Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monash Day and Night.

It's weird to watch only a handful of students in Uni. But at the same time it is also daunting to see students who stay back at school until midnight and hang out at school at dawn.

And what am I doing?

Printing an assignment at 11pm. [Despite my unnerving desire to hand up, office close already]

In gippsland we can get 24-hour access into the main buildings but it just occured to me it doesn't happened here. So I decided to come back to school at 8.00am.

And so here I am now.

Sitting at tower sushi, typing this post.

Returned the library books and submitted my assignment (Omg. When there's no light in the Arts corridor it's scary). Hopefully I won't get my marks deducted. I BRAVED SO MUCH JUST TO SAVE 2.5 marks. T________T (which is alot from 45 marks worth that determines your pass and fail in the subject [not to mention very philosophical subject]) . And fact 1: Sze's brain is programmed to only function well at the last minute.

If one is not bad enough, we get like 3 essays due at around the same time/day/etc.

I am aware it's not good to cultivate the habit of handing up after the dateline because having marks deducted like that is, really, quite wasteful.

But for the nature of my subject, requires me to think. And to think doesn't only come right after I read my book. You need to feel a spark of inspiration to connect the dots. Without that spark, no matter how hard you try, the answer won't cum come.

Do you feel my pain?!


On a happier note.

OMG ALEX AND KARINA ARE GOING TO SEE BEYONCE. BEYONCE IS SUCH A SAINT. *full on bimbotic mode* Did you see saintly thingg she did to Taylor. *halooo i see your halooo, halooo, haloo~* KANYE, GO DIE LA YOU!

In dire need of zzz.

Ok batts flashing. Over and out.