Roti Goreng, summons, dents, first-hand-account-with-a-leech-of-the-nation, lots of pain and a bunch of other experiences I don't know how else to describe. Sure there were fun things too.

Monash - Wooot. I'm in a campus baybehh.
Malls I dun quite get why KL has so many super big malls but it was rather fun hanging out there sometimes.
Spice Girl Reunion - Ok. I just saw a nuffnang ad so lol.
Cheesy quotes - Now place the ring on his hand. A ring is like a circle, it goes on forever. It's not like a triangle, triangle have corners. It's like a circle. *Sandler-Schneider lovin'* When you meet the~ okay. It's copyrighted. I won't go on.
BWFSS-Did i mention Koo is extremely-super-sonic-megatron-insane-hothothottt dorky dorky dorky *mute*.

In the name of all things holy, I need a shrink. lol.

2007 has been a whore. *profanityprofanityprofanity* STILL, I'm thankful to have come this far. 2007 has taught me many things about friendship, life and love.

The New Crib

Living away from my family kinda made me realize how I've been taking them for granted when I lived with them. I wasn't overall a bad kid but I see them everyday, sometimes I forget their presence. Old friends too. I have a feeling I'm going to get a second wave of Homesickness when I get back in February.

I don't loathe Freedom. But sometimes, i wished I had someone to yell at me abit or just tell me whether what I'm doing is right or wrong.

Independence doesn't come free. Suddenly things like judgement, budgeting, responsibility all get thrown at you. It becomes overwhelming. But when you get a hang of it it, it just comes naturally.

Nothing comes easy. And I know there's more out there. 2008 is a new year, a new beginning. Hope it'll be a good one.



Make them. Break them.

+I still want to learn something new. But this time, it may not be martial arts.
+I WILL NOT KEEP THINGS TO THE LAST MINUTE. (omg. I soOoo need to kick the habit)
+Be early for classes.
+Be more organized. My room in KL is like something with a built-in Tornado.
+Make better choices in food, decisions etc.
+Do no incurr extra costs (Ie: no more dents, no more parking under trees. WTHECK.)
+Walk more.
+Be more optimistic.
+Number of Traffic Police Summons for 2008= ZERO.
+To be more responsible.
+Strive to get 4 strikes in a row for bowling. (Haha wth. by 2009)
+Do well for Second Year!
+Spend more time with my family when I'm around.

Fine, if they don't wanna party, I'm buying peanuts to eat on NY eve with them.


I so can't believe I'm going to hit the big 2 in the next 10 months.

The hospital is a depressing place.

In 2007, I had a very very close friend who got sick. We attended the same Moral classes for Sec 2 and 3, (very kecoh) and took I.T. for Sec 4 and 5. (Damn kamcheng). If I was an indian dude, she would be equivalent to my Macha.

We visited her today because she recently just got admitted again. We were early. The three of us hung outside the building chatting while waiting for the visiting hours to start. While we walked in, I saw nurses pulling the curtains around the bed and a beeping sound like those you hear on Grey's anatomy when someone kicks the bucket. We walked on. Shuffling towards the end of the hallway.

We saw her sleeping. We chatted with her mum softly. she got up. We kept her company for a while. I was just being my random self. Everyone was chirping (nagging, more literally) over nutrition and Sonia's brother-in-law's fever-waving method.

We left her to rest after a while.

I left the hospital feeling rather broken.

"I know you kick-ass so get well soon. Looking forward to hang out with ya!"

Saturday, December 29, 2007

She's in again.

I only hope it's not serious.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Of teeth and Christmas-es.

It's christmas eve. And so everyone has heard of the song that goes, "What i want for Christmas is my two front teeth"?

I haven't really thought about Christmas/NY Resolutions. But I know damn well what I don't want for Christmas -- A tooth extraction.

My wisdom tooth has been really bugging me since I was in Thailand. So yesterday, I gathered up whatever balls courage I had and decided to head to the dentist for a check up.

I never really had a fear of dentists but this is the first time I felt really uncomfortable at the clinic.

When I got there, there was no one apart from a pretty pissed-off dude who claims that there are remanants of a tooth this dentist extracted. (Of course there was no one else. It's Christmas! Everyone wants a piece of that turkey!) HE walked out of the office less than a minute getting in and den den den... It's my turn.

I meekly got in. Mum followed suit. I sat on the chair.

He asked what the problem was.

"I think I've got an inflamed gum near my wisdom tooth. My cheek hurts too."

"Is this the first time."


He checked and yeap, bingo. The infection had spread to my right cheek. Damn gum. Damn wisdom tooth that takes forever to grow. Damn everything that goes "Bzzzzzz".

He cleaned the area by jabbing the scaler under the flap of inflamed gum (It hurted bad) then gave me antibiotics and painkillers.

"No extraction?"

"Since it's the first day. If it comes back again and again, you might want to consider minor surgery."


I self-censored a curse.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


I don't like my wisdom tooth. =(

Thursday, December 20, 2007

12 days is a long time.

[Ignore my previous post. It was typed in a record-speed with absolutely screwed grammar and 2 pesky friends at my side. *snicker* Not to mention 1 hour and 10 minutes of connection that costs approx. 10 ringgit. What a rip off.]

I aM baCCKKKK!!!

And it's gonna be very very difficult to blog about 12 days so i'll just talk about the highlights.

I've seen how sports can get incredibly political when you pit two countries against each other. Yes. It's worse if bias judging takes place.

Because of this 12 days, I can safely say wasn't idling for the hols.

Nakhon Ratchasima Province นครราชสีมา
(8th Dec-15th Dec)

"Jetted off at night on a Lufthansa Boeing 747. Delayed. Reached the Suvarnabhumi airport midnight-ish. Reached hotel at Korat at 4.30 thai time aka, 5.30 Malaysian time. Barely 3 hours of sleep, we head off to start our first day cheering for Malaysia.

Our schedule nearly killed me."


It's really spectacular how we exceeded our targets. Azalina said 64. We bagged 68!

So you see, there's only about 40 of us who had to move from stadium to stadium, uni to uni, mall to mall. Thailand sent off their own army off cheer leaders for every event! Blimey, talk about National pride!

For the Women's Basket Ball Finals against Thailand, we took like a small corner at the basketball court, somewhere under the score board. The rest of the stadium was local people. It's just us against the whole stadium. Imagine that.

We waved the flag like a bunch of crazy people (I had the biggg humongous flag for full 7 days), the others bashed their kompangs like mad. Thai was leading with a small difference but we picked off half way through. Till the final second, we beat the Thais by 1 point.

The most memorable has to be Women's Basket Ball and Ping Pong. :)

Even though Ng Sock Khim got a silver, nobody expected her to beat the thai player who ranked Top 10. She did it though and even asked us to stay for the finals against Singapore but we couldn't. She played hard though. I really like our local atheletes. Those that we met were really nice and humble. It's sad some go unnoticed by the public.

I dunno what's with chasing for gold. When you watch it live, Silver, bronze... is just as good. It's how sporting you are that counts.

