Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Resolution 2009

It's time to look back and reflect on what I need to do in 2009.

1. It's time to get cracking.
2. I will not procrastinate.
3. I will have better self control.
3.1 I will grow my own vegetables I will not overspend.
3.2 I will avoid Cheese Cake, Candy and Chips.
3.3 I will exercise more.
3.4 I will not overspill. I will channel my frustrations correctly.
4. I will be a better on the road, I will not get any Saman.
5. I will not lust for Brad Pitt. Newspapers suck but I will read more.
6. I will love Broccoli.
7. I will not get hooked on games on Facebook.
8. I will not change my Blogskin so often.
9. No more assignment late Submission. (Re: Resolution 2)
10. I will be more organized.
11. I will win Sze Kai in Cooking Mama on Wii before 2010

Now that 2008 is over, it's a new beginning! Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What reading the newspaper feels like.

It's like you spend your whole life lusting after Brad Pitt, tearing your hair out in frustration as he dates a whole bunch of obviously unsuitable girlfriends and you keep hoping that one day you might bump into him in the pasta aisle at NTUC and he'll suddenly realize that he's just wasted all his time with Jennifer and Angelina when he could've been perfectly deliriously happy with you. But there comes a day when you realize that you are just wasting your time and that he's never gonna be with you, so why are you even bothering - Saffy

Jason Hahn (2008) "First Person" 8 Days Magazine Issue 949.

Words well said.

The papers, crashing economy, natural disasters, wars, political conflicts... it's too depressing.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wii Woes.

I lost to a nine year old in boxing today. I lost to them all in Superstar Boogie. And I lost in swimming, ping pong, baseball... My cousin's living room is a stage to see me to crumble.

and my arms hurt.

Friday, December 26, 2008

6 Days.

Twas the night of Christmas...

I found myself back in my own bed in my own home hugging my own plushine after a day long journey back home from Sunny ol' Penang. After a week of consistant eating, nanny-ing, shopping and fooling around, I am back home.

Bye Bye Penang T________________T

(Will post out pics later)

Hang your socks! Happy Christmas all!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Not my time.

I brought my cousins, SL, SP and SK over to SM, SY and miniSJ's place today. Lynette brought her Playstation over. So there was about 8 of us, one PS, 2 PSP's (one turqouise and the other pink), 2 large pizzas. We gathered in front of the TV watching Lynette strut her stuff. Later Lynn took over. Without much guidance, she just played like it was the natural thing to do. Kai and Jann went all around the place but at least they knew where they were walking.

Is there justice in this world?

I cannot walk straight. Stealth is not my forte. I get attacked by laser beams. Mechanical robots and whatever that I'm not supposed to get attacked by. Whether PS or PSP, I just can't.

I was falling of bicycles, playing lego, gator golf, destroying my dolls, occasionally hiding in my own make shift card-board house, which I outgrew pretty fast! Kids these days have Gaming Consoles! Injustice.

I came over to Slynn's place and tried out their new Wii. OMG! HAHA! DAMN FUN!

I lost to a nine year old.

I lost to a nine year old.

Cooking Mama.
Need I say more?


Signing off,


The Ramly Burger Rap

Don And Drew. Pretty wacky Singaporean (Indie?) duo

Ramly Burger (Jet Remix) - Don and Drew

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cleaner Air

I spoke to a stranger today. In a steam room. Random. Never got her name though but she was from Kuching, teaching in a university nearby.

There I was looking for an empty Steam room and too bad for me both are occupied (For some strange reason Pulai Springs was very crowded today). Therefore I crashed hers.

After a few moments of silence, the room started cooling down and we complained to each other the steam thinggy wasn't working. I know how this room works. It has temperaments. But the steam worked again shortly.

We were chatting about the state and as expected, she said what ALL (notice the caps) people say to me about this very place where I grew up in 17 frikkin years of my life.

She used the word JB and nothing-much-to-do in the same sentence! I suspected she was just being politically correct when she meant Boring.

Which I proceed to weigh the pros and cons of agreeing with her. Like as much as I hate to admit it, Johor is definitely nothing like KL.

There's no MOS in Johor.
The biggest mall in Johor is about the quarter the size of Pyramid.
We have a Sungei Wang equivalent in town.
We don't have much decorative lights.
We don't have a fetish for HUGE mega malls.
We have to fight with Singaporeans for parking space.
We have to pay to use the toilet.


We have cleaner air.
We have cleaner water.
We have cheaper food.
We have tall buildings. (and it's not made of wood)
We don't have to pay toll when we leave the house.
JB not that big. So when you travel you don't use much petrol either.
Cheap booze - Absolut Currant 2 Litre only cost 68 bucks.


Haih. But there's no MOS/MV/1U/Pyramid.

Being a helpful Johorean, I suggested a few place for her to hang out in. But the things to do are either too far or you need to get on an MRT (cross the expressway before that even).

I realized I was sinking into the verge of a mental breakdown looking for something to say to defend my hometown!

Okay, I exaggerated a bit. But you get the drift.

Horrified with my discovery and a lacking opinions (LOL) I agreed with her. =P

Fine. JB is boring. I am feeling it too. I'm about to run out of things to do. I also do realize I'm about to live in a place that closes everything at 5pm next year.

*puts anti-seizure drugs in suitcase*

The End! (of my pointless ramblings).

Monday, December 15, 2008

James Morrison

I think I'm utilizing my holidays pretty well.

I just don't know how long I can keep on doing. I might run out of things to do for the next half.

Sunday, December 07, 2008


Monday, December 01, 2008

Two different songs.

Sung by One crazy woman.

1. Never let me step into redbox.

2. Never wear glasses in Sunway Lagoon.

3. Never join the events they have there coz they eat up your deposit.

4. Boycott Sunway all together. Aish.

5. Don't bother partying on a Sunday.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tagged. Again.

Tagged by sleng and speng. LOL

Starting time : 1035 hours

Name : Sze Jia

Sisters : zero

Brothers : One.

Shoe size : Eight or Nine.

Height : 166 cms

Where do you live : On earth.

Favourite drinks : Baileys. Ribena? And the one they mix with Red Bull. Yum.

