Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sleeping it off.

Half the things I need to worry about, I don't. Those that I worry about, often don't really matter. It's August people. I'm done with 1/3 of my semester. It's funny how quick time is ticking and I still don't see any light at the end of this particular tunnel.

It's like. I am standing on a train tracks. And the only light I will see is the headlights of a Connex train that will eventually smack me dead if I don't figure out what to do in time.

We toyed with the idea of opening a bakery, tutoring, bridal shop, kodak shop optus sales person (lol) and other weird ideas which we eventually settled for none of the above.

Do I just jump into my PJ's and sleep it off? NO. This haunts me.

The future is suddenly so uncertain. I find it hard not to worry.


yanz said...


Everyone who loves you will give u all the time n space necessary for u to make your choices in life. Take half a year break if u have to. Sometimes it's actually ok to sit back and think wisely... Don rush into things...

Maybe one weekend we just stay at armadale n fill in application forms for studying next year in Aussie / preparing resumes for work applications. :) just holla if u think u are up to it. I'm worried like crazy too.

Sze Jia said...

Aww *huggles*
lol. :)
Will do.