+Btw. Josiah Ng, (Malaysian cyclist) is really tall in real life. Check out the legs ^^,
+Daniel Bego is not human is a fish! I swear! Haha. Okay, maybe not this lifetime.
+The hot Ping Pong dude. What is his name?! >_< (oh. i found out) Muhd Shakirin IBRAHIM.
+Beach Volley ball - It was 5-ish. Armed with suntan, we cheered under the setting sun ignoring the heat. We lost to thai in the finals but it's ok. They pwned!
+Dancesport is still not recognized by the OCM. It's about time they did. There are people out there fighting to get it recognized.

No pictures for now (maybe later) coz my camera died on Day 2 in the gymnastics stadium. Will post some when I get it.

The people

Thailand has been incredibly kind to my noobness in Thai. (River = Menam. Help me remember that.) Despite the language barrier, the Thais overall were really really hospitable. Always smiling and friendly. The local cheer team also helped cheer Malaysia on at some matches. The locals we meet were also really jovial. The tour guide (Lek) was also really friendly to show us what was along the way. (Poor thing, she got kacau-ed by old poke chauvinists males on the bus.)

To top it all off, one staff from a random hotel helped when the three of us got lost searching for a street market in Korat. :P

I should've brought along a language-guide.

The food

I am someone who can never hold spicy food. I cannot tahan. If you let me down a bit of wasabi, you can see instant colour change on my face and I will be downing truckloads of water after that.

Sooo... yaa. You get the gist of it.

The choices for breakfast was the same everyday. So it's the usual koko crunch, milk, pan cakes, thai honey (slurp), sausages and eggs. We usually grab nonsense for lunch but it's okay. Had fillet-o-fish for 2 consequtive lunches. 0.0! Dinner was something I always look forward to.

Tom Yum - OMG. *drools* It is DA bomb!
Thai Curry - OOOOOHHH~!
Meat and Veggie skewers - ok. the green thing right at the bottom is probably jalepeno pepper (or some crazy mutated spicies). DO NOT consume.

*breathes smoke*.

BTW The weather doesn't help.

The Internet Connection

It's. A. Rip. Off.

In a Nut Shell

To sum it up, it was overall a really good experience. I'm glad i went for it. Still, it ended a lil abruptly. I was just getting to know everybody then poof! I'm at the airport again walking aimlessly to find the gate for my flight back home. To look at it, at least it was long enough for me to get enemies. LOL.

Can't believe i sang on the bus. T__T

I came back to KL on the 15th and remained there until today.

(15th - 20th)

I remember complaining about the jam at the fly-over in Bandar Sunway and the LDP. I change my mind.

THE JAMS IN TOWN ARE FAR MUCH WORSE. *swallow thick lump down throat*

That aside, the deco in KL is really pretty and Chrismassy now. LOL. I spent most of my time at Bukit Bintang since I was staying around there. Did some shopping with gran and mum!

There's this gigantic christmas tree thinggy in Pavillion and I got to see a choir carolling on the tree. It was actually a spiral platform. Go check it out. I'm sure they'll have it again.

The Bulgogi in Food Republic in Pavilion level 1 IS DA BOMB! *slurp slurp* Try it. :D

I still haven't gotten my J. Co. donuts though. :(

Got a flu on the second day. Wahlaoo.

I saw PPG, Dexter and Deedee in Pyramid.


I can't believe I was grinning watching them.

Well. It's fine because I find it hard to believe alot of things that I do.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sleep Deprived.


I need sleep.

I also need a Thai For Dummies book/Travel Guide.

Karina is annoying.

^she did that.

Alex is also annoying because h45614e can't stop laughing.

Yah. He did ^ that. Internet damn expensive.

Bego damn hot. Josiah damn hot.

Till next time.

Friday, December 07, 2007


You know damn well i'd die for a handwriting like that. T.T


The SEA GAMES 07 opening ceremony totally pwned. Why weren't we given tickets to go for that?! :(

Will be jetting off soon. Can't wait. =D

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Common ground.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Dinner and 20 questions. O.o?

Mini SJ quipps, "Can you make babies?" *giggle giggle giggle*

*SJ long pause*

"Well, Technicallyy..."

I was stuck. If you had your youngest lil bouncy cuz asking you that, how would you answer?

Mini SJ asks the adorkablest questions ever. SL and I got a shock coz she is 7 and being 7 is the time for her to be sweet and innocent and thinking about cute little bunnies jumping in the plains... not explaining to us [Quote] the worm thinggy meets the egg in the womb [Unquote] when we asked her if she knew how babies were made. She must've read SM's and SY's science textbooks.

While Sze Pei was sick with a pretty bad gastric case and SK was sitting beside me engrossed with his new nintendo, SL was with me and Mini SJ was pestering us to bring her to see the fishes in the sea aquariums in the restaurant. That was we did... watching poor ol' seafood waiting to be human feed.

Then, there was once we accompanied our grandma to the bathroom where Mini SJ started talking about her sleeping habits.

Mini SJ: I sleep walked last night you know. I was just walking then suddenly 'bong' i hit the door.

Mini SJ, SJ, SL LOL-ed.

SJ: At least you don't sleep-scream.
SL: Or sleep-kick!
SJ: I know I have a habit of sleep tug-a-war! I pull the blankets~
SL: Yarr! *faces Mini SJ* That time right I was sleeping with her, I was pulling the blankets back the whole night! *does the action*
SJ: Hey, you should try to sleep with her. There was once we were on a holiday Sze Lynn and I shared a single bed with her (SL). We were still really really young. Then in the middle of the night I felt my face hit something hard. The next thing i knew is I was on the floor. And she was sleeping horizontally and probably did a 360 degree turn.
SL: Ooooh. port dickson ahhh...
SJ: ya ya yaa~


Mini SJ and SL the scurried back to the table while I helped my gran back. When I got to the table SL pulled me over.

SL: You know what Sze Jann asked me.
SJ: ??
SL: Sze Jann ask me whether we can go to a hotel noww.
SJ: For what?
SL: She asked me if she could spend a night with me. She said she wants to know how it feels like.
SJ: O.o?!

She's 'in love' with someone-i-can't-name. She made me promise.

She knows the 1 quarter fish 3 quaarter duck "word".

Omg. There's too many things she knows.

Another thing Mini SJ said to me was this. "When you get married, you owe me a lobster." Maybe it's just her way of saying Hi. ROFL! XD

Kids grow up too fast these days.


I'm stuffed!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

To everyone who has been receiving birthday wishes from me on facebook.

with the exception of Alexeo, Hafizah and Jason coz it is really their birthdays.

Sze Jia has not gone bazookers because of boredom until she calls everyone and old fart and wishes them happy birthday.


Superwall Screwed up.

I just realized it was sent to almost every friend I have with Superwall.

And I have to remove it manually. =_= wahlao.

Friday, November 30, 2007


Malaysia did well defending against Aussie (World Number 1).

Damn proud of them. :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Spoiler Alert. Done out of boredom.

A few movies i watched recently. :)

Pantang Mengundur sebelum berlawan

It's nothing like Yasmin Ahmad's Sepet but it had an odd mix of cultures in this movie. Sumo-lah focuses on the rules behind the sport applied in daily life.

The plot was rather predictable lol. But still, pretty good for a local movie! 2 hours for this was rather long though but if you are a Gurmit fan, you will sit through this (zoning out occasionally, if you must.). :P

I was just waiting for Afdlin to win against Gurmit.