Favourite breakfast : Laksa. Ok. I know it's not the best time to have it but still...

Have you ever been on a plane : Yes.

Swam in the ocean : Does banana boat count?

Fallen asleep in school : It happens. Not often though.

Broken someone's heart : Don't think so.

Fell off your chair : I think so.

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : Once. Gave up after midnight.

Saved e-mails : You should ask me if i bother to clean them up.

What is your room like : Cushiony classy and sophisticated Messy.

What's right beside you : A mouse? My ENH2407 reader which i haven't kept yet OMFG TERROR!

What is the last thing you ate : Biscuits and milo. 9.00 o clock snack.

Ever had chicken pox : No. :(

Sore throat : Always had it.

Stitches : Lucky me, no.

Broken nose: SOon.

Do you believe in love at first sight : No.

Like picnics: Yes. I like the food. XD

Who was the last person you danced with : Karina if not mistaken. LOL.

Last made you smile : Ok. You're going to kill me. 98 degrees - Because of you.

You last yelled at : A frog. -.-

Talk to someone you like : Yeah

Kissed anyone: Dempsey.

Get sick: Choy, just recovered actually.

Talked to an ex : Never had one.

Miss someone : Yep.

Do you sleep with stuffed animals : Yes. A porcupine.

What's under your bed : Dust. T.T

Who do you really hate : Classified information. (Ditto, speng).

What time is it now : 10.48pm.

Q :Is there a person who is on your mind right now:
Haha. No.

Q : Do you have any siblings:

Q : Do you want children:

Q : Do you smile often:
Yes. Okay lar. I know I perasan.

Q : Do you like your hand-writing:
Yeah. Written in messy yet sophisticated strokes. It's very Sze Jia.

Q : Are your toenails painted:
No. Maybe tomorrow.

Q : Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in:
Henney's. Kim's. Jung's. Park's. Lee's.

Q : What colour shirt are you wearing:

Q: What were you doing at 7:00pm yesterday:
I was watching a drama on Channel 8. Omg. I so Auntie. T.T

Q: I can't wait to:
Go to Prom! Ok. I'm like lame ass.

Q: When did you cry last:
No where recent.

Q: Are you a friendly person:
Yeah. *puts on perasan face*

Q: Do you have any pets:
Fish. but those are my dads so i don't think it counts. Aha! I know. Spiders.

Q: Where is the person you have feelings for right now:
I know the previous one disappeared without a trace.

Q: Did the last person you held hands with you mean anything to you now?:
Mum i think. Or was it dad? I forgot.

Q: Do you sleep with the TV on?:
I sleep anytime and anywhere. You get the drift.

Q: Who was the last person you cried in front of?:
Friends? =P

Q: How many people can you say you've really loved?:
Whoa... Tough.

Q: Do you eat healthy?:
Yes. I lose myself once or twice... Idk.

Q: Have you ever cried because of something someone said to you?:
Yup. Many people in this world are not tactful. To these people you don't need to be tactful to either. Just cry for the scare and say really mean things back. XD

Q: How often do you go to temple?:
I went last week. And that was after eternity.

Q: If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to?:
Galpals and my parents. No doubt about it.

Q: Are you loud or quiet most of the time?:
Loud. Seriously got a voice amplification problem.

Q: Are you confident?:
I think confident enough? but not all that confident?

Q: What are you doing right now?:
Chatting on MSN

Q: Have you ever crawled through a window?:
Yes LOL.

Q: Can you handle the truth?:
I probably can't. Depends on which aspect.

Q: Are you closer to your mother or father?:
Both. XD

[What the hell?!)
1. Ate a bug.
2. Had bird pooping on me.
3. Laugh out REALLY loud. (I was a loud kid)
4. Had bird pooping on me. (yes. happened twice.)

1. Chapter 4
2. Chapter 5
3. Make effort to bake
4. Watch Little Nyonya
5. Gym.

I only succeeded number 4.

5 SNACKS I ENJOY [I seldom have snacks]
1. Fruit tips / Rowntrees.
2. Twisties
3. Pringles
4. Skittles
5. Chipster.

1. Ferrari
2. Pen house
3. Zara
4. Guess
5. Manhoe. Invest in a business?

1. Kl.
2. Jb.
3. Sonia's house.
4. Karina's house.
5. Hospital Bahagia

1. Student
2. Jobless.
3. Unemployed.
4. Poor
5. No $$.

1. Karnina
2. Jun
3. Minni
4. Clair
5. Lynette


Is intrusive, disruptive and annoying.

The time before facebook, I didn't see myself looking through requests, canceling them, superpoking people, facing the pressure of accepting challenges while playing Bowling Buddies, cussing everytime I trip over banana peels, count the number of people talked about Obama on their statuses when he won the election, see who got together, see who broke up, see who is on the verge of breaking/getting together under the curse of "It's Complicated" and becoming fans of really random things like Skittles, donuts yada yada.

Sure, friendster had some of those, but it wasn't a Live report. It's like information over load. When I read statuses to find out what people are up to, isn't it the same as stalking? When suddenly a couple breaks up, I go :O (ok i admit. i do.) It's scary how much data people can get from facebook and think they know you.

FB magic.

I've been trying to talk to my friend i've known for 8 years, but hey. The wall-to-wall doesn't go any further than calling each other cacing and pig. Geesh. Same thing on MSN. If I had one wish right now I'd wish for everything to go back to normal.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Of lights and lollypops.

Orchard Road, Singapore.

For more go to Sze Lynn's blog

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I already feel like that.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I got Tagged!

[Thank you Lynetto. This will keep me occupied for 5 minutes. YAY.]

1. What is your name?
Sze Jia

2. How old are you?

3. What are the 3 electronics you can't live without?
Laptop. Astro... Phone?

4. Are you amazing?
No. I'm more than that. XD

5. What is the brand of the phone you are using?
A phone that belongs in a museum, sends blank messages and refuses to spoil. Sony Ericsson T610.

6. What colour is your phone?
Full of scratches. =.=

7. Have you slept in school before?
Yar. During a test. I even drooled.

8. How long are you online in a day?
an average of 7? LOL. Who counts lar.

9. How would you describe yourself?
Competitive, and Horny Witty.

10. What's your favourite topic to talk about?
Korean artists/Movies/Drama's/Variety Shows. Wong Fu and Just random things at all? Occassionally when the mood is right, heart to heart stuff.

