Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I did something very stupid yesterday.

I smsed Karina good luck for her test at midnight last night. When i woke up today, i got no reply. So I smsed her telling her about the sleep over at Shar's place that morning. I asked her when was her turn. This was her reply.

"My test was yesterday laa...."


I hate it when i lose track of dates.

Anyways, I settled all the banking thinggys already. But now I'm 30 bucks poorer. Yes. I've gotten myself a parking ticket. AKU KENA SAMAN!!! (now how to we say it in Chinese?)

EESSHHH!!! *rips off hair*


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

[I see a Hana Kimi obsession coming right up. Wait till the DVD comes out.]

I told myself again and again not to get hooked to anymore boybanders but I don't think i can do it. I'm Horrigible = Horribly incorrigible.

I absolutely love this pic. Either that. Or Wu Zhun has excellent camwhoring skills. ^^,

This is Wu Zhun. My latest obsession. XD I never thought i would like Farenheit but i consider myself pretty much of a fan now. GAHH! I'm betraying dong bang and Energy! LOL. Never mind! They all rock!

It is official. Szejia is a boyband stalker. All thanks to Sze Lynn. >.< DAMN. Now there more to alocate for. *tightens belt*
It was a long day. Practically went around the whole of JB today. Hahaha. My A-ma abandon me! T___T I'm gonna be all alone at home. I've got to cook to kill time again. Oh well. Made fruit salad but something was missing. The sad thing is, i don't know what!!! LOL.

Never mind la. HAHAHA. I found somewhere that sells Seaweed. Can try making Kimbap leh!!!

온통 니생각 뿐일걱...

Hahaha... JAEJOONG IS JUST.... *speechless* >_<

Image taken from 07 dbsg calender scans. credit: Incom.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Something is seriously wrong with my tagboar. GAH. It doesn't display on my monitor. T__T *smacks pc* It loads on my Notebook, but not on my PC? Weird...

I'll look through the security settings. EESH.

Anyways.... 2 MORE WEEKSS!!!!


I've got this love-hate thing with Monash. A part of me want to go up there (so i'll stop rotting and dying of boredom) and another part of me want to stay back at the comfort of my own home. Hahahaha... Alvin's up there and he's already complaining how boring it is there. Well, he's lucky he's only stuck there for a semester.

Omo saesangie... The red light is flashing. My batteries dying. Forgot to recharge. Oops.


RAIN'S CONCERT IS OVER!!!! T_____________T

Off topic but anyways... DL Rain/Omarion - Man Up. ^^,

Friday, January 26, 2007

[First Post posted with my new toy ^^,]

My new toy is here!!! YAY!!! I don't have to fight with my brother for the PC anymore! *spam spam spam* But my joys are usually short lived. He's going back this weekend. So... no point actually. Gah.

I am predicting, my coffee/hot chocolate intake will escalate from now. *bites nails*

Really, the hard drive is empty. No msn... nothing. Sighs. Looks like I've got a lot of things to do. Hmmm... Let's see...

[Strikes added on 27th Jan]

1. File transfer.
2. Pictures.
3. MP3s.
4. Test the Wi-fi
5. Bug streamyx
6. Register McAfee
7. Search for a spare mouse Can't find any. gotta stick with the touch pad.
8. Download MSN, Yahoo, Yada yada.
9. Update to IE vers. 7.
10. Update Windows Media Player.
11. DL installers for DivX, Goldwave, VLC etc etc. I found the installers in my drawer! ^^,

And with a connection as crummy as mine, i'm guessing i'll only finish it in a week. HAHAHA~

NVM! I'll be heading to Melaka this weekend to send him home so I'm SOOOOO going to rob my brother's internet connection. XD Dun think he'll let me but... Grrr... IDC.


GAH. Rain's concert tomorrow. >.< I can't go *kills self over and over* A/n: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAEJOONGIEEE!!!!!! Kim Jae Joong~ Saengil chukahamnida! May you stop getting into road accidents, stop falling sick and may all your wishes come true! ^^,

Add 27th: I'm SOOOOO lovin this. XD

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I'm back!

Oh man. My eyes. >.<

Let's just say I stayed up late. SO now I need to pay the price. LOL.

I slept through the afternoon. Woke up at 4. Realized I forgot lunch. I'm unbelievable.

What I did at Sonia's Place.

Watched an indian movie. I know the title rhymes with Babo. Heh~ Sonia was busy at the PC while Shar and I cry our eyes out. Oh well... Shar is still obscene. And Karina owes us lunch! Yayyyy!!! XD Kari, I want abalone, sharks fin, Buddha Jump Over the Wall, Te-kaa and the list goes on!!!

Lol. Okay. We met up in CS yesterday and I went through... the most... how do we put it? Hrmm... Upsetting moment there. I walked into one of the shops in Cyberzone after seeing one super nice turqiouse blouse on the mannequin. It's lycra but the lady didn't let me try it on but i know damn well why she didn't let me. What's the changing room for then?! GAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!*bites* T___T

I still like the blouse though. T___T

Had fun over at Sonia's place though! Hahaha...