I give this movie a 6.
Gurmit's snob-ness a 7.
Fake Japanese Accents a... Nvm.

My Father(2007)

K-movie Genre stereotypes. It's either a humanitarian, romance, disease, comedy, teenage angst, mafia vs. police, horror or Joseon-period movies. Some one surely dies. One thing they all have in common is, they make you cry.

Fine. I won't spoil it. For the sypnosis, refer to google. It's everywhere coz this is a K-box office hit. DANIEL HENNEY IS SOOO HAWTT!

I give this movie an 8.5.
I give Kim Young Chul a 10.

KYC delivered his role awesomely!

Welcome to Dongmakgol (2005)

It's an epic!

Set during the Korean War in 1953, 3 Northeners meet 2 southerners in a village that is completely sealed out from the outside world come together to realize that they can learn to get along. There's a yankee too. It was funny at first, but towards the end...

Stock up tissues. That's all I'm saying.

Spin Kick (2004)

Kim Dong Wan is such a dork in this Movie. This movie revolves around teenage vices, street fighting, tobacco, alcohol and what not. The problem only starts when the principal, desperate after the 6 taekwondo members got hospitalized, agrees to bail 6 of the schools nightmare ghetto students from jail if they agree to get through the priliminnaries.

So you can see how bad turn good and Kim Dong Wan acting dorky :P the good always prevail that sort. The rivalry between him and Hyunbin i felt is too intensed. We never really got a clue if any of them got together with Su Bin.

There is a moral in every story and this is no exception. It's not the best korean film i've watched. But watch it anyway. Hyunbin in this is really different from his Kim Sam Soon days.

Shinhwa fans should watch this. lol.

She's on Duty (2004)

If you think Kim Sun-Ah was great in Kim Sam Soon think again. She was even better in this! She played her role really well.

A rookie cop forced to head back to school to befriend the daughter of their prime suspect. As soon as you see her step into school, prepare to laugh.

Gong Yoo!


If you like Action and Humour, you'll like this one.

Beowulf (2007)

The posters are everywhere.

Jolie doesn't want her kids to watch this.

I find it superficial.

To put it crudely, jolie toots an old bastard and get a monster, you do it with a young warrior you get a handsome strong golden dragon.

Does that equation work?

Good CGI nonetheless! Towards the end, the fight was awesome.

The Wedding Singer (1998)

Adam Sandler!!!! *gushes*

"Even let you hold the remote control..."


I knew the song. Never watched the movie. And I finally did. Deh.. what have i been doing for the past 9 years missing out on a show like that!!!

Thumbs up for the 80's setting!

Spoilers end here.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ok. Damn it! I'm not warm anymore.


In fact, I'm freezing. I'm freezing, I'm cold, I'm icy, I'm iced-up, I'm chilly, I'm shivering. Yes. I'm shivering.

It really sucks you know. One minute you feel warm and fuzzy, the next you freeze even without your air-con on. You curl up in a duvet and just pull it closer to you and force yourself to sleep.

This is one of the other things that's even worse than having problems sleeping (which i forgot to mention).

You go close a book/cleo/8 Days and put it next to you. The last time you saw the clock it was midnight. You think. One thing leads to another. You toss and turn in your bed for a while. And when it seemed like an hour, you finally sleep.

Sleep sleep.


And then, suddenly you jolt up awake. You turn to yourside. You realize you're in your room. You realize the sun isn't shining on/roasting/toasting your butt. And then, you see the clock - 5am.

5 am.

Seriously! (too much GA)

What's worst than having problems sleeping is waking up in the middle of the night at the most absurd hours during the holidays.

The dreams aren't repetative (thankies buddha!), but waking up in the middle of the night is.

I miss McKay already. :(

Barely 1 month. BARELY.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


It drizzled that night. But I was warm.

Friday, November 23, 2007

TV Addict

I'm messed up. My head is as messed up as the hair of 15-year-old angst and kimchi. Must be the strong scent from the preserved fruit thing Karina bought and polluted the air with.

Sharveen and Karina are mean. I was driving. They shoved it at my face on purpose. Haha! I was defenceless.

I am on my way to a McDreamy marathon. 12 discs. :P

LOL. I have to say, I have never really liked a show so much to actually bother to watch it in seasons. The one who recommended it didn't lie.

The last American show that I caught was Smallville. Hey, that's like how many years ago. Channel 5 showed it at 11 every week and i religiously caught it. And before that, I caught Martial Law (1998-2000). My brother and I both liked it. I don't think anyone is going to remember that show but search on IMDb. Clue: It stars Sammo Hung. Awesome LAPD drama. I didn't like Ally McBeal because I was kid when it came out. I didn't like X-files same reason as the previous.

*this is the time where I'm supposed to feel old.

So, I spent half my life consuming Asian television. Singaporean and Korean soaps and sitcoms. And something I'm not very proud of... Taiwanese! LOL! Those were some dark moments of my life. But so much for television, what pwned the most was the amount of kiddy TV i consumed.

Just to name a few, I watched Sesame Street, Ace Ventura, The Mask, Animaniacs, Pinky and The Brain, Disney Classics, Tom and Jerry, Looney Toons, Barney and dare i say it, Power Rangers! Apart from Teletubbies, I hated those animes with machines with alot of jagged edges and complicated lines. Classics were the best!

Teletubbies for once, is the crappiest rip-off text ever created because they have low production cost (15 minutes of the show will be taken by replaying and ads), rubbish (Red bag? Damn Gay sial), and it totally distorts the child's development in self-expression. (one, they don't speak right. two, they don't cry/frown/get pissed off. Wouldn't you be scared if your son didn't speak right, didn't cry/frown or get pissed off?)! I know I would.

Pokemon, on the other hand, was a phenomenon. Everyone was trading cards at school! In Com1020, 2 people in my group confessed to be a really big Pokemon fan. South Park by Trey Parker and Matt Stone makes kids more adult as ever. I used to like South Park but their later seasons go beyond stupid. In any case, toilet-humour, cheesy poofs, terrence and phillip kills time. How often do you get to see Saddam and Osama appear on TV together anyway?

I am born a TV addict. Nothing else is more vivid to me than that period of time where there was no need for me to attempt to laugh inconspicuously so that my mum won't think I'm loony. (ie. when I was a kid.)

But whenever I have my eyes glued on the TV and do that now, (besides watching PCK) my mum would ask. "What's so funny?"

My mum takes a while to understand the humour on 'Friends' (Ross daaawww) or The Simpsons. My dad is quicker but had no reaction. Even when we watch something together, it's always me who is laughing. Why am I always the only tard in the house? Easily-tickled? Yes. Critical? No.

I laugh at almost anything on the idiot box, and lately Youtube.

I watch E!, I watch DH&H, I watch GA, I still watch cartoons. You just can't kick it out of my system.

Which brings me to my first point. I am messed up.


Thursday, November 22, 2007


This is one of the things I would say is worse than having trouble sleeping at night.

You see, today I met up with my usual bunch of buddies at City Square (it's like the 2nd time I've been there in 4 days) then there we were eating, walking, eating some more. We spoke about absolutely everything under the sun and I feasted my eyes on shoes. Lots of shoes. Apparently in this part of the world, it's impossible to find a pair of decent flats.