11. Which teacher do you like?

12. Who do you think is the most handsome in your class?
All classes included, Lee. Ng. Chua. Myt.

13. Who are you currently aiming on?
RAIN and his dancing cane. Ok. who am i kidding?

14. Do you know a lot of your siblings' secret?
Maybe? LOL. He knows alot of mine though. o.O

15. How do you rate your siblings?
NYEK. He pwns!

16. Are your siblings gorgeous?
LOL. He's almost 180?

17. Do you judge people?
Sometimes. >_<

18. Do you run?
Cardio workouts have always been my worst since Primary school.

19. Are you lazy to tag people?
I'm not lazy, I just find it pointless. (Lynette Ho, 2008) I second that.

20. Who was the last person you spoke on the phone?
My dad! He called to tarik me to the gym. =.=

21. What is 2 + 2?

22. Who is your idol?
Oprah. Yeeun - Blind Pianist who plays by ear. Age, 4.

23. Are you a monster?
When i overspill, yes.

24. Do you play with Barbie dolls?
Yep. I had 3. Cut their hairs. Never got anymore. I'm more of a play-doh kid.

25. What was the last movie you watched?
Believe it or not. High School Musical 3. XD

26. What do you think of your English?
It's broken.

27. What do you think about your Bahasa Malaysia?
It's broken also.

28. Who do you hate?

29. Do you love yourself?
Alot. :)

30. Blurt out 5 random words.
Dong Bang Shin Gi Rains On Me!! Okay. That's 7. Sry.

I tag!

1. Kari
2. Alex
3. Clair

Peace out!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


i was walking under the blistering sun in the sunny island of Penang, then suddenly i smelt something yummy.

Was it char kway teow or me?


It couldn't possibly be me coz if i was really roasted/baked i would smell chao-ta (burnt). Heehehheheh. I'm now sunburnt, destressed, fatter and happy that I had lots of fun during the trip. Walked alot, and ate alot. Wow. I definitely need to hit the gym when I get back to Johor. LoL.

Will post of pictures soon. But yes. For now, it suddenly hit me I'm no longer second year. And that I would soon part with my current friends. T.T This trip is really very memorable and times that I shared with them all will be kept close to my heart.

Nobody would think I would feel this way but yes.

I'm a pile of mush everytime I get nostalgic. =(


What I missed during my time in Penang.

Friday, November 07, 2008


I got over you. XD


Oh my God second year is over !!! O.o!

Random: Media culture and power fact. MCP is actually shorrt form for Male Chauvinist Pig.


Since everybody on FB is hyping about it, I'll jump on the bandwagon!

Obama is president.



12 hours to go. Just one more.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I have a tendency of over-spilling people around me and it happens so damn often.

But now the tables have turned and it's strange. T___T

이제는 다시 시작해 =(



May all the French philosophers be attacked by fleas from a thousand camels.

I dare you to move

I cannot move T______T


Food for thought.

If I need to study for good karma, and then I get distracted halfway by facebook, fanfics, forums, youtube, do I go to hell?

I thought I would have enough time. It suddenly hit me my next paper is this Friday. =__=|||

It's one of those moments that everyone else can relate to. lol.


What am I doing here again?

Kay kay. I'll hit the books.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Nobody, Nobody but you ,

I'm not the only one.



Se7en (YG) to collab with Far East Movement in his English Album.

I died and came back to life.

Links. Possibilities. Affects.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Studying is so pointless.

Birthdays are much more fun :)

A Priceless Kodak Moment =)

But what to do? You need to study on your birthday? And the fact that it happens every frikkin year. :( I am really thankful that people took time off despite the coming exams to remind me of how great this day felt which I once forgotten. Having an opportunity to spend time with people as great you all made it all the more special. =)

K - Thank kew for calling the 2 monkeys over and being there when I 'overspill' lol. Happy birthday to you too. Hahaha.
R and S - Thanks for the cake and the bear! Lol. It's the cutest thing ever!
W - Thanks for being a monkey. Thanks for the scandals plushie!
A - Thanks for accompanying the monkey. Thanks for the plushie too! And the car rides hahaha...

thank you everybody else! :)


It just occured to me that I have hit the big two *cue dramatic music* And that I'm required to behave like an adult.

But no.

I'm not going to let digits take away my youth.

Random ramblings.

1. They denied me entrance into Borneo Rainforest for Kari's birthday. I dunno whether to be happy or sad.

2. I'm never going to set foot into Shogun ever again.

3. Facebook is addictive. Playfish is the best thing ever.

4. Exam is a bad word.

5. INT ate my brain. I got no more brain for Media Text.

6. I have Media Text this Tuesday. I should not be blogging. I should be in Redbox.

7. But how, cannot whor?

8. Screw it, I want to do a boyband number.

9. But still...

I monologously annoy myself.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The winner takes it all.

Firstly, I am shocked/beyond surprised that I know most of the songs in Mamma Mia. I've been labeled auntie among my peers. Point proven. T.T And... and... I actually like them more after the movie.

Pierce Brosnan is hot WTF. He's one of those hot old pokes that will remain how hot how old. =P ARGH. I didn't think Dr. Yeoh was right to say he was kayu so I go see it for myself.

Alamak. Dr. Yeoh was right.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


It suddenly occurred to me that I am too driven.


Friday, October 17, 2008

2 nights.

2 nights in a row being chased out from the M-Lab by pissy guards for staying back in Uni after midnight.


Can life get any tougher?

Exactly 16 hours to tvradio dateline.

Side note.

Monash really looks different at night. o.O

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Em Cee Pea.

I did it with such great aplomb... whatever hell that means.


On another note, I'm back to normal playing pet society again. In the midst of...

1 Test.
1 presentation.
1 Essay.
1 Video Feature production.
2 crazy papers to take.

And after that, I will jump down a building go eat Penang food to celebrate the sweat, blood and tears i put myself through completing year two with great aplomb~


Whatever that means. ~_~ It sounds like a word associated with something to do in the toilet. lol.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Moving away from mainstream.

