Sunday, September 26, 2010

Secrets aplenty.

I seem to be better at expressing negativity on my blog. Writing happy things don't make me reach much word count. Am I someone one who prefers to shares my self-defined misery in great detail and keep my happiness to myself? I don't believe I am that kind of person but reading my old blog posts, they get more word count. Maybe I am just being modest. Too modest to present the little perfection in my life too a point, where I need to highlight things that went wrong to have me and others embrace the little imperfections in life. At least I should try to put all things happy as well to provide a closer representation of who I am.

So many opinions I keep away from here. The whack education system, what I really think about Najib, what I really think about Rosmah's plastic surgery, what I really think about alcohol, drugs, fucked up relationships around me, racism in and out of Malaysia, my take on religion...

But truth be told, I cannot provide a closer representation of my life to the very sense of it's word. It's just physically impossible. Memory may fail. My perception may be biased. The whole point is to not be objective, but I find it blasphemous to be completely biased. It may feel like this for a day and then change my mind another. So how is representation ever accurate?