Everything that is nice has heels! HEELS DAMMIT! Thin pencil-like stilletos, or tall wooden chunkies in a variety of inches, 1's, 2's, 4's 5's! like Who in their right mind would wanna spend $$$ on stilts that is almost inhumane to wear?! How can you balance if your center of gravity is elavated THAT high?!

Heels are absolutely sexist!!!

They're nice though. Sexist nonetheless!

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Trains are fun. Even though the journey is rather long but it's really pretty comfy over there. Beds! The upper deck gave me a reason to hunch. If i sit up, my head touches the ceiling. O.o Next time I'm getting the lower decks. XD

I have no idea what I said in the interview in KL but I just got myself a spot to join about 30 other people from all walks of life to the Korat Sea Games in Thailand!!! Kari and Alex will be there too. It's not hawaii and it could be like boot camp but still... it's getting somewhere! lol. WOOOT

One word to sum up this weekend.


p/s: I saw this really big squishy doodoll at Room in MV. *pulls out hair*

One of VFS Animation film.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

empty spaces

I chortle.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

One week down, many more to go.

MADTv Heroes Spoof.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


I am really pigging out.

Sharveen invited us over to her house for a deepavali dinner with her family. So there we were finishing half her peanut cookies, downing muruku (all sorts) and having a bbq. They marinated the meat and seafood with masala spice from india and IT IS AWESOME! Don't get me started with the chicken and mutton stew. OMGG.

It was a fun get together since they even baked a cake for us to celebrate our belated birthdays! T.T SHARVEENN~! *tears up like a baby* LOL.

It was a pleasant surprise! It's a yummy cake. And we really appreciate everything you did. :) I HEARRT YOU! Have a great deepavali and may your family be blessed with only the best of health, wealth and everything else! I missed you so much I could squish you. Hang out with you soon yeah? XD

I danced! Not much. But at least I did! Wasn't sure if i did it right. Hahaha~

I had fun hanging out. Pictures should be up at Kari's blog so head there sometime later.

Friday, November 09, 2007

TVgasm. and tag.

Too much Astro.
-Music bank pwns!! KBS Ent. News programs NEED SUBS! The Sketch Show (Starworld) is funnayy. I'm so bored, I'm even watching Footie highlights on Starsports. I WANT HBO! >_<

Too much Movies.
-A moment to remember (2004) is the ultimate tearjerker. Licence to Wed (2007) is silly. Spongebob the movie is silly =P.

Too much South Park.
-Daww. Kenny. XD

Almost completed Grey's Anatomy Season 1.
-3 more eps to go.
-I. WANT. SHEPPARD. aka Mcdreamy (C. Yang, 2006)

Coffee Prince
-Haha. In the midst of searching for links. They all died for some reason. The links i meant... not the super predictable cancer/memory-loss/accident/heartbreak/whatnot...

Russell Peters PWNS.
-Seriously, you guys gotta download Russell Peters Outsourced.

(Kids will come to the door and say Trick or Treat? During halloween, my dad's just not used to the idea of giving away free food! - R. Peters)

Too much everything.
My eyes are gonna pop out.

Haven't completed any book yet. Seriously i can never get into the mood of just sitting down and reading a frikkin' book (Except Harry potter books 1 to 4. 5,6,7 became TOO long.) I end up sleeping half way. XD

Waaa... I can't even finish a magazine. T.T See what the COM readers do to your head. Okay. I'm just exaggerating. LOL. I will start withh... The English Patient... and not stop unless i'm really really bored.


Kena Tag. By alexeo

1. The phone rings,who do you want it to be?

2.When shopping at the grocery store,do you return your cart?
-Yup when I need to.

3.In a social setting,are you more of a talker or listener?
-I think talker. I recently discovered it's not a good thing. T.T

4.Do you take compliments well?
-LOL. I brush them away in my head. What is that?

5.Do you play Sudoku?
-Haven't reached that stage of boredom yet. XD

6.If abandoned alone in the wilderness,would you survive?
-Cannot. T.T I. Will. Chugo.

7.What song are you listening to?
-Over You - Chris Daughtry. RWOAaArR!!!!

8.Did you ever go to a camp as a kid?
-Building my own makeshift tent with blanket and string doesn't constitute to camp.

9.What was your favourite game as a kid?
-Chup Tiang. Okay. I sound lame.

10.Are you single?
-Yep! Bachelors need to be a minimum 175 cms tall to Deh, I'm just kidding...

11.Could you date someone with different religious beliefs than you?
-Yeah, sure. I'm not really a God person. I'm more of a do-good person. But at long as his beliefs doesn't go against mine, it's okay.

12.Do you like to pursue or be pursued?
-I'd say it's a 2 way thing?

13.Use three words to describe yourself.
-easily bored threewords. I. Can't. Think. Oh Hey! That's 3 words too!

14.Do any songs make you cry?

15.Are you continuing your education?

16.Do you know how to shoot a gun?
-I used to be really good shooting those with rubber darts that looks like a toilet plunger (ROFL) when I was a kid.

17.If ur house was on fire,what would be the first thing that u'll grab?
-Laptop. Clothes. Then handphone. Then a bag to keep it all. Then the car. Then I'll suffer a 3rd degree burn coz I wasted too much time.

18.How often do you read books?
-Okay. See. I read it often (eg: many times) coz I find it had to finish in a go. =_=

19.Do you think more about the past,present or future?
-Past... all the stupid things i've said and done.

20.What is your favourite children's book?
-Sesame street hard cover books. I LOVED IT.

21.What color are your eyes?
-Not pink.

22.How tall are you?
-5 foot 4'

23.Where is your dream house located?
-Somewhere where there is sun. Haven't thought about it.

24.Have you ever taken pictures in a photo booth?
-Yaarr! OMg. It's stoopid but fun nonetheless. XD

25.When was the last time you were at Oliva Garden?
-erm. let me google that.

26.Do you like mustard?
-No. Hate it.

27.Do you prefer to sleep or eat?
-Sleep. *meditates* I am a log...

28.Do you look like your mom and dad?
-I am a replica of my mom when she was younger. Scary. LOL.

29.How long does it take you in the shower?
-I bathe fairly quick. The usual Shampoo-Conditioner-showerfoam-Face regime.

30.Can you do the splits?
-No. I can do separates. Okay. I just sounded lame. =_=

31.What movie do you want to see right now?
-Ha Ru (2001). My Father (2007) It's not out yet though. Next up, Kungfu panda. XD

32.What did you do for New Year?
-I slept after the fireworks if not wrong. PUAHAHAHAH! I don't remember.

33.Do you own a camera phone?
-Yes. A really old one.

34.Was your mom a cheerleader?
-=_= Dude. No.

35.How many hours of sleep do you get at night?
-Holidays: 8.
-No holidays: 5,6,7. Weekends 8 if i'm lucky.

36.Do you like care bears?

37.What do you buy at the movies?
-Mineral Water. LOL. Occasional popcorn if i am starved.

38.Do you know how to play poker?
-Nope. I can't gamble. =( My luck sucks anyhow.

39.Do you wear your seatbelt?
-Always. after the ticket. == Corrupt. Leech. OF. THE. NATION. >_<

40.What do you wear to sleep?
-Shorts, t-shirt.