The trailer was deceiving. This turned out to be heartbreaking in epic proportions.

Highly recommended for people who are into feminist studies, literature and James McAvoy. =P


Petsociety under super long maintanence. doubleyouteeeff.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Cooking up a storm.

More snippets from Rain's 5th Album Single - Love Story - Music Video which was filmed with Ha Jiwon, will be released on MNet on the 2nd of Oct.

But it's already on Youtube.


I think I just died. XD

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Some things.

Some things I say, I wish I could take back.

Some things I do, I wish I could undo.

Some things I miss, I wish could happen again.

Warning: This is going to be an emo crap post.

Don't be too quick to judge me okay. I didn't suffer from a break up or what. It's just that I'm done with my Media Text assignment (which i totally rushed through without knowing what the hell am I writing) and just want to use up my remaining urge to churn out coherent sentences.

I really don't reveal much in my blog because I know people will be quick to judge me. But even if I wanted to be the true me right here, I can't because judgement is what I fear.

I'm back home in Johor. As much as I love this place, it really bothers me that I have not been staying here for long since Uni. Even in Uni, I so stuck in my comfort zone. I know stepping out is something that I need to do soon because things are not going to remain the way it has been made out for me. I hold on so much to my past and surroundings that I have no solid plans for the future. I am that kind of person who lives in the past and expect the past to remain in my future which totally means I should grow some chick balls and stop being so essentialist.

REALITY IS NOT STABLE MY DEARR. (Derrida, Foucault & Barthes, A gazillian AD) wtf.

So this is it. A new kind of life, a whole new chapter, a great giant leap into oblivion. I have so much expectations to what I'm about to see and yet, I'm not sure if I am going to like what I see. Still, it's a decision I know I won't regret. I'm already homesick thinking about it.

It's for my own damn good.

Go figure.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Something to look forward to.

I'm stressed, so just let me be a fangirl.


Pet society and now this. So many distractions, how am I ever going to finish my M Text? ._.

I'm progressing. I'm just not sure if i'm the right track.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sports I wanna pick up.

1. Mud wrestling.
2. Track. Those jumping ones.
3. Taekwondo.
4. Archery.
5. Carrying an egg on a spoon while running.

I have a mind of a true olympian.... mah ass. -.-

Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm poor.

Blogging should pay me. :(


For as long as I drive a crappy car, my idea of an ideal prospective husband shall be a Mechanic.

1. Mechanics make ALOT of money.

Yes they do. You car noob walk into the shop. They tow your car, tell you the problem, solve your problem and charge you an extra hundred for their good deed. You bargain, they give you second hand parts without you knowing. You don't bargain, they clone your car key and steal your car and let you handle the inefficient insurance company.

Disclaimer: Don't sue. This is just depiction of my screwed up mentality. I'm just talking from experience.

2. They have skills not average people have.

They are not ordinary.

3. They know stuff beyond changing tyres and calling for help.

Basically, they know more than me panicking or using the entire curseword vocabulary to express my dismay/grief. wtf.

4. They can solve all my problems for free.

Since I'm married to them, they should do it for free. Quite obvious lah right? Apart from Math problems, most of the problems i find hard to solve are car problems so yep.

5. Men who can fix things (anything at all) are sexy.

They solve problems and make life easier.

6. They know what they are doing. (major plus point)

They know what a spark plug, crank sensor, alternator and __(insert gaya car parts here)____ is. This kind of thing, is impressive, can? =P

7. And the best part is, they got the pecs.

Pecs is the new black. Lol.

Lol, nonsense aside, I don't know why my cars give me so much drama. It's a real hassle. I don't drive a jag or beemer or anything fancy. Knowing my luck with cars, even if i did, I know it would die on me... somehow. I'm just not very lucky when it comes to things with 4 wheels. Spent 360 changing batts one month ago and the stupid car dies on me again a month after.

Rising oil prices and samy vellu tol, Ahmad and what not.

Just a few days ago, WL and I were discussing something like "If i see Ahmad in the streets, I'll knock him down" kinda thing. And poof.

My car dies. kARma.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Ok. Everything that could've gone wrong, went wrong this morning. But I'm okay with it. The worst wasn't that bad. Just embarassed. I could feel myself blushing hard when I was stuck.

I'm surprised I found my chick-balls to actually sit there and frikkin chair the tutorial. Even if I screw up, It's okay. Because it doesn't matter. I did my best.

It's insane.

Don't go chasing Waterfalls
Please stick to the rivers and the lakes you're used to. - TLC.

I think it's time i defy that and break out from my comfort zone !


Dong Bang Shing Gi's 4th album teaser out. I am excited.

Ahmad still not apoligizing - Weakk.

Second wave of assignments coming right up. - Help me.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Oh so stressed.

Just a day ago, I've been notified about the increasing number of whites I have on my head. I don't know if i should attribute it to bad genes or stress. But either way, I'm feelin' it now, baby. Escalated to a point where I crashed 2 days back to back. I'll be happy one moment and then hit rock bottom. Muahaha. stupidemopieceofcrap. -_- I heard people only behave like this in asylums.

I wake up in the morning listing down things I have to do. I am also thrown into MCP hell because I have to chair a discussion tomorrow morning in tutorial related to the worlds craziest-deep-thinking-man whom is dead but still technically living because people in social sciences treat him as God nonetherthan Foucault. He is one of those dudes who have attained immortality by thinking too much.

Like many other guys we learn about, this guy is complicated.

Which makes my university life screwed as well since I'm studying about complicated scholars/philosophers/thinkers and the mumbo-jumbo they come up with.

But when I'm supposed to start reading this afternoon to prepare myself, what was I doing? Feeding my new addiction to Word Challenge on Facebook trying to beat highscores. I thought I was good with this. But my reflexes and spelling sucks bad.

It's eleven. Now i'm almost done.

Give me candy.

Friday, September 05, 2008


Some people just look good whether they are drunk or sober. :9

I know it is a little late to blog about this now but the Monash Ball was that one night I saw everybody was decked in suits and fancy dresses. I killed my legs and spent a bomb and paid for something that's free... yet, out of all the formals I attended, this was most memorable. Probably also because this might be the the last prom I get to attend with close friends.

p/s: Sorry Minni. I lazy to post pics. -.- LOL.

