Sunday, October 24, 2010

Deal or no deal.

It was a clock that talks and tells you the time. I walked around those little fancy gift shops just walking around until I saw this.

Mine looks something like this but it's blue in colour:

It looked like a buzzer, and when you press it, it literally tells you the time. Meddling with it, I was amused to find out it was a talking clock. Thoroughly amused, I pressed it a number of times calling my friends over to come a see it. The amusement on my face, the puzzled look on theirs.

To wish, I turned to see the price tag at the back of the clock. RM 45 ringgit. After contemplating for several minutes, a) i needed an alarm clock, b) it was round and psuedo-balled shaped, c) it talks, d) i didn't think I can find it anywhere else, I decided to buy it.

This is just one of my compulsive purchases. Now it's there, lying by my bed side. It becomes an object of abuse when I'm asleep (stupid Sonia keeps pressing it to count down to midnight, in turn I do the same onto her). That fancy UFO thinggy that could easily pass off as a decorative item until somebody actually takes a closer look.

I love it to death the first day of my purchase. Or at least I loved it to death at some point of my life.

I still wonder, why is it a female voice?