41.Anything big ever happen in your hometown?
-Okay, according to Alex in his mamak culture report, somebody died eating at a roadside after getting knocked down by a car. Long time ago.

42.How many meals do you eat a day?
-Holidays *lost count*. No Holidays 2/3. No holidays with Assignments/Exam: 2,1.

43.Do you always read frienster bulletins?

44.Do you like funny or serious people better?
-I think Serious. XD But it's okayy. HAha. I don't discriminate.

45.Ever been to L.A.?

46.Did you eat a cookie today?
-I want OREO. But I finished it. *sulks*

47.tag 3 people.
-Clair, Rene, Jason Khaw Weng-your-exam-is-gonna-be-over-so-do-it-Kiat.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Life. As. It. Is.

The options have been laid out.

+Option 1: B. Communication - Single Major, Minor in INT, WRT as elective.
+Option 2: B. Arts - Double Major, INT minor.

I need to kacau kevin.

+Media, Culture and Power. Postcolonial Diasporic Literature?! CHIISIN!!!! >_<

+Alex: Can Double major la. It's written in the site. OMG.

+Dad: Start writing a CV. I called up the Event's Management company already.
Me: O.O!

4 Month Plan.

Marathon: I bought South Park 9th and 10th Season. I downloaded 3 movies yesterday and Greys Anatomy 1st season eps. I was planning to raid my auntie's drama collection this weekend.

Read: I have been raiding Pay-Less-Books last sem and I plan to kick my bad habit of stopping at page 77.

Starbucks: Ok. Yes. I know by doing this I'm supporting Cultural Imperialism. But I just like the uniform really.

KORAT: Okay. I dunno. I don't think I can make it for the interview anyway. (miserable)

Penang: Dad was talking about it. But he stopped. o.o

KL: Alvin, Karina and all were planning to go back there again. I WAN!!!


Ok. All in the name of Experience. Fine. I'll make coffee, do the filing, wash the toilet. All in the name of Experience. :P

torrents piss me off.

I have a question. If I do not know how to overcome the capped "local-seeders-only" rule Streamyx set up, does that mean old movies with very little seeders are impossible to download?

But by imposing what peer can contribute and all that is intervention in file sharing! (lol. too much INT.) Streamyx-ah! Cyberspace should be a free-market also leh! You even capped my speed at 50kb/s for Clubbox download. I need to exchange coupons to reach a measly 90kb/s! That sucks wey.

I found "The Wedding Singer (1998) on torrent. There are peers, but it still remains at 0 after an hour.

Itching to watch "하루 - A day" (2001) [Han Ji Seung, yes. It's a tearjerker]. But there is no living torrents. Clubbox doesn't have it. No direct links on Soompi.

It's one of the movies showing at GSC's Korean Film Festival. =_= Should've gone to watch it first before coming back.

I'm too free now. >_<

Awesomeness is so my word. XD

Feat: Jack Black, Jackie Chan, Angelina Jolie, Lucy Liu, Dustin Hoffman. Ooh. I like the cast.
Scheduled Release: June 6th.

RAIN is going to tape Hollywood cartoon film theme song in the strict confidence in U.S.A. in the beginning of November. RAIN will get a chance showing off the ability of one's song to whole world cartoon film by the next project.

RAIN sings the theme song of the Hollywood animated cartoon "kung fu panda" (Kung Fu Panda) for LA on November 2. It was known that RAIN does commercial photography and album work in U.S.A. in these days, but digests a "kung fu panda" production schedule first of all.

[The translations are weird. LOL.]

Full House 2nd Season

Season 2 of popular KBS drama 'Full House' is in the process of full-scale production.

Park Chang Shik of Kim Jong Hak Production stated on the 30th, "To make season 2 of 'Full House', writer Jo Jong Hwa is already in a full year's work and at present has successfully completed the script until the 3rd episode. We are also considering oversea locations."

The script and the casting of the main characters will be approached at this latter half of the year and the shooting and broadcasting of the show will happen next year. The director is as yet undecided.

Mr. Park said "The 'Full House' drama in 2004 received great love from many viewers and it was so successful as to receive offers from Chinese and South-eastern Asian countries to broadcast it on their television networks." and "If 'Full House' season 2 is just produced well then there is a high possibility that there will be great success not only in Korea but in Asia." It is yet unknown whether Rain and Song Hae Kyo, the main characters in the first season of this drama will be cast.

The KBS drama 'Full House' that aired in 2004 in August was a modern love story based on a sweet comic story and acted out by Rain (Young Jae) with Song Hae Kyo (Ji Eun) who were received as an extremely beautiful couple.

Source: NATEnews. Taken from Soompi.

I personally won't want a second season coz the first season is draggy enough. Besides, there's no point if they are changing the cast. LOL. I don't mind seeing more of the rain-hyegyo pairing though.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

I'm home.

I DROVE. 330 KM's. HOME. FIRST TIME. Reached home. In one piece. No speeding tickets. I even stopped by Melaka to visit my brother. Reached home at 7.45pm. Home-cooked food. No french beans though :/

Miraculously my dad allowed me to drive. Haha. After stuffing my stuff into the car, I was all rev-ed up.

But still, there's something about the PLUS highway that I can't stand.

Something I call "Rocketlaunchers". They itch to get a ticket. They love tailgating. They bully smaller cars. They think they own the road. HEY. Reality check. WE PAY ROAD TAX TOO.

The Melaka-KL stretch is 3-laned and it's awesome. You can stay at the center lane happily driving at a consistent pace. My dad at my side, then we just talk and catch up abit. Joke around. Missed him lameness. HAHA.

But then there'll always be this RX8 or some other flashy car will come really close to your back and then swerve and then overtake you from the left. This is when whatever swab of pride left in a Proton car driver disappears. I really don't fancy the idea of them smashing my baby (or me and my dad) like aluminium foil. ==|||


The whole Johor stretch is 2-laned with alot of upgrading works. Kancils/Lorrys/trailers on the left will travel at most 80km/h. So I have to cut out into the outer lane. There I was checking if if was clear. I move out, accelerate and move forward as fast as I can. Then comes this speeding Audi/Mercedes/BMW/wtheckcrazyexpressbus I saw earlier in my lane from the rear mirror darting from my back tail-gating a good few meters before I can move back in. EWRRGHUGHUHGGHHH!!!!


I'm going to go on a full-on tail-gate cussing campaign. >_<


Mum wasn't supposed to know I went against her no-revving-above-3000rpm rule. LOL.

She found out anyway.

First time. 330km's. I feel glorious. :)

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Bukit Tinggi. >__<

Came back from dinner~ And I have a sudden craving for the roti goreng at Sunway College.

Bukit tinggi was supposed to end the semester. Getting sick wasn't. Haha.

Watching Jackass in the car was a bad idea. There was about 4 of us huddled at the back of a Naza Ria watching a mini (prolly 9 inch?) monitor. The things they do on Jackass is REALLY retarded.

I got sick-ish.

Stopped a Petrol station and purged my lunch.

I took a cab home while they went on with their roadtrip. Waa....

I got Feverish. T.T

Slept the rest of the evening.


The stupid headache didn't go away though. ==|||

I should start packing.