On a different note.


Saturday, August 30, 2008



For the first time, I actually found myself liking the idea of Formals.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

sze says:
i seriously have no sense or originality
sze says:
I copy liangs "can you just chill?"
L*X says:
L*X says:
u are..
L*X says:
L*X says:
conformign to existing structures!!
L*X says:
u are the lego set!!
sze says:
sze says:
i miss that toy
L*X says:
u get influenced!
sze says:
i love it as a kid.
sze says:
L*X says:
ppl will think that could be sze
L*X says:
L*X says:
its not!
sze says:
it was the only thing that i had as a kid
L*X says:
its a make up of alex + liang + etc
sze says:
after i tossed my barbie dolls.
sze says:
sze says:
how can you credit my being to you liang and etc!
sze says:
sze says:
L*X says:
L*X says:
L*X says:
L*X says:
L*X says:
sze says:

Monday, August 25, 2008

El oh el.

It's over.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One load off my back.

Sleep deprivation makes me not know what to write here.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The chinaman.

We were at Pelita when it happened. I was waiting for a miracle to happen but nope. It didn't. K emo-ing somewhere in the house. A prolly rolling on the floor like a brat.

My Made-in-China boycott starts from today.

I felt a tingle each time I saw CW blowfish.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Olympic Drama: Bad Sport.

This may be old news really. But there's something out there even more dramatic than A and K watching badminton while L and I watch from the sidelines.

So this Swede won the silver for the wrestling event in Athens 2004. And this year, he was all geared up to kill for the Gold. What happens is, he gets thrown off way too early than he expected and poof. He gets a bronze and protests during the prize giving.

"Swedish wrestler Ara Abrahamian threw down his greco-roman bronze medal in protest on Thursday after his bid for Olympic gold was ended by a decision denounced by the Swedish coach as “politics.”"

This guy yells, walks up to the judges and argues and then says it's his last game, he's quitting the sport. blablabla. What happened to the sports man ship? Dramatic much?

He takes off his medal, places it in the middle of the wrestling ring and leaves.


Friday, August 15, 2008


2 down.

1 to go.

In desperate need of sleep and a hair dryer.

Mamaked at Kayu today and had the best (most expensive omg) nasi kandar ever while watching a shuttle fly from one end of the net to the other. MAN. How sleek is that?

Needless to say LCW got into the finals.

I may be living through a moment of history.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The script.

Koo and Tan. =(


Life would be a whole lot easier if there was a thick dialogue script you can refer to.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Mew. Choo. FAUGHT. T___T

It's hilarious how people can react to changing numbers. l and k damn drama.

I tthink wl will agree.

SHITT. The results damn :(

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This is me.

Monday, August 11, 2008

RIP Chef.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Isaac Hayes, the pioneering singer, songwriter and musician whose relentless "Theme From Shaft" won Academy and Grammy awards, has been found dead at home. He was 65.

The Shelby County Sheriff's Office says a family member found Hayes unresponsive near a treadmill on Sunday. He was pronounced dead about an hour later at Baptist East Hospital in Memphis. The cause of death was not immediately known.

In the early 1970s, Hayes laid the groundwork for disco, for what became known as urban-contemporary music and for romantic crooners like Barry White. And he was rapping before there was rap.

His career hit another high in 1997 when he became the voice of Chef, the sensible school cook and devoted ladies man on the animated TV show "South Park."


Inventor of Chocolate Salty Balls is dead. RIP Isaac Hayes.

Saturday, August 09, 2008


TVants. Nuff said.

I wished I was brainy enough to come up with a program like that. Just recently, I got to know one thing that i'll treasure for a long long time. P2PTV. I can watch Mythbusters, Mnet, SBS, MBC.... OMIGAWD. I HAVE TV NOW! YAY!

But the fact that this beauty is created by a group of university students from China makes me feel inaddequate. I have not invented something that contributed to mankind. And there's more. I have not uploaded a single video on Youtube. I have not got on my butt to make a short film like how I aspire to do (I know I damn poser wongfu wannabe but wongfu ftw). I have not done my f pile of assignments. I have not prod my fingers into Macromedia Flash 8. I have not struck lottery. I haven't save a life.


I have lived almost 2 decades of my life but what have I done really?

But I lived through something that backfired.

So maybe it ain't so bad. ;)

Friday, August 08, 2008

Pity the people with no telly.

As of now, Kari is angsty. She is streaming the opening ceremony of the Olympics in a weird language we don't understand and I'm robbing my neighbour's wifi to blog.

Not everything is on Youtube.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


1. The test only lasted under 10 minutes. I feel damn betrayed.

2. My bank account got haemorrhage. I screwed.

3. Nasi Campur at the end of the street damn good.

4. Assignment going to give me concussion.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

It's too late.

Yes. It's too late. It's too late because my mind is getting WOOZY and I'm nodding off at every bombastic sentence i read. And I have alot more bombastic sentences to read. Hrm... How ah?


To top it all off, I don't know how the class test is going to be like.

Maybe she will test me on the MAA. =D

In my dreams she will.

Monday, August 04, 2008


The next time I go to an event like this, I will bring a KICK ASS camera. *mutters with regret*

Sunday, July 27, 2008

And it feels like tonight.

Legal means to no avail, i either get attacked by a bouncer, or regret my whole life that I missed one of the bestest best rock acts Live in Malaysia.

And i learnt, it takes more than I thought to crash a rock gig.


Searching for parking was horrendous. One U parking on a weekend during the malaysian megasale clashed with a frikkin rock concert is THE perfect nightmare.

Amazing wit.

I only expected chest-level barricades. There weren't only barricades. The stage and the arena had bigg sony ericson makeshift ad walls with Daughtry's picture on it and tents at almost every visible corner. Which blocks pretty much everything we wanna see, even the large screen.

So we looked up and saw the Balcony at chili's. And then decided dining at Chili's would be a good idea.

Unbreaking determination and perserverance.

