Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bad habits are bad.

Fly the ocean in a silver plane
See the jungle when it's wet with rain


Hello everybody. The time is 12.15pm and I've just guzzled a mug of coffee. A 2000 word essay to submit on Monday and I've finally completed the painful reading I've been ranting about since last week (sry guys) a while ago. So this is a well deserved break. And also, something to prove what I am about to write, what you are to read. *anticipate now... ;)*

Recently two people who know me well made an very, very random observation about me. A fact that I totally forgot about myself until they pointed it out. Which was strange, especially when I've been apprehended by my mum and dad for this bad habit as a kid.

You will be amused.

I wasn't exactly the most hardworking kid through school. In primary school, my parents had to sit me down in their room, at the dressing table to keep an eye on me and make sure I finished my homework. But even so, midway I will end up staring blankly into my reflection into the mirror, picking up the comb to comb my hair, making funny faces to amuse myself (as a kid who annoyed her brother to no end, there were many times I had to entertain myself) and eventually piss my mother off. Keeping a watchful eye often quickens the process. Leaving me to do it alone would only have me in disciplinary suicide.

Which sparks annoyance and 'omfgimmakillthiskid'-esque feeling in my teachers

(Sorry, I love you guys. Cikgu Rohani, sorry for all the essays I owe you. You'll be surprised with the length of the essays I write now. And you know what's the best part? I submit them. XD

Mr. Chen, sorry for my sucky colouring. I know when you gave me a C for every artwork I submitted, I deserved less than that. But I'm actually enrolled in the Arts faculty now. So don't stress. I learn art in a different form now.

Cikgu Sanat, It's not true when I wrote math and science as one of my favourite subjects in those manila profile cards, I did all your homework out of fear.

Puan Yong, I always wrote above the word limit for part C because I just don't under stand why we are only allowed to write 50 words on 3 diagrams. That's not even enough for 3 sentences!

And many apologies to teachers in high school. I can't include it here because people will judge me for showing little change.)

Fastforward to 2 days ago, my pals ycy and nlc, fiddled with the laptop excitedly to show me a couple of X-factor and Jason Chen videos on youtube. "You have to watch this. He's damn good la." They're around 7-10 minutes in length.

It was painfully silent apart from the sounds coming out from the laptop speakers.

By minute 3.15, I'll say something like.

"Eh he's damn good/hot/cute/got-potential..."

Which they go "SHHHHHH LISTEN LA" In unison.


"Okay okay." I shrink abit. *chuckles at Simon's english accent*

*kena tembak*

"You must analyze it as a whole." Apparently I can't say it's good right after they finish the first chorus.


Are there laws that one must not speak while watching anything on Youtube?! *bitchspaz*

Sigh. I lack the detemination to make my judgement only at the end. I lack detemination to watch/do/commit to anything until the end.

So you see, it's not the talent I lack in colouring in primary school. It's not laziness that plagued me in secondary school. It's not my fault I'm a daydreamer in lecture. It's not my fault I zone out once in awhile when everyone's having lunch/dinner/blabla.

I just have an attention span of a goldfish. This hinders a lot of my work through school and especially Uni.

I need help! :O

And I've just come to realize, it's now 12.55pm. And while typing this I went to the toilet once, tried to go n fb once. and stalked twitter.

I should totally get back to work.