Monday, September 13, 2010


How can I still not find this ridiculous?! :D

Have no idea how this would turn out. The taiwanese version was by far zomgs damn good. And I cannot compute Kim Hyunjoong as a smart bad-ass in my mind. This goes to my things-to-do-after-honours list (Though I'm not sure if i can resist temptation until then).

Laura Mulvey is very wrong in this one. She said many shows used to be done based on the male gaze. As a female viewer, you still watch it from the point of view of the man. This may apply to Holly wood.

I could so write a whole thesis about this. Korean dramas always catered to the female gaze and desires more than the male. Average girl and a recent big-break high-profile resident good looker cum boybander in the Korean entertainment industry. You get the drift. :)

I don't find this ridiculous. I could write ten thousand theses on Korean dramas forever and ever and ever. :D :D :D