Monday, September 13, 2010

One Chunk.

I admit, I don't deal with nostalgia very well. Which is why I try to by writing it down. For every photo that captures the passing moment, and every image that captured the passing moment, I hold on in my reverie. Lately, I noticed I've been doing it a little more often than I did before. It just seemed to me that I had a wealth of things to look back at. How we've grown to what we are today. With every inch the children stand, with every wrinkle that appears on the adults' face, everything just got me wondering, isn't time passing a little too fast?

Attachment to people is often malleable. Feelings change, people change, we adapt, although we mustn't forget the difficulty in this lies in the act of adapting to change. Attachment to things perhaps a little harder to cope. It's because they stay with you. They function. They make your life a lot easier without saying 'no'. They do what they're meant to do without rejecting you. Attachment to things I feel is also difficult to remove. Some things I have, I still look back now, and still feel that what if I still had it? Things I've lost out of carelessness, or things that have been taken away from me, or things I sold. These items which accompanied me through a specific amount of time when things happened. Attachment to place is another. I feel deeply deeply ingrained in my brain a want that I fail to remove completely.

But I like to see myself a a big puzzle. With pieces lying every where, a moment that filled people who have parted or things that someone else might be holding.

It's been a little over two months and one thing that kept on reappearing every day and catching my attention is about to be sold off. I first noticed it in the early days of April. And since then, it has always constantly appearing. It's still quite unbelievable how things turned out through the course of time. It definitely got my attention like how it was intended. It definitely was part of something that made a chunk of me. And like every departure, this one left with a chunk of me.