Of course, that wasn't just it. We walked in and asked for a seat, they say the balcony only opens at 7. *sinks into depression* We rotted some more, and got a place at 7. Saw the whole place top view. The stage quite visible. We sat & ate through the opening acts. Then refilled our drinks from Liang's performance onwards occasionally heading to the balcony to sneek a peak. BUT ya. We permanently stood there and the pissy security people from the organizers dispatched got peeved.

A thick skin.

They chased the balcony people once. We went back to our seats. Pretending to sip our bottomless drinks. The MC's came on, we got excited. Went to the balcony edge again. The funny thing is I wasn't the only one doing this.

Saw local acts. Liang damn chun. DJ's damn chun. Daniel Lee quite chun also la.

And then JUST before Daughtry came on, they shoo-ed us again. *goes into bitchfit* Ok. Our skin can only be this thick. So we left, head down to search other alternatives.

Good bladder.

Ok. Not my fault. It's a human thing. And I refilled 3 times.

Good anger management.

Of course, I seldom go into a bitchfit publicly.

Creative ideas.

OK. It is almost impossible to see the stage from the One U. Droplets of rain didn't stop us. Kari brilliantly suggested the central park. And SO! We headed there, our feet hurting like hell. Got a spot. The stage, the baldie, the band, everything was visible. BUT watching the audience go wild, I really wished I wasn't feeding mozzies, standing on uneven ground, breathing smoke, being the one of the few people screaming and jumping among a group of stoning people.

Total Misfit.

Strong feet.

Walked from 3pm to 7pm. Later, stood for a record of 4 hours.

And a pair of shoes.

My shoes hancur. =.= RIP.

To top it all off, we totally had no idea when Daughtry was going to perform. And after it all, I still think it's all worth it because Daughtry put on a good show. It's amazing what desperation and fandom can do to you. We saw the ad and it said from 7 onwards. And we waited from then thinking a miracle would happen around 8. It finishes. Then we go see more bands in Pyramid.

It was totally anticlimax. That miracle never happened until around eleven.

And now, I feel pain creeping up in my every muscle every bone.

I might wanna reconsider doing all this all over again when the next rock act comes to Malaysia.

Next up, it's MTV.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Random. Something that happened a few weeks back ago.

It's probably every Malaysian's dream to get to sink their teeth into a original-sized skittle candy. BECAUSE those produced locally has shrunk beyond recognition till I don't even feel anything in my mouth coz it all melted away. And those dumbass candies are packed in a super duper small packet that is only half filled.

In Singapore, I spilled half the bag of ORIGINAL SIZED skittle (THE ORIGINAL, but strangely made in China. Oxymoron?) and those that I spilt are were covered with bits of sand (which got into my bag somehow when i put it in on siloso beach).

And comes the touching part, I removed the sand one by one and I STILL ATE IT.


I honestly fancy the Wildberry type. The one they replaced with the Skittles Sours. I can't find them anywhere.

This has been an integral part of my kiddy life and therefore if you asked me why I didn't blog about M&M's, shush about it. Be afraid. Be very afraid. I have once hantam-ed half a jumbo pack when I was 9.

*beams with pride and joy*

*readers look darkly at sze*

Okay fine. I didn't finish the other half until 3 months later.

Of course mum flipped when she found my candy stash. ~______________~

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Kennot. Live. Like. This.

1. Somebody whacked my car.
2. I wanna whack somebody's car.
3. I nearly whacked somebody's car. It didn't happen.

It's quite endearingly filled with love and hate. Living without one is a chore. Living with one is a chore too.

I often live suppressing emotions. I have a filter in my head. No matter how apparent a problem may be, my brain tunes it off. I try hard to look into details and convince myself what is existant is real but slowly my sleepy irrational side wakes up and convinces me everything is going to be fine and I ignore the problem, let it pass, live in delusion. FAR too optimistic for my own good. It's a horrible habit and I admit it with faith of a true patriot.

Now it has taken the toil of my sanity.

Come, pour liquor on the sand for your fallen comrade.


Kwon Sang Woo is getting married.


I feel a part of me slowly die.
Unicorns are hard to find. lol.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I did silly things before in my life.

I did many silly things before in my life.

But it just gets weirder. O.o

It was the epitome of embarassment. Grr.

Nvm that.

Anyway, the weeks have been packed. DAMN PACKED.

Returned last sun. Started scrubbing around and stuff.

Then this week end. Next week end. Next Next weekend.

And that makes the whole month. o.O

Chris Daughtry is coming to Malaysia. HOW THE HECK DO I GET THE PASSES?! T.T

I'm really looking forward to the Badminton team meet-up in Mont Kiara and before you know it. Olympics are here!

Saturday, July 19, 2008



Friday, July 18, 2008

Batman - The Dark Knight (2008)

There I was at the edge of my seat, holding onto the arm rest of the chair, watching wideeyed, mouth agapped. Sounds of explosions, the chase, the old but still sexy penguin and wild laughter ringing in my head. I thought I was going to die in this movie. I didn't wannt to miss anything, so I held back my pee. I was hung, holding my breath anticipating an end to all the darkness. HE had a powerful, soul-searching voice. That made it all darker.

Heath Ledger was good. HE WAS ON TOP OF HIS GAME. RIP. Damn it.



Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Better Half.

My better, more rational half has disappeared temporarily.

MCP says I am insensitive. :( I AM BAD IN LEADING THE BLIND! Boohoo! I am this insensitive beast that walks too fast zipping around Monash with a blindfolded person on my back.



zomg. I spoke, I talked. To constantly reassure her I'm around. I didn't bring her to barge a classroom or led her to crowded places and I am labeled insensitive.


I DID MY BEST. I TRIED. But I am greatly disappointed. T__T But i'm still... omg. That tells alot. Boo hoo hoo.


Dang. My blog is boring.


I remembered when I was in my first year I was this awkward, bright eyed, talking at the most inappropriate time and saying all the wrong things, not doing certain things that should be done, thought tutors were the smartest person alive, submiting assignments on time, not knowing there's such a thing called EXTENSION and my grades were 'yay'... I can swear it all off now. =.=

I just read HMY's blogpost which says something about the first years bouncing in INT1020 pissing her off.


OMG. I must've pissed off some seniors too! *worried look* I WANNA TAKE THAT SUBJECT AGAIN!!! T____T I SWEAR Second year subjects are depressing. Screw it. =.=

I am moody and I want some chocolate.