Eeeugh. I need to sleep some more.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I just posted a One Shot!!!! *pats self on the back* I started at about 12.03 and finished everything at 2.20am. Which is about 5 minutes ago... Heh! I have to say, it's one I'm most satisfied with. Hahahha~

But. I'm still not sleepy. *groans*

Tomorrow got Sleep over!!!


*flies to Sonia's house and bang on the door*

Will be back on Wed. :)

Monday, January 22, 2007

My brother just asked if he could take the car out for a spin.

*bites nails*



Okay. He's back. Hahaha! :D

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Song Looping in my head now: Nelly Furtado - All Good Things Come To An End.

I CAN'T GET IT OUT!!!!!! Oh well. <_<

LOL! I finally found out the title of the song Rachel sung during Prom.

Janice Wei - In Love Again. Gah. Didn't know Googling was that hard.

Download it here!! SENDSPACE

Album Reviews:

Se7en 24/7 [4 stars]

I am currently aching to download the Se7envolution. But no broadband. No Album Downloads. HEE~ Before anyone slam me for downloading, I will say Sorry yah. 24/7 is not available in Johor. YG (His management company) don't really like me. T___T I sampled a total of 17 tracks in 24/7 and it's good for easy listening. A few poppy ones and about 3+ ballads. His style is still retained (YG Ent. rocks!!!). But unfortunately there are a few (3 maybe) tracks that sounds almost alike. Or maybe I'm just deaf. There's a plus point about his album though. There's 17 tracks. (The other artists usually compile about 10 to 12 songs and call it an album) There are a few tracks worth placing in your playlist/download list ^^ -

난 알아요 (Feat. Teddy) (R: Nan ahrayo) ,
Oh No (Feat Teddy),
밤새도록 (R: bahm sae do rohg), and
그 남자처럼 (R: nu namja chuhrum) *Highly recommended*

*disclaimer: All romanizations may not be accurate because I don't follow the Yale/McCain romanization methods. That's coz i don't know them.
Kudos to myself!

What I did today...

1. Baked.
2. Brocolli+potato salad. (hi-carb low-fat) Hey hey... It is official. SZE JIA CAN COOK!!!!!
3. Attempted to exercise for 30 minutes. Yep yep. The word here is Attempted. I got tired after 28 minutes. LOL.
4. Watched Bai Fen Bai. WU ZHUN!!! *hot hot hot* XD XD XD Typed out half of Chapter 4 after.... erm 2 days of stopping. XD
5. Bought groceries. *pok-kai*
6. Bought Jaring Top-up card. D'oh!!! *double pok-kai*

I'm low on cash. And low on fuel. Friday how ah? *sob*

7. Settled my preferences for time table next month.
8. Didn't drive through a hole on the way back.

Well. I'm still lazy to call up TM. Oh hell.

Hehehe... I'll take care of that later. Friday got something to do! *yay!!* Girls day out! Going out with my buddies. O.O Hopefully it doesn't rain. No more floods. PLEASE!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Mondays are boring.

So I've got nothing interesting to blog about.


You get the idea.

[Side notes]

+THE SUN IS UP! YAY!!! I was really beginning to miss it.
+Finished Wei Xiao Pasta yesterday morning. HAHA! 17 eps in exactly 45 hours [inc. sleeping, eating, yadadada]. How's that for a record breaker? [Previous record was 18 eps of My Girl in 3 days] Well, at least I broke mine. Hahaha.
+This is the happiest show I've ever watched!!! GAAHHH!!! *squishes*
+Cream puffs. *slurp*
+My brother is hogging the Computer and Astro.
+Bought loads of magazines to read. XD
+Eyesight problems coming back. Oh no. Too much TV.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

[Desperate Measures]

You know, what's the last thing you should do when Broadband doesn't work. Call TM. I found a name card of one of the streamyx contractors today and I found out my problem. I have to call up TM to activate my line for Broadband. So, you see.


Really. Nobody slams TMnet TMnuts on Lowyat for nothing.

Answering machines is like num 3 on my most hated list.

This is how my conversation with that stupid machine went.

*dials 1300-88-1515*

AM: Thanks for Calling TMnet. Press 1 for BM and Press 2 for English.


*AM starts super long Earthquakes in Taiwan essay explanation thing and how TM is working hard to create alternatives. Lets say it took about 5 minutes.

AM: Press 1 for Press 2 customer service. Press 3 for Technical Assistance and Press 4 for more promotions.

Like who the hell is going to call TM and "HALLOW? WHAT PROMOTION YOU HAVE?"


You will be connected shortly.

TM Guy: Hello. This is [the Names and Privacy of the TM staff will be protected]. How can I help you?

Sze: I am just wondering about the connections here in TPP. I shifted here [what i'd like to add: A Year Ago] and my telephone line has just arrived about a months ago but I can't seem to connect to the internet. I want to activate my line for broadband so-

TM Guy: Are you using dial-up or broadband?

Sze: Well, I am trying to connect onto broadband and I. But even dial up-

TM Guy: Okay, I understand your problem. Allow me to transfer you to TMnet. Please wait for a while.

