Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Stuffed like a turkey.

Murni franchised. THERE IS A MURNI IN USJ NOW like 15 minutes away from Monash. I just had it! at a really ungodly hour (9.00pm). And the ikan pari damn awesomee. Omgosh. I can't think. Pari + Nasi goreng Chicken chop = My tummy is jumping with joy (Later jumping with agony, but I'll worry about it later).

But this also means I need to make more frequent trips to the park. :S lol.

I don't see how I can lose weight when there's so many good things to eat around Subang. Oh dear. I'll take the stairs to the 6th floor tomorrow.

Apart from Murni, these are alternatives.

1. Bawang Merah (SS12) is a Godsend, it's the only place that makes me go high on Kuih. Has THE best cuffypuffs IN THE WORLD (okay la, the best is in Melbourne, but not edible one teehee). So okay, the best edible currypuffs that I go gaga over on twitter comes from here. Opposite SJMC, not difficult to get there.

2. Melur (ss19) has the BEST roti canai ever. It's not elastic or thick. It's really like crispy on the outside, fluffed on the inside very light when you crave for something yummy when you are not hungry. People might not agree with me, but I feel it's truly worth trying.