Byebye KL. :(

Hellow Johor :)


They're back! And they made me a souvinir. DAAAWW... *huggles homies* =D I saw the pictures Karina took.

BUKIT TINGGI IS SO NICE. LOL. Go to her blog and see the pics. Shouuld be up soon. :P

Friday, November 02, 2007


Whoa. First Year is over.



The sem always ends with sleep deprivation. Hahah. My COM and INT paper nearly killed me. I was supposed to wake up at 7 today to work on INT but I overslept. Then the night before Com, I kinda realized how much I've neglected MUSO. When I wanted to save the notes (the best for last minute study), MUSO UNDER MAINTANENCE. !@#$$@$%!

I hope for the best. *crosses fingers*

Time pass really fast. I still remember how I struggled for FTV last sem. Totally "awestruck" by the amount of words we need to write for the assignments. And all those last minute assignment sleepless nights. When the exam was over, it still didn't hit me first year is over.

Dunno. Sometimes i wished time could slow down a little bit. Things happen too fast sometimes.

I don't know what am i going to do for 4 months. So much time but no plans!

This sem taught me many things I guess. A couple of kids won't be around anymore here next year. Like i remember how it was like the first time I came here. And I can't believe it's gone so fast. Haha.

I still feel there's something left undone though. :/

I still can't decide whether I should Write. Too fickle for my own good.


Saturday, October 27, 2007


People fight for various reasons. Guys fight for girls. Girls fight for guys. Husband and wives fight too. Politicians fight. Prisoners fight. Freedom fighters fight. Colleagues fight. Gangsters fight. Mafia's fight. Sopranos . Park Myung Soo and Ji Sang Ryul fight. Friends fight. Sisters fight. Brothers fight. Sibling's fight. Business partners fight. Countries fight.

But have you seen people fighting for Chicken?


It's my first time. XD

That place was HELL packed. We had to wait for half an hour for a table.

I was at Yuen's Steamboat opposite Sunway Pyramid after the discussion with Weiliang, Alex, Rico, Kari, Amanda and Yhea Hui mei and we absolutely stuffed ourselves. Since Weiliang and Amanda have been technically fasting, we figured out it was a good idea.

We started eating the "balls". I am a fish-ball fan and anything springy so it was definitely paradise for me since they have SOOOOOO many types of balls for me to hantam in all shapes and sizes. =P

Karina is the best Chicken wing snatcher. Even Weiliang lost to her! The aggression at the table is not something you get to see in Monash. People actually line up and gather around the table for the wings. When it comes, the push and charge over to grab/mob/scoop/sapu as many as they can. Think about the amount of drama that's involved... wow. And can you believe it, you gotta be quick coz the whole tray of barbequed chicken wings disappears in less than a minute!

There was this little girl about 6 years old who kept on squeezing to the front every round. Smart tactic. ^^, *throws dirty look at parents*

Now that's an eye opener. ^^,

The wings are awesome though!

We ate and ate and ate. Half way through, for some lame reason, Alex and Weiliang started fighting about Eggs. The lamest thing they did was compete with each other who can get the eggs cooked in the soup without the egg whites spreading out into the soup. =_=

The peak of all wuliao-ness is they all took 3 (or 4) eggs to do that. To spite Alex, Weiliang proposed to Karina since she was the better egg-chef. I wasn't very sure who emerged the winner in the end but it was hilarious watching them fight.

But all ends well and Alex and Weiliang loved each other again.

I need to jump rope tomorrow.

[27th Oct, 10:41pm. Exam hiatus.]

Friday, October 26, 2007

In another language they call it Saeng-il.

I used the stupidest/Lamest excuse to escape the MSN chat box. But it worked. =D


We had the unknowing birthday girl.

(Side-view taken a couple of years ago. Suitable not? Still waiting for the cam-man to process the pictures.)

We had Cake.

We had a Choir

A guitaar~

We had a harmonizing crew

Had (seaweed?) soup.

We had Soju. (1 bottle. We've only finished a quarter). It's 11.21am. Okay. let's have Soju for breakfast.



Cake = Calories.
Alcohol = Calories.
Murni = Calories.

*pokes tummy fat* T__________T

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I kena Tag

Kena from Alex, LOL!

the Rules

- go to wikipedia and type in your birthday (month and day)
- write down 3 events, 2 births, 1 holiday and tag 5 friends


3 Events

4004 BC - The universe is created. This is according to the 17th-century chronology of the history of the world formulated by James Ussher the Anglican Archbishop of Armagh.

(Hey hey! I share the same birthday as the Universe! How cool is that?!)

1970 - Tunku Abdul Rahman resign from Prime Minister of Malaysia.

2006 - Michael Schumacher drives his last Formula 1 Race. The very same day the Spaniard Fernando Alonso wins the 2006 Formula 1 World Championship, becoming the 8th and youngest driver to win it twice in a row to emulate the achievements of Mika Häkkinen, Michael Schumacher and five other drivers.


2 births

1968 - Shaggy, Jamaican musician

You. Are. Kidding. Me. LOL.

1985 - Zachary Hanson, American musician (Hanson)


1 holiday

French Republican Calendar - Pomme (Apple) Day, first day in the Month of Brumaire

Aiyer. I don't know any of them.


5 friends

-Lynette H
-Lynette G


Happy Rainy b-day.

My car is at P1 currently at Carrefour Subang Jaya. Locked up, not clammed. But locked up. Don't ask me how. Don't ask me why. Don't ask me if I was blind not to see the Operating hours: 9.00am-10.30pm sign on the board.


I had a great time at Bukit Bintang Karina and Thor. Had lunc- no. "Dunch" at a place called Hot Mama *coughhahacough* and the foods pretty good. lol.

I spent my last few moments of being 18 doing JRN. Can you believe that?! Hahahah. Then I also spent my first few moments of being 19 doing JRN. It's a sign isn't it ?I swear those 2000 words the hardest 2000 words I ever had to churn out. Hohohoho~!

At least it's done. :)

It's my first birthday without my family *homesickemo*

MERDEKAA!!! (from assignments) Finally.

To Kari: Thanks for being there. Thanks for the Tee. Thanks for all the things you've done for me.

To Sharveen: Thanks for reminding me 5 minutes early. LOL. I was getting myself prepared to be old. HAHA. Thanks for everything. *sniff*

To Sonia: Thanks for the wishes. I am not old. I AM NOT OLD! >_< Hahahah~

To Thor: Thanks for being there. Thanks for the ice-cream. Lecka Lecka is my second home.

To Everyone who wished me: THANK YOU! hugs and kisses! :D I absolutely appreciate it.

To those who didn't: There's always next year XD

I will now list out my Birthday resolutions.

1. Take risks.

2. Stop doing things last minute.

3. Fix the dent on the roof of the car. (stupid tree, stupid branch, stupid storm)

4. Wake up earlier.

5. Stop being late for class.

6. Appreciate Vietnam for it's aesthetics Protest for newer texts for FTV subjects.

7. Write fics.

8. Complete them. (this is going to be hard)

9. Learn to buy 4D.

10. Strike Lottery. wth. HAHA.

Be better as a person, basically.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Puppy love.

puppylove. OMG. SO CUTE.