Monday, July 14, 2008

First day.

I was hopeful for the new sem. I was optimistic.

Today, I went for MCP.

Then I gave up hope.

I felt the world crashing upon me.


Saturday, July 12, 2008


Somebody needs to explain to me how it's possible that we're ALREADY half way through the year?! Didn't Andrew just taunt us in Authorship's First Lecture?? It sure feels that way because I still haven't gotten over the trauma yet. (the subject. not the lecturer.)

*Andrew evil laugh

*student goes all quiet

*Andrew asks a question.

*student goes all quiet.

5 seconds.

Andrew: ANSWEERRR! Don't make me call names like a kindergarten teacher or you will DIE a terrible death! *dramaaa*

*cue to start flipping through reader/notes and panic.

Of course, Andrew didn't really say it LIKE that but it was something along those lines. And this happens in almost EVERY tutorial. LOL.

I really, really hate how semesters zip by so quickly. Every semester meant half a year gone. Every year gone equals to how close I am edging to being wrinkled beyond recognition. Not that 'I' have a maaajor problem with wrinkles, EVERYBODY does. So it is acceptable for me to panic.

We groan on the first day of school. Get a pile of assignments. Pick up momentum. yada yada then BOOM. Exam. =.= Result come out. Cry. Cycle repeats. Years passed. Sze gets wrinkly. Yay! -.-

I have given serious thought about what I would do in the future. Some people are born to KNOW what to do. I'm one of the noob ones who is not clear about my options... except getting wrinkly.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Bon Jovi and Aerosmith gave me a sore throat.

Red box taught me an important lesson.

I cannot be a rock star.

IF I DO, then the oil prices will go down.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Babysitter isn't the right word.

I didn't sit on my cousins. They sat on me. =.=


So you see. IT IS possible to squeeze in 7 people into a car. Provided 2 of them are under ten and the other 4 is somewhere around Fifteen and theres one old poke with a driver's licence to keep the car going.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island was a water based theme park in Sentosa. Opened in 1994 at a cost of S$54 million, it had numerous water slides and other features. Once a very popular park, it was plagued by several accidents, including two fatalities, and was eventually closed on 2 November 2002.
- Wiki.


I am so disappointed. =.=

Sob. But Sentosa has got quite alot of stuff they nicely preserved.

I didn't know we it was Youthday (a school hol for sg school kids) and it was so crowded. Haha. We went for about 5 attractions that day. The Luge and the Skyride was the best! I didn't really like the last one though. O.o

I have been DEATHLY afraid of Wax Figures since my parents pulled us to Madame Tussauds. Apart from the clautrophobic tunnels, this also another reason why I didn't really like Fort Siloso.

Siloso beach was nice though! Got to enjoy the breeze and all! =D And got burried. O.O Which was an extremely ticklish (almost painful) experience. Needless to say, I had sand all over my bod and in my shorts after the whole thing. LOL. Hahahaha.

I braved horrible traffic, scary bus drivers and holding a sand bucket (attracting alot of unwanted attention) all the way back from Sentosa. Can say la. Except for the bucket, it's worth it. :P

Next up. DEC. Redang! >_< (Or some other beachy place).



MSN screwing me again. =.= Basket.

Friday, July 04, 2008


There's always the one making the mistake, and the one watching.

The one making the mistake, will see herself one day.

Brighter than sunshine.

My writers block is going on for far too long.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Poolside Madness.

Hope ya'll had fun :)

Monday, June 30, 2008

Birthday Meet-up.

The old poke birthday baboon is the third one from the left. =P


Had stay over! *jumps* 4 of us this time! In conjunction of nia's b-day, we had dinner at TGIF and (omg. can't believe it) we partied at a pretty decent joint called Dolce's in Stulang. And Shar and Karina kept on spilling their beers for some weird reason. LOL.

We headed home to hang out and chat. Had maggi and booze! =D And ended up sleeping at about 5am?

Staying over and up is Funn.

Friday, June 27, 2008


I met up with some sec school friends today at Tebrau City. *gushes* It was a pretty fun outing. Caught a movie and hung out. Went shopping. =D Hafizah just came back from Illanois. Sonia's back from Perth. It's great coz everyone has holidays in June. Whee. Too bad I only got 2 weeks. Damn.

Get Smart is AWESOMEEE!!!! OMGGG! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Max is actually hott. Dorky hot. =D Pretty good movie! I won't spoil it. Go see!

I wonder why the stupidest things always happen to me. It's like a classic sze-and-another-blunder case. =.= I won't go into details but I feel like I've met up with friends today whom I've haven't seen since leaving school just to re-enforce the fact that I am clumsy/unlucky/loser. LOL.

I am loathing white shorts.

On a happier note WH has salee!!!

Naf Naf has sale!

MNG GOT BIIIG SALE! (but all yucky sizes so I gotta go check out the other outlet in City Square. Grumblegrumblegrumble.)

Well, most other outlets there had sales too so basically we shopped until 6-ish.

We also did something after that.


It's Johor Jaya Pan Mee.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


What people say amuse me. I wonder if what I say does the same to people too.

I delve on fragments too often. I always forget to look at the big picture. :(

Made of Honour (2008)

"I gotta toss a tree?!" ROFL.

It's one of those movies that keep you fuzzy inside. HAHA. It's funny lar. LOL. And the Male Lead is hot. HAHA. I won't spoil it but they had Chemistry. Hehe. Awesome romance comedy movie. I totally digg this kind. HAHA. Never knew piecing up a wedding could be this hard. :P LOL.


The Incredible Hulk (2008)

PAVILLION HAS GOOD CINEMAS! I AM A CGI BUFF. LOL. GOOD CGI = GOOD MOVIE. But tergantung plot, I don't like. I never like to watch movies in parts. Gotta wait for the next installment. >__< anger =" Bad.">Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. (2004)

As one of their taglin goes, "You can erase someone from your mind. Getting them out of your heart is another story."

