Saturday, August 01, 2009

Change is good.

I don't recall having so much fun at VII before! It was a bomb too many. Gonna nick pictures from Karina later when she's back. ;)

It was their 2nd Anniversary yesterday and they were all planning to stay till five. But half way through, a couple went off to have their own little after-party. Haha. We stayed back to listen to them play Riverside/Boom Boom Pow/I got a feeling for the nth time. LOL. It was as if they were looping these 3 songs. They didn't play the new David Guetta song though.

After getting home, I completely couldn't sleep. I blame the Red bull. I KO-ed an hour after supper.

It was still fun nonetheless.

Good music, good company, not sure if there was many 'tall-dark-and-handsome's
[the room damn dark, I couldn't verify], in anycase.

WEILIANG is in Australia!!!

He was welcomed with more than the usual amount of liqour one can consume, he was obviously sprawling all over the place. Hahahaha.

Photos, will be nicked. ;)

Happy birthday, Seven.

Side note.

In need of wan tan mee. :( [Or any kind of food that will fill my stomach for that matter]