It's been raining alot lately. Almost every afternoon. Firstly, the cold, gloomy feel isn't very nice coz it makes me brain sluggish. I know i'm sleepie all the time, so yeah, the weather makes me sleepier than normal. Secondly, my stash of instant noodles doesn't appeal to me anymore. It never did. But those pack of carbs keeps me going.

I am waiting for a reply from my interviewee but she's probably too busy to follow up. I guess I'll just have to make do with whatever I have coz JRN is due on Monday.



Should never do things last minute. Really. =_=

Friday, October 19, 2007


Vietnam is boring

Vietnam is boring

Vietnam is boring

Vietnam is boring

Vietnam is boring

Vietnam is boring

Vietnam is boring

Vietnam is boring

Vietnam is boring


INT jialat.

JRN... 2000 words... UGH. T.T

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dong bang has left the building.

And I'm still here. It's about 8.40am . I just woke up.

Holy crap dude! Dong Bang Shin Gi was in Sunway resort all along and I didn't even know. Haha~ When Madonna suddenly told me online, I thought she was joking. But it was in fact true. And I chose to sleep rather than stalk. I stay just one building away from Sunway Resort. Like how often do you have a Korean pop band within 1 kilometer radius?

I've read updates yesterday on the soompi thread. Somebody said they'd be leaving at 1. For some stupid reason, I read it as 1pm. I went on to Soompi again today and I got a PM saying that they will leave at 1 AM. (!!!)


Anyway, a number lucky fans got to meet them though. Awh. Got crappy work to do. *whines*

It's 8.50. And they left 7 hours ago. So... yeah. :(

I may just be growing out of this.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Astro is aring KBS.



the lecture lasted less than an hour. =_=

IF only we can sleep in the library AV room...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's over~

Had 3 days with my family. They came up. Had fun. :)

And now it's gone. =_= I'm back here. lol.

I've been skipping Com lectures for almost the whole sem and for the last one, he forces us to go. UGH. This lecture had better last for more than an hour.

Friday, October 12, 2007

I watched another movie! >_<

The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)

Starring Matt Damon is hot.

I swear. Okay. This is like the 4th movie I've watched in the span of 2 weeks and this has never happened before.

I will not spoil this for people who haven't watched it. I will not be critical or rant about how hot Matt Damon is. I am one of those people who haven't watched the first 2 parts of this flick and yes. It took me a while to understand why he was running, why he was hunted, why people looked at him as a threat to America (the reason is pretty stupid after I found out).

It's actionish and it's really fast paced. I barely noticed how quick time was passing.

It's nothing new. But it's still nonetheless a pretty good movie.

I'm going to be broke. I need to stop going to the movies.

Side note, my left arm feels like it's going to fall off. My leg. My neck. Everywhere feels the same. This is what happens when you get trashed at the court after like dunno how long and don't warm up.


"You didn't see." - Gabrielle.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

last minute. :P


It was not bad for last minute work. :)

Seriously, I've really gotta kick the habit of doing everything last minute. It's a pain and it sucks. And if I were to freaking just do everything early I wouldn't need to sleep when Fadzlin wakes up for Subuh. =P

Tried to sleep at 3.00 but I figured out time spent on tossing and turning will be spent better doing a script. AIH.

I was too panicky i didn't use my script in the end... *argh*

Next subject to rant about coming right up - FTV.


"It's been a long time coming" - Five for Fighting.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I mean, literally. =_=

Assn 1 was crap so I'm really betting on Assn 2. If it eends up like crap again, I better ask what procedures are there for retaking.


OKAY. INT Presentation tomorrow. GAh. Nervous. Alot of reading up to do.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

色,戒 - Lust Caution. (2007)

Sonia came over to KL to bug us. LOL. Had lots of fun at Bukit Bintang and watching Sonia suffer with heels. XD *saddist* LOL. Lecka Lecka at Bukit Bintang is a really nice place to sit and chill out. The dark atmosphere, the music and the fruity Shisha scent... LOL. It's like clubbing without a dance floor and not-so-loud music and ice cream.


We headed to Midvalley the next day to send her off. We were supposed to shop but didn't have time coz she's going to leave at 1. :(

We were convinced Wang Leehom will look absolutely hot on big screen cinema so yes. We waited until 5.30 to watch the show at TGV in Pyramid.

Had viet food in between. We kinda wondered why didn't we stay back at Mid Valley to do all these? Wouldn't Lee Hom look hotter on MV screens? =P

It was quite freaky when we sat down, we noticed the people who were in this theater were either married or couples. But yeah. We weren't alone. There were 2 other Lee Hom fangirls at the lower deck... Phew.


Very Artsy. Very historical - Aesthetics.

The movie lasted pretty long. (2 hours-ish). And very minimal bits of English were spoken. The whole movie was mostly in cheem Mandarin, bits of Shanghainese, Cantonese and it seems like Lee Hom has lost the accent. The set is super! The way they depict Shanghai/Hong Kong during the WW-II were really super.

I liked the chemistry between the cast. I'm not only saying Lee Hom, they all did well. Tony Leung is already as good as he is. Lee Hom improved since his last movie. Wei Tang's probably like the Superwoman! She's new and she did really well in her portrayal of her character.

I was looking through some stuff on the net, some Scenes were shot in Penang.

I won't say how it ended, but at the end of the show I left the cinema feeling rather frustrated. I so did not like the ending. But of course, it's based on a novel and all so yeah. Hopefully an English edition comes out.

They were THIS close to killing off that traitor! Okay. did they fall for each other or something? I was like, WTH happened there?!!

It's rated 18-PL but I felt it's censored so much until like it's rated almost U. Nothing explicit was shown. So for people who want to watch it but don't dare to watch it, it's really subtle lah.

There's no violent scene of some jap soldier blowing some suspects head off. I think the movie lacks that. We know the Tony Leung's character, Yi, is a traitor and he works in 'that' kind of environment it's kind of ironic he doesn't shoot anybody.

Then again, 15 minutes was cut so it could've been in those 15 minutes lah.

I didn't waste my time watching this. It did bring us all back to a time once when Chinese were really Chinese.



"If you want to continue living a lie,


But remember, when reality hits you, it hits you hard."

I'm so going to use that at my Siggy.

Friday, October 05, 2007

I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry

Hahahaha! I had rootbeer and a greeeaat laugh! ^^,

I sniffled a bit during one part of the movie. Man. Sze Jia's such a sap. T.T

Heart Adam Sandler~! ^^,

My Father.

I hit the movies today. And my friends made me watch something I'll never watch in a million years.

No, it's not Aparment 1303. I'll never watch THAT in 2 million years.

Sze Jia watched Resident Evil. Can you believe it?!

Speaking of which, a new movie is coming out.

In "My Father" (by Hwang Dong-Hyuk), Daniel Henney plays a korean adopted by an american couple who is in search for his biological father. He eventually finds his dad in a Korean prison waiting for a death sentence.


It's scheduled to be out in Korea tomorrow!


Hope it hits Malaysian shores quick. >_<

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Leech of the nation.

I don't understand what's going on anymore.

First I missed my flight to KL. And had to spend another 200+ ringgit on a MAS ticket.

Discovered MAS was not much different from Air Asia anyways.

And got 'whacked' $$$ on the way home to Subang from KLIA.

Yesterday it rained like crazy when I was rushing back to finish up FTV.