*music plays on loop*

AM: Your call is very important to us. But unfortunately all our agents are busy right now. Please wait for a moment.

Fine. I'll wait.

AM: Your call is very important to us. But unfortunately all our agents are busy right now. Please wait for a moment.


AM: Your call is very important to us. But unfortunately all our agents are busy right now. Please wait for a moment.



*dead tone*


Sometimes. Being desperate isn't good. :-/

Answering Machines suck.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Elo all!

The rain is back again. It's crappy coz there'll be people spending the night at their offices. (My mum is one of them) It took me 2 hours to get back from Permas. T____T Usually it only takes under an hour. SIGH.

Staying over at Sonia's place was great! (10th Jan) Lotsa food to eat... XD Broke one of my Resolutions already. HAHA. But oh well, once in a while. XD Even Tyra Banks has a cheat day. :)


We walked.
We talked.
We played Cluedo.
We camwhored a bit.
We got nibbled by Dawgs~ (they're certified alarm clocks + Judo black belters).
And Curly is just infatuated with Karina.

I'm losing my fan base!!!! NOOOOOO!!!! Snowbelle and Curly is MINEEE!!!! GAAAHHHH!!!

*smacks Karina with a fry pan* XD

Okay. La. Maybe not a fry pan. She's already took the first step to fix braces. *pats back* It'll be over soon! Don't fret. And when it is you can eat whatever you want :D

Niania got to babysit me until 7.30 at night the next day. XD Well, we went to visit our old Kindergarten where we both attended eons ago. But when we pulled over in front of the gate, the sign boards were gone and it didn't look like a kindergarten any more. We had to drive off after that.

That night after i left Sonia's house, mum didn't let me drive home. So i stayed a night at Sze Lynn's place. I played Uno Attack with Sze Kai. Man. Really lah. When I go to KL I will also miss that guy no matter how bratty he is. LOL.

Having people around me really uplifted my mood. I guess it's just the Uni Jitters.

Suddenly everyone's leaving. Some has left. Sigh.

Like they say, everyone's got their own stars to catch! :)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

[Blog Name]


Now that I'm so free, I will blog on something very random. I was browsing through Soompi today and I found this thread.

It was a thread about Roomies. So basically the soompi-ers spam about their roomies there. Some spam until quite teruk. *shakes head* I read some of the posts and I'm like 0.0. It's that bad ah. LOL. Go check it out. Some of them are funny.

I'll be having my own Homies next year so Amen I have a room to myself. ^^,

I was surfing forums to Tech guides and switched my LAN proxy thinggy so that my connection is diverted through Australia. *pats self on the back* But I don't know if it works yet because... sadly. That trick doesn't work on dial-up. Grr... Dial up is creeeaazzzyy slow anyways. Hrrmmph. But NVM! I'll try to rembat my brother's streamyx account when he gets back today. HAHA. Still, I hope they fix ACPN2 soon.


Hahahaha... Man. I feel bad giving up on the old one. I've been there for like years since secondary school. But aiyah, change is good. This is the start of Uni. No more spazzing. No more random "The connection sucks today" or "The connection sucked yesterday..." or "The connection sucked a week before..." HEE~ I'm not making any sense. HAHA!

Okay. Allow me to explain, why is it Ojingeo?

After much extended research, Ojingeo in Hangul it is written as 오징어 and using the Yale/McCain romanization is "O" "Jing" "eo". Yes, it has a very sing song thing to it that you can sing it using the 'O' Jung Ban Hap tune but of course, Changmin will charge at you and start asking for it. (Knowing his... BIG appetite) Clue 1: It can be eaten. There. 오징어 it is a sophisticated Korean word which tells us a type of dish/sea creature that many of us may like.

Take a guess?


It means Squid. (In the North, it's octopus. But never mind, we follow South...)

Sotong. Wu Zhei.


Maybe next time I should just go straight to the point.

Point is - Welcome to Sze Jia's NEW ranting spot!

HAHAHA. Have a sotong-ish 2007!!! (in a good way)

HAHA. Can start spamming now?

It's 11.30. I just reached home from a club somewhere in Pasir Gudang.

My mum and dad hit the jackpot yesterday. Both their car tyres were punctured after travelling the same road hitting the same hole. Same tyre (The front one at the driver's side). Their rims were dented. The ironic thing is, both their tyres are new. The hole was really deep I guess. My dad had quite a hard time fixing it.

The longest journey ever. Phwoar... I swear. I can barely open my eyes now. My arms hurt. Haven't been swimming for like...eons.

Uh oh well. So the equation adds up to something like this.

Punctured tyre = Mummy no car = Mummy borrow my car = I got no car.

Having nothing to drive is like having no legs at all. Well. Car? Ka (leg in hokkien)? It makes sense doesn't it?

And it's a miracle. It is now official that Sze Jia can BAKE!!! No. Really, I baked. You don't believe me? Oh come on, I really did! XD It turned out quite okay. HAHA. I thought of like spreading Icing and stuff like that but then it occured to me, I had no icing sugar. =_=

I may not be very good at planning.

But at least I bake. :) *paaahhh~*