Friday, May 07, 2010


This has been the longest time (4days lol) I have not updated since starting honours. As you can tell, things have been rather unlucky for me lately. But I am blogging to say my unlucky spells are OVER.

I just need to be more alert and all these unlucky nonsense will go away.

It's difficult to have something lost or broken especially when it has sentimental value. I have a hard time letting things go until I'm in the station and something instinctively tells me 'no you're not going to find it back'. Which after my ordeal to Putrajaya and back, I am more and more accepting of it.

Things haven't been all that unlucky even. I had friends who followed me to the respective offices knowing

1. My hate for them gov offices/police stations.
2. My noob-ness with KL roads.

Just thinking about what was coming made me dread the week. But now that I have renewed/remade whatever that need to be recovered. I can finally move on in life.

What I lost isn't worth as much compared to what I had inside. :(

But after this, I realized I didn't need it as much.

And even if I can't get it back again, it wouldn't stop reminding me about the times I've spent collecting those things I lost.