And today I crawled up from bed this morning and head for COM1020 lecture only to discover there was no class today.

Paid the parking and left to send my friends to Sunway Pyramid. I didn't want to go. On the way, at the bend, I got stopped by the police.

And so I did.

I wind down my window, and look at the tanned guy with a mustache staring down at me. I shifted my glance to the pin saying "Saya Anti-Rasuah" on his right chest. But you do know how they contradict themselves sometimes.

"Bagi lesen."

And so i did.

He looks at my licence. Then says. "Lesen P eh?"

WTF. Are you are retarded? I pasted the sticker on the windscreen you-


"You tak pakai seat-belt."

I nod. He accused the passenger too but we all retaliated.


I became weary.

I remembered during my Theory talk, the QIT said when kids are under the P licence, any single tiny mistake that is made will result to my licence being suspended.

"Saman berapa?"


Double weary. Dad's going to kill me.

I fished out a 50 dollar note and stuck it out the window.

He was flustered. He shoved the licence back at me.

"Letak kat bawah."

I was thinking. "boya iggae."

I have a choice. I know my choices.

When you see many check-points along highways and roads, You know it's Raya.

But the law ain't gonna work if they're only hardworking in issueing their versions of summons during raya time.

I honestly would've stood up to my idea of justice and all that we're brainwashed to think while taking INT. I could've taken the saman but I still succumbed to it fearing my licence will be revoked.

My gran's going to say. "ke pai ang kong" (go pray to the ang kong). Problem is, i don't even know where the nearest ang-kong is or even... how to 'pai'...

My mum's going to say. "Haiyoo... how can you be so carelesss."

I called up dad to tell him about it. He was like. "Haiyoo... your luck has been really bad lately har."

YA. Whether it's in the airport, on the road, at school, everywhere I go. Things happen to me. Basket.

We spoke to Ben Mckay earlier at campus.

Us: Hi sir...

Mr. Mckay: Hey, how are you?"

Us: Fine..."

Mr. Mckay pauses at his steps. "You... don't look too sure about that." :S

I was about to burst out laughing.

How i feel now is beyond words having a first hand experience of 'rasuah' is not good at all. Totally totally makes me feel like a lowdown. 50 ringgit over pride. *does a loser sign..

Beats better than going through the process of finding out where to pay and all. But still... :(

Mr. McKay: Don't worry, just bear with it for a while. It'll be over soon.

He told us before he headed up to his office.


Hope he's right. >_<


I call this. Karma. T_T

Saturday, September 29, 2007


I just did/said the most retarded thing in my life. ==

Don't hate me.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


As I was nicking some pics for the previous post from the digi cam, I found some of these that was taken during my dad's trip to Turkey. just thought it'd be nice to share.

It's not HD. So no worries.


Sunset. :)

I need to go on holiday!!! >_<

Monday, September 24, 2007


Haha. Okay, I just read the most ridiculous thing on the net.

All Chinese work in Restaurants.


More stereotypes Here.

Seriously. I need to find more productive things to do on the holidays.

HOLIDAY (with 2 assignment)!!!! :D

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Gran~! ^^,

I can't dance to save my life.

7 people squeezing in one car fearing a road block, bumps and humps is suicidal/homicidal.



Just came back to Johor, just in time for A-ma's birthday dinner. The restaurants were fully booked so we had dinner in Kulai (25th mile?). The Chinese 8th month is really auspicious for weddings and what not. But during the 8th month, to us (meaning those who are not getting married) will have a hard time during reservations. :P

Pictures! :D

Sze Lynn, Jann, Jiaa

Talk about moodswings... =P

Sze Wei, Yen, Kai - Big, Medium and Mini.

Sze Pei, Lynn, Jann, May and Myself. - They make me feel old.

Jann: It's coz of a Carrot.


I'm getiing back to stressing over INT.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

1 down. 2 more to go...

3500 words. >_<



Fast Fwd.


Rewind some more.

Stop .

Sunday, September 16, 2007


I got 3 assignments.




Gotta churn out like a 5500 words. Ooouf! Sob.

INT first assignment was crap.


I can finish this.

I can live through this.


Just realized today is Dungu.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Yet to be titled.

I've just got the weirdest request today.

Info, more to come.

Saturday, September 08, 2007



I stuffed myself too much at Asia Cafe. UGGH. LOL. Everybody was there after the even finished.

I played badminton this afternoon, so I'm forgiven for stuffing myself.

Oooh. It's 1. Bed time.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

My car :(

I just spent $130 on my car today. Ouch.


INT presentation is scary. If i need to talk and sit in front of the class throughout the whole time get shot by questions from WCH and the rest of the class, I am going to freak out and die.


But before I freak out and die, HELP HELP HELP, I have another round of assignments deadlines coming right up next next week. It's really sucky when all the dates are clamped up together.

Submited JRN today. But honestly, last minute work never get me anywhere.

Another thing is, never speak of what you don't want people to hear. You will never know if He might be near by. Such a classic moment.

Do you remember the first time when you felt alive?

Friday, August 31, 2007



Com1020 ---> AIISH. T_T I could feel my air-muka slipping away from me. Nuff' said. Wei Liang is a good actor though. *thumbs up*

INT1020 ---> Todays topic was on fundementallism and somehow, religion is like the hard core area in this chapter. The presentations are coming. I'm going to be retarded in my presentation.Week 12.

It's been a whole week.

Behhlody HHell. =(

Happy Birthday Malaysia!


okay it's done.

I'm packing my bags.

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Yellow submarine

The sun seems to shine brighter, the breeze feels cooler, the night sky seems to have more stars.


Yaa right. =_=

Headed to Spectrum for dinner. Had Buffet.

I feel like I just ate a cow.

*watches Lynette G. charging over*


I feel stupid for typing this post.

Headed to KLCC today. (and yesterday).

Two Words: Jaclyn Victor.

Three more words: Didn't get photograph.

*stabs self*


Girls must hold their composure well.

Composure = Not overreacting over something random.

Not overreacting over something random = Don't scream, don't jump, don't shout, don't react or even if you do react act stoic, "oh-really" stoic.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Yes. Eeks is the name of my WLAN network. I don't know why I named it that but it's just that. Eeks is a reaction towards something revolting. Eeks is not supposed to be a name for a WLAN network.

I'm a wreck. And I'm bored.

I can't start my Feature article because of a massive writers block. Why is it when I do FTV, JRN things flood my head. And now that I've submitted FTV, my brain becomes the Sahara? =_=

Holding it in is harder than saying it out.


Don't sit there later and wonder what could've been.

I wanna hear a poem where ideas kiss similes so deeply that metaphors get jealous.


You know, guys are getting so pretty these days is downright scary!

For the record, Soompi people are all very literary and creative. Haha. Those quotes and Avatars are from there. :D

Friday, August 24, 2007

My duty is completed.


I fed my work to the Assignment box. =P

Gia is sad. T_T Watch it.

Dorky Dork. Newspapers were a scare. TV becomes entirely another thing. It's so entirely another thing, it makes people jump. And when people jump, it becomes embarassing when people jump out of control in front of people like... okay. Let's call it, Lee Seung Gi.

Dungu 2nd 2007 is coming right up. "Dare to be Stupid".