Jim Carey's walking out of his comedic stereotype and takes up a role that show us the complexities of the human mind. Joey is a social inept and yet He was perfect for the role. Life is actually as 'colourful' as Kate Winslet's hair colour in the movie haha. That scene Kirsten Dunst's sudden transformation from a young playful girl to a matured living woman with emotions totally got me T.T. I know it's nothing to cry about but it's sad and I have a thing for Sad/bittersweet Movies and anything else that will activate my tear gland.

This movie has a non-linear narrative and i'm not good with movies like that. If you get lost halfway through the movie, it actually feels how you lose track of your emotions in real life. The you slowly pick up the pieces... Erh... Psychoanalysis? (Hears Andrew's evil cackle in the background). But there's always IMDB for help. :P

Meaningful movie. Take time to dl it. If you're a Jim Carrey fan, you should see the other side of him. It'll only make you love him more. :)


GAAH! I'm back! *jumps on bed*

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


That's me .__.


I am overjoyed.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A bad dream

Why do I have to fly
Over every town up and down the line?
I'll die in the clouds above
And you that I defend, I do not love

I wake up, it's a bad dream
No one on my side
I was fighting
But I just feel too tired
To be fighting
Guess I'm not the fighting kind.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Daniel Henney on elle mag kr for June 08.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Touch Wood.

Back in KL! And i didn't lose anything in the airport this time. *touchwood*


I bowled. For real. Not on the book of face.

At least I will stop foaming in the mouth for the time-being.

Monday, June 16, 2008


My horoscope says I should do something today.

But I decided against it. :(

So I did nothing!

One weeek. EEK!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

sleep overdose.



I'm over-dozing so to speak. I doze off watching tv. I doze of doing anything at all because selsema medications make you like that.

I hope my course of antibiotics don't drag until Authorship. Eugh.

I'm in the brink of desperation because I played "Bowling Buddies" on the book of face from 1-3 last night. And continued during my short waking hours the rest of the day.

Flu Medication is a wonderdrug. :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

It happened before. It can happen again.

Shutter (2008)

Not scary. The DVD cover scarier.

Moral of the story: Don't simply camwhore if you've done something grave.

Meet the Spartans (2008)

Sonio (Left): America's next top warrior quite hot. lol.

It's super random. Haha~

Armageddon (1998)


It's especially painful if you're watching it for the first time. :(


Dinner Menu

Starter: Fresh garden Salad.

Main course: Grilled Beef Steak with special mushroom sauce.

Side Dish: Rosemary-Cajun Potatoes.


Sonia made this really awesome potato dish yesterday. We whopped 5 potatoes. And Grilled beef steak with mushroom sauce. OOOOH. Food = Guilty Pleasures. YUM YUM.

Of course Kari and I made ourselves significant and helped out a little haha.

I had fun. Totally appreciate the Food + Movie Marathon + Awesome company + Crazy dogs lol. My flu kinda got worse. Hope i didn't pass it on to you all. =.=

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Brother robbing bandwidth.

MSN always error.

Down with massive flu.


I finished reading one text. Regret. Marguirite Duras very complicatedd make me even more sick.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

I think i went on a hellride

You see, I got up at 5.30 this morning doing a bit of final checkings for anything else to bring home. (and i still left my M&S cookies in my room. wth. no usee lah.) The cabbie called at 6, asking for directions to where we live.

It was odd for cabbies not to know our apartment coz alot of kids take cabs from there.

But anyway, so he came. I figured out I could have a short snooze to make up for the past few days but as soon as I shut the door, my fate was sealed.

First he took a highway I was not familiar with. One of my worst idiosyncracies is I get paranoid when cabbies take a route I'm unfamiliar with. And when there's no sign that says LCCT/KLIA along the way, I tend to freak out a little.

It's 6AM in the morning. It's dark. And I'm paranoid. So i don't get to sleep throughout the one hour-ish journey?

Next as he was driving i noticed he's sighing and coughing alot and drinking water pretty often when obviously what he needed was coffee. I thing the sounds he made distracted me from snoozing. Another is I was beginning to be filled with thoughts of him on meth/coke/weed.

He travelled at the middle lane until he nearly went to the third lane. A van honked him and I swore the car swerved a bit.

I worry. But i ignore. I continue to stare into darkness and reassure myself there's nothing wrong.

But he didn't Sleep it off just once. It happened like within a period of every 10 minutes. There was once he was driving slow at the first lane, he went into the emergency lane.

Here you have this guy driving at about a hundred km an hour nodding off. Come on.

He was driving at 110 km/h on a 3 lane speedway changing lanes suddenly. So if, I'm putting my life in his hands I have the right to panic.

Idk. We safely reached anyway but it seemed like the longest Journey.


Oh yah, but we saw Chef Wan in LCCT. lol. And he was like sitting 5 rows behind us. Totally random.

I reached JB safely but later that day I airasia called up my dad to say my IC is with them. O.O When my brother told me, I went up and discovered even my wallet is gone.


It's like i'm losing everything one by one. It's scary. :(

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Psycho | Authorship


el em ae oh. ^^,

Kungfu Panda (2008)

I watched Kungfu Panda today. I loved it!

It was hilarious I found myself laughing the whole way. And the animation was flawless. Those fast-action scenes. It's insane. Pure Awesomeness.

Plusss. I found out the ending theme is sung by Rain! I lmao-ed.

end note. Ole-Ole Bali is my official self pamper spot. check out the food there. One of the best spots to hang out in Pyramid.

epi: Silly petrol prices = Less money for shopping in sem 2. >_<

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Shoot me.


*prays hard*


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I'm not feeling it.

Music is over.

PR reader has 529 pages. >_<

I'm at page...... 4.



Sunday, June 01, 2008

IT'S JUNE! Aaaaaa!

I am mugging.

Current expression

MAGGI! lol. :)


OMG. 2008 zipping by abit too fast hor? *bites nails*

My youth! Omg. My youthhh!!!

This sem so poopy. :(

Overdued picture.

LR: Kari, National Cyclist Josiah Ng and Me. Taken from Lex's camera

I shall relive my 5 second scandal I had with him in Thai 07 SEA Games. lol. He was nice enough to come over to the corner where Malaysian Fans were to sign autographs and pose for pictures.

I just found out today that He's engaged (only because I don't blog-stalk).

Congrats on his engagement! :)